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  1. Most important: how can you actually drink underwater? What’s in the pub’s menu: salty sandwich with salty beer, while you can see salty baseball match?
  2. Italiani ingame?

    La deriva è quella di farlo diventare un PvP tralasciando gli altri aspetti. Personalmente preferirei ci fosse più attenzione alla parte gestionale, ma va bene anche così: non sarò mai un giocatore hardcore per il tempo che ci potrò dedicare, ma volentieri un paio di cannonate le scambierò con qualcuno in mappa. Il gioco mi piace molto e non mi pesa per nulla il fatto che sia un po’ lento. Mi piace il fatto che ci sia una parte politica. Ho visto che noi italiani siamo distribuiti fra la varie fazioni, nessun problema, a parte lo spararci eventualmente addosso, si possono fare chiacchierate in privato ingame e anche commerciare, volendo. Al momento faccio il lupo solitario dato che sto ancora imparando, ho appena iniziato a vedere le navi a vela quadrata, nel mio caso con lo Snow. Divertente, ma preferisco le navi a vela triangolare. Gusti...
  3. Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    Agree. Maybe it needs a little more optimization, but nothing you cannot do with a patch. The story is awsome, the dialogs at last have a sense to read them, they are not written by a retarded 4 years old, as i saw in other games... It’s a true RPG, and i like it a lot.
  4. Where have i to sign for it? No conditions. Signed.
  5. Brig should be the starting ship

    How? 2+ ships; toughter ones; better AI; a mix?
  6. Brig should be the starting ship

    If the average player can choose, i bet he will prefer a big one: why should i "loose time" maneuvring when i could smash you with power?
  7. Brig should be the starting ship

    Snow is one of the best starting ship IMO: light, fast and full of cannons everywhere, a perfect choyce for newcomers that want to test fighting with square sails ships. If the AI 5th rate ships were sold little cheaper, a newcomer can easyly buy one and in few time start with light frigate
  8. Brig should be the starting ship

    I do think the same but what can i do? I think it's a mistake having NA and NA Legends as same game with only a bigger map, but...
  9. Brig should be the starting ship

    Well, it will be the death of 7th rate ships, useless for the 80% of PvP players. A suggestion: instead of 7th rate "battle" ships, can you group trading and eventual fishing ship in the last rate, letting from 6th rate ships as PvP ships? After all, we need to build ships anyway...
  10. Helping players.

    Well, since i was here both ingame and in forum, i met lots of helping players, one over all was @SKurj. Someone helps a lot, some other less, but each did it. Very, very few ppl ignore me, but it’s ok: i am not new to multiplyer games and i didn’t aspect, as a newcomer, a long red velvet carpet and 21 cannons salvo by the community. It was a very pleasant surprise to see such a community as here... But it’s always good to meet someone satisfied of the game that “looses some time with you” sharing a little bit of his experience, trying to give freely to the new players a little of his fun. It’s not a job, just passion.
  11. What if we were able to change temporary the ship flag? I mean, just for spying purposes, a ship in a enemy or neutral clan could be sent to investigate a port. The ship cannot trade and attack, only enter in port or stay out to spy. This change of flag could be temporary, say, 20 minutes (more o less, it will be fix for all spy ships and we player cannot decide how long). In this time the spy can see the port and its defenses, the port traffic and so on. On the screen there will be a counter, showing how many minutes left. More, there will be a chance (very little) that this flag change will not work and all can see a foreign ship without smuggler flag around a certain port. A spy, damn you: i will crush you! That could leading on a diplomatic incident between the two Nations, as a result could be a war. Only the low rates could do it, and finally we find a purpose for the “little ships” into a big clan and in Clan Wars or RvR... This spy ship should come only in clan wars, trader or single players are not allowed to use this feature..
  12. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    In this case we should launch a SOA, not a Save Our Souls...
  13. When the ships speed will be definitely fixed, could we have graphics, maybe in Wikia or here?
  14. Helping players.

    I helped him mainly because i see him as me, some days ago: trudging through the waters, trying to fight an "impossible" fight... Now i am not a salty dog but i am growing up
  15. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    First of all, the wonder of a new environment. Second, killkillkillKILL ‘EM ALL! Seriously: new players behavoir depends on their expectations on the new game. Someone could find the exploration a marvelous thing overall, some other join us because of fight. Or a good mix of it. In the menwhile he can learn the mechnics, asking ingame and in forum. If you relly like the game, you stay...