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  1. Resource spawning.. woods etc

    I knew this. I have probably misunderstood the comment about passive contracts.
  2. Resource spawning.. woods etc

    Didn't know this actually worked. I thought the AI only filled contracts on port-produced commodities.
  3. Economy suggestion / improved buyer-seller visibility

    Are there any plans to address the display of contract pricing / availability in the new UI or before general release of the game? This is a fundamental playability issue for brand new players (once basic combat mechanics have been mastered). What I have observed, having recently moved to PvP as US player) is the only port with a functional active market in basic commodities appears to be the capital. Since this is where new players start this allows an experienced player to exploit the ignorance of new players by pushing basic commodities at prices well in excess of 4x production cost. The concentration of economic activity in Charleston appears to be an artifact of the the current design of the trader tool. Not all of the gankers hunt newbies using ships. I have some ideas for new player guides for the steam foums but it would be helpful to understand the direction the developers intend to go with the economy in anticipation of general release of the game.
  4. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Yup. The game is just intriguing enough to attract the attention of folks who have little history with game forums, wikis, fps shooters, live chat tools, and host of other things that might seem quite basic to everyone here. That was me. Up until I stumbled into this I was playing Civilization. I am hooked. But the learning curve has been mighty steep.
  5. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    As an actual (relatively) new player I would have to agree with this.
  6. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    Interesting. Need to work on getting that I-man. The only thing on the list that I remember seeing in heavy one was the Gjietrt. What is that by the way, and what is it used for?
  7. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    Haven't seen one worth that much yet. Did the math on a Charleston sale of all the contents. It was a haul, but still below the cost of that Indiaman. I've already gotten into the next bottle but now you've got me drooling. Hey, here's another question. Are the bottle wrecks visible to anybody but the opener, particularly after exploring them? I could sell a position fix with a list of the contents in the chat for anything too big to pick up.
  8. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    My problem isn't the distance. The Indiaman requires craft level 25 which is some distance above where I'm at. And when they come up for sale (in Charleston) it is at exorbitant prices. One is up now at 2 Milllion. My little start-up operation doesn't have anywhere near the cash flow required to pay that. It is also presumably a good deal more than the bottle could possibly be worth. I don't have the crafting recipe so I can't do a cost analysis but I am also guessing the I-man might be rather overpriced. So, on to the next bottle.
  9. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    Well then. On to the next bottle. Seems to be a bit odd these would be weighted so as to require an Indiaman. I hope this isn't common since they appear to be getting dropped a good deal further away then they used to be.
  10. Clan Leaderboard

    The original developer post initiated the discussion on adding recruitment mechanics to the game: " we are going to send new players to the clans." If they are going to do that it needs to work for actual new players. Including those who have no idea what ts/discord are. And since it is one server it also needs to work for ones who happen to be in off time zones. At 7 PM on the US Pacific Coast folks are getting late into the evening. And it's rather early in the AM in Europe.
  11. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    To clarify what I meant, can I do a partial pickup and simply abandon the rest? I'm only expecting one shot at the pickup.
  12. Clan Leaderboard

    AND one more thing to add to the minimum list for what actual new players need to know: Alt Policy: whether they are accepted, and what clan members are allowed to do with them. A free text box is fine and it doesn't need to be searchable. Or better yet, a policy box, where Alts are among the things that can be briefly described. A blank box will also tell a new player something, as well. I have been watching the alt economic activity in the Charleston neighborhood for about a month now. My observation is that alts appear to advantage non-cooperative economic activity. I am NOT suggesting alts should be banned. If someone chooses to buy multiple copies of a game and put in the additional hours that implies, that's their business But I am a single-game player who is starting to settle down on the number of hours I play. Clans with alt members MIGHT not have a compatible play style.
  13. I am actually makikng money as a low-level solo US trader, and not all of that in the reinforcement zones. But it has been an unnecessarily steep climb to get my operation booted up and running. Not all of the gankers sail ships. Some of them appear to have figured out how to exploit new players in the current economy.
  14. From the perspective of a low level trader the quickest way to buff trading is to give buy/sell contracts the same visibility in the trader tool that the port stock has. Give me a general idea where decent contracts are I am going to flip on the smuggler and go fill them. Without having to try to fiddle with that impenetrable API or rely on dodgy 3rd party websites.
  15. Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    Can I do partial pickup and leave something behind? An Indiaman looks to me like a big floating target. In any case even I am not even close to the craft level I need to build one.