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  1. Marcus Corvus

    Game Reviews on Steam

    I am hoping. Would really like to see it succeed. But without accessibility by a broad range of players the game may be in a demographic blind alley. The desktop / gaming laptop market is not getting much bigger.
  2. Marcus Corvus

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Not quite that simple. I am on clan number two and as a newer player (this year) the whole teamwork thing has been something of a mixed bag. Part of it is time zone and play-hour incompatibilities. Part of it is that the person doing the inviting may have expectations of what they are inviting a new player to do that are somewhat at odds with what the player is interested in doing. We don't all have 20 hours a week to spend on a video game. The game is in dire need of an actual clan directory in the new UI. And not just a the leaderboard that was articulated in the plans. Then new folks might get a better sense of crew they might actually want to be teamed up with.
  3. Marcus Corvus

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

    I don't have an opinion on the wood. Just on the economics. IF you are going to do this then ALL of these things need to come out of some sort of player production building so the current near airtight monopolies aren't possible. Like in copper.
  4. Marcus Corvus

    Port tavern message board for all

    Really like the idea. Always wondered why an outpost owner had no way to advertise. Seems like a basic trader mechanic. With a lot of other potential uses. Might not need moderation if the messages are not persistent, and if the owning clan has some degree of control. The exception would be in the green zones where there is no clan control and the player populations are a good deal higher. Boards will get spammed. Might need to restrict posting in the green zones to outpost owners. Or auto-expire 3? days from last sign on. Or something like that.
  5. Marcus Corvus

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    Virtually all the bottles I've opened have yielded ship positions well offshore. Odds of accidental discovery are relatively low, provided the wreck is not allowed to sit. So don't open the bottle until you are ready to go to the wreck. Not complicated. And as for being tracked? Why on earth would anybody come to a full stop in the the middle of the ocean without first dropping to half-sail half-way there to do a heat check? That can already happen. If I am being followed and the bogie sees me stop, they already have a pretty good idea I might suddenly have goodies on board. Bonus round for what they originally intended as PvP. No need to see the the currently invisible wreck. Got an Indiaman-sized haul once. As I am in and out of shallow-water ports that is the only time I've ever had a use for one. Would have been nice to have been able take part of the load. Or sell the position.
  6. Marcus Corvus

    [suggestion] Trade hostile take-over

    In principle I would agree with this. The nationality of contract and ship sales should be restricted unless a clan chooses to open a port. Seems consistent with the mercantilism of the period. But it might put a ship seller in a bit of a fix. Would the impounded ships count against dock slots? If it did you might find your self on the other side of the map with highly restricted movement. It appears to be possible to craft one more ship than I have dock space for which seems to turn off the teleport. Only happened once and I haven't tried replicating that. Incidentally I would also support outright seizure. Provided it were accompanied by some sort of national alliance / peace / state of war mechanic. Otherwise the risk for a merchant skyrockets. You might find your stuff gone courtesy of an incompetent clan.
  7. Marcus Corvus

    Maintenance of heavily specialised equipped vessels

    As you mention this seems to me the Royal Navy had an Ordinary cost estimate for routine facility maintenance, Sea Service to support seaworthy ships with crew, and Extraordinary Repair for major rebuilds and refits. Or something like that. Fractioning out repairs, including to expensive upgrades, could easily fit into this and bring some balance back into the game regarding ship distributions. As I have said elsewhere I have been caught exactly once since February by something capable of running down my T-Lynxes near deep water ports.
  8. Marcus Corvus

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    Whatever the solution the ship distribution is clearly out of balance. One of my trade routes is in and out of the Bahamas and I am exclusively in shallow-water ships (T-Lynx / T-Brig). Around the deep water ports I have been chased exactly once by something capable of catching a T-Lynx. Even anything with bow chasers. That was since moving from PvE around the end of February. The whole safe zone argument has never been an issue for me. Doesn't seem to matter whether I am in one or not. The only place I encounter real risk is in the Bahamas. No deep water ships. Regarding the solution. The notion that a ship could just sit at a dock without costing something to either store for extended periods and/or get into service has never made much sense to me. Even furled sails would rot if left unattended. IF this is the solution there ought to be some connection to the size of the ship.
  9. Marcus Corvus

    RvR fix - meaningful ports

    There might be something here. So here is my question. What happens if the approach is moved down one layer in the economy? As in, a port is allowed a fixed number of production buildings in a particular location and those are fractioned out with this kind of allocation. For instance - six buildings allowed with three for the clan, two for the nation, and one for the bootleggers. Or something like that. The actual building total might need some mechanism to push it up as the player count rises in the game. Otherwise nobody else could ever get up into the treehouse. Clan gets first crack, then nation. There could even be a provision for allowing an allied clan to build. And if they aren't interested anybody can build. But if the controlling clan / nation wants real estate that is already occupied they get to seize the asset. Using buildings instead of drops puts at least some constraint on the alts and the bootleg operation prevents a complete seal like is currently the case in the copper ports. What this might do is allow mercantilist economic activity to flow on top of realistic resource constraints, rather than attempting to control it directly.
  10. Marcus Corvus

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    Or possibly incentives for clans to recruit folks to fill these roles. Like having all the specialty craft resources come out of buildings instead of from drops, the way cotton currently works. Which incidentally will make resources a good deal harder to alt-camp and monopolize. Unless there is something blindingly obvious here I am missing.
  11. Marcus Corvus

    Ingame messages - deletion

    I agree. The only reason a history would be helpful in email is to keep track of what I sent. Be nice to not need to use it at all.
  12. Marcus Corvus

    Ingame messages - deletion

    It is, but at present the only apparent way to communicate across time zones. You are correct. This system could use some attention.
  13. I clearly missed something in the preceding thread as I was under the impression that the current change involved re-denomination only and not loss of the magic wallet, the latter being a point of discussion only. Regarding the wallet I sell ships and resources and don't have a problem with losing it, provided it is packaged with some changes to make thing actually work. I've adapted my merchant activity to the game as it is an I anticipate adapting to that. But @admin might want to wade in and clarify what is actually intended in the near term change. Loss of the magic wallet is not the impression I would get from looking at the short versions of the announcements on Steam.
  14. Marcus Corvus

    Ingame messages - deletion

    Are you losing them in mail or private chat? I suspected that the chat messages went away so I started using mail but it would be really bothersome if that was vanishing as well. (Mail, btw, could really use a sent box).
  15. Might be helpful for admin to clarify that. I assumed it would be possible to dismiss, like the tutorial is now. Which incidentally I've started and am nibbling away at.😊