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  1. CaptainSparkles

    Studding sail

    That's the problem , we have to see them .
  2. CaptainSparkles

    More outpost slots are needed

    Too many ports and less players ... I am agreed with you , more outposts, more control.
  3. CaptainSparkles

    Studding sail

    How you know , in the past the sailing ships could set "Studding sail" for escape from the enemy or the get faster . Now I was thinking : why not to implement this feature into Naval Action . The Studding sail can be as a perk or a rare book . Possibility to set them in the battle time . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studding_sail Already suggested in the past . Discuss.
  4. CaptainSparkles

    Flags Flags Flags

  5. CaptainSparkles

    Flags Flags Flags

    Another think , remove the ensign flags from masts (already asked this) , make for players the possibility to chose flags on their masts or remove them completely. In real life ships could have nation flags on all the masts or communicate thru ensign flags .
  6. CaptainSparkles

    Flags Flags Flags

    I don't understand something . Why DLC ? That's why you lose players , make free content too . For example you put DLC ships like Hercules or others , but flag DLC could be free , maybe if you want to set a costumased flags (clan flags , ecc.) you have to pay .
  7. CaptainSparkles

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    When this update will come to the game ?
  8. CaptainSparkles

    Dear Spain

    No sleep , war is war .
  9. CaptainSparkles

    TESTBED - Weight of the goods

    Too hard to make money .
  10. CaptainSparkles

    NPC Trader need Fleet Ships

    Npc indiaman , but not capturable.
  11. CaptainSparkles

    Suggestion for the next big update

    Make more slots in dock with AI ships docked to the port . It will implement the visual effect in the game .
  12. CaptainSparkles

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Totalmente d'accuerdo.
  13. CaptainSparkles

    Constitution Classic

    This make no sense , the bouth ships are almost sisters . I vote for remove the old one and leave in game the classic one .
  14. CaptainSparkles

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    Just , make a tutorial how to trade , easy and smoth.
  15. CaptainSparkles

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    Don't change nothing , it's good like it is .