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  1. HMS Vanguard (1835)

    The sixth HMS Vanguard, of the British Royal Navy was an 78-gun (or 80-gun) second-rateship of the line, launched on 25 August 1835 at Pembroke Yard. She was the first of a new type of sailing battleship: a Symondite. 700-750 officers and men (gun crew = 702 men)
  2. Bank

    We all need money ! I really want to buy a Santiassima and I can't reach that amount of money . I was thinking , what if in-game were a bank what can give to players money and they have to give them back . Discuss this suggestion!
  3. HMS Vanguard (1835)

    I'm searching for plans .
  4. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The problem is one . When people see your name they escape :))) .
  5. Bank

  6. Broken grape

    I saw your videos (that one when you captured the l'Ocean) and I think this bug was fixed or it don't exist .
  7. Bank

    I'm sailing a Buncetaure . If one has the smallest rank on the list, the bank should give him the enough amount of money to buy a ship and repay it in a near future.
  8. Bank

    Yes , but it takes time what I don't have .
  9. Crash near port royal

    Trashtoto Kohl is right . It's not the game fault , it's you fault cuz first you was near an enemy port or safe port and you disconnect by a crash . There is no reason they should give you the surprise . You should connect back after the disconnect and go in a safe zone . I'm reminding you what this is a multiplayer game.
  10. Ease double click/busy work from ship building

    +1 , all members have to be allowed to take cargo from clan warehouse , but a little amount of it per day . And he should pay a tax .
  11. Durability

  12. Crew languages

  13. Crew languages

    I am in the Spanish faction , I would like to hear Spanish voices on my deck . All nation's should have the option to chose English or Her/His faction language . I know this is not easy but it will be the best part of the game . Many players don't know English .
  14. Crew languages

  15. Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    I don't think what the animated flags on ships are causing drop of FPS in WO .
  16. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    We can't see the name of the ship what we looking for . When I want to hunt big fleets I wish to see what kind of ships are in that fleet , so I came to one idea , what is this one ? First I just want to suggest what we could see fleets in the Open World (entire fleet what is sailing to a place) . Second the fleets must have flags in Open World cuz in this mode we will use more times the spyglass (reduce the clicking on ships cuz it's annoying) , that means all ships must receive flags in Open World .
  17. Delete this reply, nobody have to see this route ! I just did screenshot.
  18. Future wipes

    Ok , thx
  19. Future wipes

    Yeah , but i bought this game to play , not to test it . Of course I know what I will not change anything with this reaply, but one ship you must left on our propriety. Or maybean amount of gold to be able to buy a small ship .
  20. Future wipes

    @Ink I'm sorry but I have to ask you something. It's possible to redeem ships only today ? Cuz all of my work is going to be erased useless. A lot of hours per day spent to buy the biggest ship .
  21. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    LOL , nice fly !
  22. Future wipes

    i think so