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  1. 8 knots is too high! We in second and first rate will be boarded every time we will get near to a ship... Against AI fleets we will DIE immediately.
  2. Captains

    It's time for Justice

    Our brave knight Admiral Hontario is going to die.
  3. Captains


    ¿Por qué sigues infiltrándote en los temas en español? ¿Por qué no haces el negocio de tu país? Los españoles te golpearán cuando lo necesites, no cuando pienses en ti mismo.
  4. Captains


    ¿Por qué hablas aquí si no sabes español?
  5. Just remove all ports timers becouse in this mode we will attack you easier.
  6. Captains

    OW Flags and "Ruse de Guerres"

    I already asked for flags in OW , they told me this feature will never will be done because it's slowing down the FPS .
  7. Captains

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    Let's start a new tactic of capturing ports , 30 basic cutters . It may work :)) .
  8. Captains

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    The Basic Cutter shouldn't be allowed in patrol zones. But at least the Basic Cutter is fast .
  9. Captains

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Wooooow , soo smart ! Give him a diploma.
  10. Captains

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    You can use two NA profiles at the same time ? 🤨
  11. Captains

    Poll results are in

    Me too!
  12. Captains

    Mission changes

    Be patient and wait . They almost fished .
  13. Captains

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    3 of them , 1 Hercules and 2 Costitution .
  14. Captains

    Wonderful ship maker

    I love the figurehead .
  15. Captains

    How To Navigate The Open Seas

    You can't enjoy it like a real sailor if you sailing at speed of light .
  16. One question. The testing ships will rest in our possession after tests ?
  17. Captains

    Character rating for inside a nation

    The poor guy with the cutter want action and want to see bigger ships . I think they are just curious . Nice suggestion . +1
  18. Captains

    Character rating for inside a nation

    Or just deny to someone steam account to create 2 different profiles on 2 different nations .
  19. Captains

    Alt tracking

    It's your fault cuz you didn't have cannons on board . The Open Wolrd is for everyone .
  20. Captains

    Wonderful ship maker

    I respect and love the previous ships , verry beautiful.
  21. Captains

    Wonderful ship maker

    That were only words to make us dream.
  22. Yeah, just wait for that moment when the crew on deck will be visible . Only man on cannons we can see now , not even the captain :))) .
  23. Captains

    Wonderful ship maker

    And the Montaine Class ?
  24. Captains

    Storm weather in port battles?

    The ships icon in minimap can be white for all sides . Or remove ships icon .
  25. Captains

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Why not map ? You have compass and map , why you should't use them ?