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  1. Santísima Trinidad

    The paints on sails were realistic?
  2. PVP; bring back OW communication with enemies and nerv hordeattacks

    Yeah , your right . The communication with enemy should exist .
  3. Santísima Trinidad

    Very beautiful ship . I love that painted sails .
  4. Remove Ensign Flags

    Because this game is introducing Naval Battles of 17-18 century .
  5. Remove Ensign Flags

    Extra controls or not . It will replace the random mechanic . What really boring . Or at last remove IT .
  6. Remove Ensign Flags

    Cuz in the past signal flags were used to signal important thinks in battle , not random like in Naval Action .
  7. Remove Ensign Flags

    Yeah , clan flags can be a good idea . But thereis a big problem , how will clans design an own flag ? It will be very ugly . Just imagine penis on flags .
  8. Remove Ensign Flags

    Not all use voice teamwork . They are many players what use chat or in-game were signal flags mechanics, they will use it . I think it will be a good idea .
  9. Remove Ensign Flags

    For this reason I want from they is to remove that sort of decorative mechanic . And introduce a system what make us to chose flags with good meanings .
  10. Remove Ensign Flags

    Every single player should be able to chose before/in the battle what flags he want to set on his masts . The Nation Flag should stay . Of course if my suggestion will be in consideration you developers should make a tutorial about how to use it . It's simple and easy to use . I don't think it will be hard to apply in-game.
  11. Remove Ensign Flags

    The variety of Signal Flags in Naval Action is useless. Make it work better . Introduce a system where we players could chose what we have to set in our masts . All Signal Flags have they use . Here you can see all " International maritime signal flags " . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_maritime_signal_flags Discuss
  12. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    If I were the developer I've added 3 ships of the list . 1) Téméraire class (1782, French 74-gun ship) 2) Wenden (1706, Dano-Norwegian 70-gun ship) 3) Montañés class (1794, Spanish 74-gun ship)
  13. Crash near port royal

    Your are right!
  14. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    What about all of them ?
  15. Shocks should stop Repairs

    +1 good idea