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  1. CaptainSparckles

    Daily reward.

    Suggestions are made for discussion and decisions what we come with .
  2. CaptainSparckles

    Daily reward.

    Not everyone agree with my suggestion , admin just read them , then answer also , just watch in past suggestions .
  3. CaptainSparckles

    Daily reward.

    Historical events with different rewards can be good .
  4. CaptainSparckles

    Tutorial feedback 2

    😂 suffer
  5. CaptainSparckles

    Daily reward.

    I just imagined how much will improve the players activity all days in the future . Just develop a mechanic what gives you an amount of gold everyday when you logging in the game . The amount of coins should increase with small amounts everyday . If you miss a day it will be reset at the first day .
  6. CaptainSparckles

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Who received the rewards shouldn't receive it again .
  7. CaptainSparckles

    Loot Circles

    Also we should see cargo floating .
  8. CaptainSparckles

    Loot Circles

    The loot mechanics have to be changed , when you loot a wreck you should see ropes , small boats. The loot distance should be increased .
  9. CaptainSparckles

    Final Mission Tutorial WHAT A JOKE

    Just skip the tutorial .
  10. CaptainSparckles

    Open World Ship Identification

    Reduce the open world speed to 50% how it was in the past .
  11. @admin What if you will introduce lighthouses ? It will help in Navigation Experience. The day and night should be longer for better battle experience . The rain shouldn't be foggy as now , maybe not all times . Realistic waves during the storm battles . More realistic crew animations , cannons , sails and other parts of the ship . Where is me ? The captain , I wish to see captain on board .
  12. We should return at 50% slower speed in OW . It will increase the game realism .
  13. I'm agreed with global-wipe.
  14. @admin when will you introduce the new UI ? The descriptions on AI fleets are not good as expected. I can't understand at what I'm going on to fight . Example: Frigate , 3x Medium .... ecc. I want more information on AI fleets . The tutorial is good , max crew is good , nice work !
  15. CaptainSparckles


    We did not insult the developers . They are working on the game right now. In next years maybe they will take considerations of our suggestions . But at last they could reply and accept or deny our suggestions .