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    Spanish are the best , best of the bests :)) .

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  1. Wasa (Vasa)

    ''Vasa was dangerously unstable and top-heavy with too much weight in the upper structure of the hull.''
  2. Wasa (Vasa)

    Yeah i really want to sail it , i don't care about little thinks .
  3. general statistics

    By blocking join in a nation because that nation is big and strong is not a option , imagine I am Spanish and I can't speak English. . What to do ? I just join my country , Espagna . By blocking the game will lose players .
  4. Change nickname request

    :))) ok
  5. Change nickname request

    If they will.. , when they will come with the final release of the game ?
  6. Change nickname request

    Sad , I will wait .
  7. Change nickname request

    I play naval action about one month and I wish to change my nickname , I don't like it . But I don't want to lose all my work on this game . I suggest to make a topic where you can request to change your nickname .
  8. Italiani ingame?

    Anche nella fazione spagnola siamo in due fin ora .
  9. Brig should be the starting ship

    Its possible and easy .
  10. Brig should be the starting ship

    We all started with BASIC CUTTER. I gained xp fast and grown-up verry fast . New players should start missions and grow up like us .
  11. Bombardment Missions

    I am agreed with you , good idea .
  12. Work in progress: Working title.

    Someone already made it . It is called World of Warships , but its not open world and still is a nice game .
  13. Italiani ingame?

    Anzi meglio aspettare qualche sconto , tipo natale , io l'ho pagato 19.9 euro.
  14. Italiani ingame?

    Haha , io lo farrei ancora più lento in Open World , però niente da fare . Comunque il gioco continuerà a cambiare in continuazione quindi vale comprarlo adesso che dopo due anni il doppio del prezzo .