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  1. Greysteak

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    Ok, that is a fair opinion. So how about this. If the community is going to run voice comms for everyone, let's make sure it's done in a way that does not arbitrarily discriminate against certain players and clans.
  2. Greysteak

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    Yes, we have had a dedicated clan TS server for some time. It's currently limited to members and invited guests only and geographically located to suite our clan rather than the player base. So, it's not so useful when I want to help in some PvP and most RvR situations. And, @Hethwill the Harmless, I agree. It's not required to play the game. It is most unfortunate, however, that some battle commanders and clan leaders want nothing to do with anyone not using voice comms. Some have no choice and cannot use voice comms. On the other hand, it is an extra task. Having to pay attention to, and repeat orders in text chat makes the job more difficult.
  3. Greysteak

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    Discord is little better than spyware, unfortunately.
  4. Voice communication seems like such a large part of Naval Action that it shouldn't be left for some clan to run a TS3 server. I suggest the developers take control of this either with in-game voice or by running an official NA TS3 server with their own rule-set. A player-run amenity should not be a factor in my decision to play a game or not. As it is, this game leaves itself vulnerable because of someone else's TS3 server rule fail. On the other hand, I think those want to run their TS3 server as a sort of members-only club really shouldn't advertise it as a "national" server. It's their server their rules and that's fine. But I wont be a second class participant, unable to represent my clan with a tag when others can.
  5. @admin Yes. I got combat xp for both the endurance exam and the final exam totaling 10,000, enough for a rank.
  6. Greysteak

    Traders limited to 3 knowledge slots?

    I'm more of a trader than a fighter. 3 slots are fine. We can make profit with 3. The thing that bothers me is those 3 slots are just given too us. Make us earn them the hard way.
  7. I agree. In fact, how about just not sorting it at all until and unless we click the sort button?
  8. I like the new interface, great work. I also like some suggestions found here like moving the point of view onto the ship when it's there. It would be great to be able to walk around the ship and port. The old style chat window looks out of place. I'd like to see an update to the chat/clan window to match the new interface windows. I was able to gain a full rank just by completing the tutorial and exams. Was this intended? The crafting requirements are easy. I'll go back to try the missions.
  9. Greysteak

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    The most simple and ideal thing in my mind is the wind would change to a random new direction at a random time interval between, let's say, every 30 minutes to every 4 hours predetermined at server maintenance so that it can be synchronized to both the OW and all the battle instances. The rate of change to the new wind direction could also be random. It's the predictability that I don't like. I know it's going to change every 12 minutes in battle and I don't like it. I know it changes at a steady rate counter clockwise all the time in the open world and I don't like that either.
  10. Greysteak

    DLC impact on the economy

    @z4ys Yes you can build them but why would you when everyone has an OP dlc ship? I think that's the point here. Devs seem not to be counting the mats and time required to set up a shipyard in the first place. Could a new player build one of these in a day if he doesn't even have a shipyard? And no, we are not all sitting on trillions of mats.
  11. Greysteak

    DLC impact on the economy

    If DLC ships are to be redeemed daily I think they should be trash ships. They should not be competitive with the player-built ship market. Tie the quality of a DLC ship to the frequency of it's redemption. Daily redemption should result in grey 1/5 without any extra.
  12. Greysteak

    Taxes for stockpiling

    Yes. Well, not a tax but bribe payments each time a trader docks at an enemy port. Also, cause why not: Dock fees and building maintenance.
  13. Greysteak

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    How about if the quality of a redeemed ship is tied to the frequency of it being redeemed? Something like this: If it's only been a few days since it was last redeemed, make it a base grey with just a small chance for an extra perm. If say, it hasn't been redeemed in a week make it green, 2 weeks makes blue, 4 weeks makes purple, 16 weeks = gold. Let it be just blue or maybe purple for the first time it's redeemed.
  14. Greysteak

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    I'm all for dlc's to support further development of the game but I won't buy these ships unless they are seriously nerfed. Here are a couple ideas that would make me interested in buying: Reduce the frequency you can redeem it at to once a week if they are going to be so OP in battle. If balanced with craftable ships, they should still only redeem once every 3 days or so because they don't have to be crafted. Everyday-redeemable ships kills the strategic aspects of the game that ship crafting provides. If they are meant to be redeemed at a rate they could be crafted at, count the cost and time to build buildings and transport resources for each one. Or, try this... Just reduce the base quality of dlc ships to grey. Give them a small chance to be green or very small chance to be blue if redeemed at a capturable port.
  15. Greysteak

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    It does actually. A day on the moon equals it's orbital period. It spins once around on it's axis for each orbit of the earth. About 327 hours of daylight followed by 327 hours of night each lunar day.