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    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    I am unable to trade ships with my clan mate since the update. Trading other items works but nothing happens after we both click accept if there is a ship being traded.
  2. Greysteak

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    On the new map, there appears to be a road or two bisecting Lake Nicaragua.
  3. Greysteak

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Suggestion: Please consider presenting the hold contents with the newest additions at the top. Like a FILO stack. This would prevent unnecessary scrolling to see what new items, like fish, are in the hold. Love the new artwork. The UI may take some getting used too. Also, I don't mind having fewer location clues like what county I'm in. In fact I like that better.
  4. Greysteak

    Hercules ship feedback

    The Hercules is a beautiful ship and very powerful. It did seem to me that I progressed way too rapidly unlocking the knowledge slots for this ship. I imagine that is due to it's very high dpm for it's rate. I think it should take a bit more work, especially for the 4th and 5th slots. Despite complaints that it sits too low and the big guns are underwater too much, I think it's a good compromise for it's firepower. Under battle sails or healing downwind, it's not a problem getting a good shot off with those. Glad to hear some non-premium 6th rates will be buffed. That and adjustments of the shallow ship BRs will be a good thing. I'll expect that to improve the balance overall. As for premiums being non-capturable, I'd prefer being able to capture them in the battle instance but, as @jodgi suggested above, loose them as soon as the battle instance is over. Or perhaps instead, loose any captured premiums as soon as you enter any port. Once-a-day dlc redeemables do seem like too much. Once-a-month, like forged papers, wouldn't be bad though.
  5. Hard to know that for sure without knowing the new ship building material requirements. What if ships end up requiring much more coal than before?
  6. Greysteak

    Spain Land Jump

    In addition to being towed to the closest, how about linking the wait timer and cool down timer to the distance towed with a minimum of the current 5 minutes/5 hours?
  7. Greysteak

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    I love it! And I support pimping it. I think it should also be available in battle instances and ports.
  8. Greysteak

    Port tavern message board for all

    I like the idea of clans controlling the fees and moderating this. I'd say make it unavailable in unconquerable ports, especially if shipbuilding will eventually be discouraged there.
  9. No need for this. The advantage for late traders is already built-in with the shutdown.
  10. I think implementing a no-sail line-ship timer for the loss of a line-ship might help. The Admiralty shouldn't let a captain who just lost a line-ship leave port right away in another line-ship should they? No there should be meetings, investigations and so on. The better the rate of the lost ship the longer the timer should be. Ships unrated, 6th and 5th rates, 4th rate frigates should be exempt. This is for line-ships only. For example: a 30 minute timer for 4th rate line-ships, 2 hours for 3rd rates, 8 hours for a 2nd rate and 32 hours for a 1st rate. As long as the timer is in effect you can only leave port in a lower rated ship than the one you lost.
  11. Greysteak

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    While I like this, I'd like to see purple and gold ships remain as rare or more so than they are now. I feel it would be better to drastically reduce the chances for purple and gold in unconquerable ports. Or even make the base build grey for these locations and players would have to get very lucky to build a blue in KPR.
  12. Greysteak

    Tutorial feedback 2

    re-posting this here so that it's in the right place:
  13. The endurance exam and the final were pleasantly difficult. Got caught unprepared in the endurance exam. That was great. I don't think they should be easy. I think the tutorials got most of the important stuff. The only thing I'd add would be an exercise to use both the rudder and yards at the same time. I noticed that the chain usage in the third tutorial is not consistent with the new chain rules. That was the only thing I thought needed fixing. Afraid to try the rewards, but I will.
  14. Greysteak

    Neutral Port Auction + Port Selling & Trading + Lord Protectors

    As far port trading goes, in my imagination, it's like this: There are two options. One option is simple and cheap but only allows transfer to another clan in the same nation, the other is expensive and risky but allows you to trade a deed for the port like any other item in the game. Option one: Any captain can craft a Letter of Resignation, available for a few combat marks in the Admiralty store. Only a clan creator or diplomat can use it though, if anyone else tries it doesn't work but they can trade or sell it. Once used, the Admiralty presents a list of clan ports from which to choose from. If there is no clan port, the Letter is useless and is lost. Then it asks what clan is suggested to take over administration of said port, only clans in the same nation are acceptable. Then it says ok, in one to three days you will be relieved of your duties at said port. All officers of selected clan receive an email from the local Governor saying that if they travel to the port and accept the duty, their clan will receive the port. If any officer of the selected clan goes to the port and presses the accept button, it's done. If no one accepts after 2 maintenance cycles, the officer's of a random clan active on the day the Letter was used is given the same option and a new random clan is chosen every hour. First to go the the port and accept gets it. If none accept after 3 cycles, the port is abandoned and becomes neutral. Option two: Any captain can craft a Petition for Sale, available for, like, 40-50 victory marks at the Admiralty store but only in the Nation's capitol or starting port. Again, only a clan diplomat or creator can use it. The item description should say that it must be transported to and used in the port meant for sale. Once the captain has transported it safely to the correct port it can be used. If used at a port that the captain's clan does not own, the Petition is lost. Upon correct use, assuming an open warehouse slot, a Deed for Port So and So is created. This can be traded to any other captain and can be used by any clan officer of any nation to immediately claim the port. But it can only be used in that same port. In other words, the buyer will also have to travel to that port to use (and probably buy) the Deed, in a smuggler flagged trader if necessary. Too much detail? I know... PS: oh, and sell the Letters and Petitions as dlcs as well, why not?
  15. Greysteak

    Ports in Control of Alts

    I like this idea of ports being an item that can be traded.