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  1. Sweden is joining sweden

    FRC has dicided, that we will join sweden. We are allready swedish, but nevertheless - we want to make it even easier for sweden to win pbs
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    So, what? I have 100.000.000 Gold. Do you think, i even care about that amount of money? ;-) Set your pb timers right and you can at least show up for fight. Leave them as they are and you will lose most of your ports without even defending.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    FRC IS GREAT AGAIN. We have shown the Dutchis, that FRC has the power and the playerbase to get itself a great empire. I, High command of FRC, Leader of FRC, Councill-Member of FRC, Founder of FRC and FRC-President of FRC, have decided, that we will handel this port as any other port: we will open it for everybody, so the culture of our museums, bird stations and beaches can grow even bigger. For crown, bird stations and a lot of fun! Friedus High command of FRC, Leader of FRC, Councill-Member of FRC, Founder of FRC and FRC-President of FRC
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    FRC (+ some HRE) will strike again. The High Councill of FRC has decided unanimously, that it is time to night-flip some dutch ports. We are keen to see their night-fleet. It musst be massiv, because apparently most of the dutch ports have night timers and why else would you set them like this? However; FRC got international and will soon be one of the most powerfull forces in the area (ok, thats not too hard! but still....). We will continue those night flipps, untill all durch ports east of thecapital belong to FRC. The whole FRC clan is looking forward to good night battels, a lot of fun and hopefully a rising FRC-EMPIRE. Our second FRC-aim is, to get those ports before CABAL, who also want to take that area as a new point of presents. The only remaining question is: can they fill up their pb-list up? At the occasion i want to note, that there is no need to apply for FRC. We are currently not looking for more members! signed by Friedus High command of FRC, Leader of FRC, Councill-Member of FRC, Founder of FRC and FRC-President of FRC
  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    if "THE MASTER" also gave them pb training, we (the bright side of NA) have nothing to fear.
  6. Poor france. Did you really had punish them that hard?? Seams exaggerated to me!
  7. Spanish clans message to WO & BLANC clans

    Poor France, had to get allied with Russia and Spain after WO stressed their time zone too much. I thought it would be ok, when you attack ports in your prime time and why would you even set pb timers at WO clans, if you allways fails?!
  8. Hotfix for patch 14.

    lol, whenever they do it all at the same time, we complain about them doing too much and unbalancing it because of that. Do it step by step and will get a good result. I have to agree with rediii (i terms of BR)
  9. One might also claim, that it would be the duty of russian nation leader, not to steal pb lists, hide inside battels and insult the enemy on ts. However, why dont be let all this personal insulting away?! I blocked a green player in battel - yes. I dint knew, that it was forbidden and i when i wrote about it in the chat, i didnt knew weather this rule excists or not. Players often write a lot of rubbish, when you are doing things, they dont like. Asking in the ts, i was told, that it happened ones and the person didnt got punished. I later tried to solve the blocking but it didnt solve, because of missing communication between me and my "victim". Since i now know for sure, that it isnt allowed, i wouldnt do it again and i am sorry for Wraith. I'am not sure, if i really didnt do him a favour, because if i wouldnt have blocked him, he would have managed to get to the enemy and without the support of us, he would have lost his ship. I also want to mention, that i havent broken any rules (as far as i know) and looking thru the forum (which i hardly ever read because of all the flaming), i only found this about punishments for green on green: 1st Offense: The offender will receive a warning. 2nd Offense: The offender will be demoted to the first rank. 3rd Offense: The offender's account will be banned on all servers. Since i never got any kind of warning (1st Offense), it would be unfair to give me 2nd Offensive punishment before the 1st one. As far as i know (i cant read it all), blocking a green player was never explizedly forbitten, in terms of him getting to the fight. It would be even more unfair to start with unblemished players like Jon and me and ok, i broke a rule, but admins shoud not start breaking their own rules about punishments. I have allways been a fan of fair fight and would like the others to follow my example - specialy the russians, who shouldnt thro with stones. And this a a tribunal against Jon, me and perhaps someone others. Why Are people like Bernodotto even writing in here? If you want to complain about pb right before the pb in order not to get screen out (*Carthagena; when even the screeninf fleet hided inside a battel), then pls do it somewhere else but NOT here. This i my threat!