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  1. Missing Fleet Ships

    This needs investigation.
  2. Revolutionary Gameplay Change to Save NA

    It's no longer considered MMO, it's closer to a Hardcore Sailing Simulator with Multiplayer option included. I don't know why Developer ignored PvE content at all costs as this product could have so much potential.
  3. Capsized Trincomalee

    Everyone will be like
  4. Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    We do not have Crew skill training, so all this comes down to 'we need turn rate boost'. Like I said I ran all turn mods available in the game (stacked) and it turns worse compared to pre patch.
  5. Next week full of updates?

    Can someone confirm this, I used google translate. Примерный срок выхода следующего обновления - следующая неделя. Однако, эта дата может быть перенесена, поэтому точную дату на данный момент предоставить мы не можем. Возможность добавления описанных вами функций будет рассматриваться после руководства для игрока, интерфейса и локализации. The approximate date for the next update is next week. However, this date can be transferred, so we can not provide the exact date at the moment. The ability to add the functions described by you will be considered after the player's manual, interface and localization. У нас пока нет точной даты релиза игры. Ориентировочно - текущий год. План на ближайшее полугодие пока еще не сформирован. We do not yet have an exact release date for the game. Tentatively - current year. The plan for the nearest half-year has not been formed yet. Give like if you are happy!
  6. Next week full of updates?

    I hope there is more than that. Player's manual is an illustrated guide with detailed explanation I assume? No video or tutorial missions then?
  7. Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    We don't need speed, we need smooth turn.
  8. Wind

    Here is my suggestion
  9. Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    Big time. New sailing model ruined it. It used to turn nicely pre patch, now even with 3 turning mods it's turning very badly.
  10. Whats the crow's nest for?

    It can be achieved with the following method. Spotter Chat must be added to the game. In there system could list all ships that are spotted on the horizon in X radius from the ship (center). New mods can be added to the game that increase spotting range (radius) - 'Highly Polished Spyglass". Chat will flash and option to add notification line on the screen could be optional. With spotter information on the screen players could click on the message and instantly focus camera on the target. Same thing with chat, player could just click the message and camera focus. Player ships will be colored differently from NPCs. Could look like this - [[[[NW 20:21 - Spanish Fleet (Frigate, Trader sloop)]]]] and would rotate clockwise. NW 20:21 - Spanish Fleet (Frigate, Trader sloop) SW 20:22 - French Player Name (Indiaman, 2 Frigate) S 20:23 - Pirate Fleet (3rd rate, 2 Frigates) .... and so on @admin
  11. New type of ship class . (Galleon , WarGalleon)

    This is the closest to what came next after Old War Galleons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Soleil_Royal_(1670)
  12. Shanties (various sound) and improves for the game .

    What does it have to do with music?
  13. Shanties (various sound) and improves for the game .

    The biggest problem with this game is no music and depressing long sail. Music makes games look so much better, too bad Developers do not realize this. Even a classic string would add so much to Naval Action.
  14. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    "Thanks to the Master forger, everyone in the world knows that in Russia you don't forge papers, papers forge you".
  15. It would be nice to see what are the plans for NA in 2018. No news no updates... weird.
  16. Poor Essex...waste of such a beautiful ship.
  17. Is there a road map for this year?

    Depressing, I hope they have more content to add.
  18. Turn inertia - discuss

    Much can be learned from this video. Especially how waves should be rendered in NA when the ship is turning.
  19. Turn inertia - discuss

    Are you serious? Price cut maybe, but I do not believe sail model is favored by majority and it's very complex for new guys.
  20. Turn inertia - discuss

    Your post makes new sailing mechanics obsolete. I agree with you here.
  21. Why did players leave?

    Too late for that, maybe in next life.
  22. World Map Information

    @admin could you guys add statistics to world map? -Players Visited port in last hour -Active Clan members and what port -Active Friendly players and what ports -Players sunk around X port in last hour -Active players Docked in Port -Active players in the Region Would be much appreciated and easier to see where action is.
  23. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Server merge could answer your question.
  24. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Last Dead Redemption 2 and Sea of Thieves will slash these numbers unless we see something epic soon. You will have 500-600 vets playing all the time that I can guarantee you and anything past those numbers require very good content to grow.
  25. Increase how far we can zoom out

    +1 @admin I personally think camera is too close, it would be nice to have an option to zoom out further, so we can see the whole ship and not just cut off masts.