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  1. General's face/icon

    An option to change face (tho I wouldn't go as far as to give female potrait in, UG:CW is def a game for those who want immersive and challenging gameplay so...) would be nice, since now "re-rolling" either the portrait or the first perks means we got to play the two introductory missions...
  2. Loose cannons

    It's pause button honestly. If you miss, you just 'space' it or select the target again till done. That way your arty won't start packing to stroll casually into enemy.
  3. How do you distribute your elite brigades?

    In my union campaign I had eventually turned out my first corp into an elite one, that's less numerous than the others but have all of my tri-star's in it and the most experienced 2-stars that are close to be turned up the notch to the tri-stars. It does have just 7 infantry brigades (plus 3 sharp rifle battalions, 2 sharpshooter companies, 2 cavalry battalions, 3 divisional 3inch batteries and heavy artillery battalion) among it's 18 corp brigades. Units or the whole divisions may be moved temporarily to other corps for duration of a certain battle, but generally I keep these guys together and they last march onto the field. That way the reinforcements that are coming are really strong and fresh for a counterattack. This had worked for me extremely well during battle of Gettysburg where my elite divisions were the ones to be tossed around between the lines as reinforcements. After battle of Gettysburg and capturing 9k fayeteville's I have also standardized that corps on M1861's entirely as well (10 in economy hurrdurr meant like 370k $ extra), meaning even more impact thanks to their elite status and high statistics. I'm planning to bumping them up with additional 2 infantry brigades in the future, while my standard corps have 4 divisions, three brigades each by comparison. On my confederate campaign I have noticed that I don't really have elite infantry brigades. Sure, my cavalry, artillery and skirmishers are mostly tri-star - but my infantry is on mid-high 2 star level mostly. The "elitness" presents only in better rifles for my assault corp only (standarized on CS Richmonds after Gettysburg).
  4. You know you've played too much Civil War when...

    When you find Leroy Jenkins in game and make him your cavalry commander.
  5. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    I just returned to my own playthrough and gave Fredricksburg a go. Those are the results:
  6. Yeah they don't. Now people wonder why I'm worried about a remake of the classic "Battle of Britain" for example... Hmm yeah. History teaching is a huge problem for every country I guess. Just fire up the news and listen in to the recent drama that's going on thanks to polish government now. U:
  7. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Wish they changed this to rep points. 1 per 1k would be fine - with that perhaps you "could afford to loose" a major battle mid/late campaign without ending the playthrough.
  8. G&G leads up to Gettysburg, neither it is named "Gettysburg" as 1993 movie classic and 2011 quasi-movie/documentary are. I watched both "Gettysburg's", and 2011 for me was... Lets say that it very politically correct and demonized one side.
  9. I would call it a minor inaccuracy as they failed with so many other things starting with soldier behavior, amount of equipment, through depiction of involvement of RN ships ending on aeronautical terms and combat. A 2007 movie "Atonement", though not about Dunkirk, have depicted it better. Even the brief opening shots from the classic Battle of Britain did. "Dunkirk" was a 'reenactors' home movie in comparison if you were to judge it by the scale. So few people, so little of equipment lost for the british in this movie. I still enjoyed the movie but only for that they refrained from cgi a lot. Plus it was kind of artistic. Anyhow, lets go back to the Civil War Maybe I'll redirect us back there by asking have anyone seen the second "Gettysburg movie"? From 2011 I think?
  10. @Mr. Mercanto Ps. To perhaps illustrate my point i’ll mention the widely applauded “Dunkirk”. It’s good and i like it. But it wasn’t accurate at all despite what so many have spoke about that movie. There was a bucketlist of stuff they got wrong and if to be absolutely critic they shown dunkirk totally wrong. But they haven’t used cgi at least.
  11. @Mr. Mercanto To be honest its really hard to know that for example the reenactors guns weren’t exactly correct for someone who’s not a hardcore civil war reenactor (and lives in usa). So altough i understand your critical view i think you’re being too harsh. Besides you should look into his other videos on different films perhaps to understand his channels mission? Anyhow it’s okay if this doesn’t fall in your alley still. Also in comparison to other, 2011ish “Gettysburg” i’d would call the 1993 movie perfect @Gael I’m from Europe, Poland to be exact. So sadly it’s doubtful that i’ll ever manage to visit any of the american monuments - would they be from civil war or from more modern times like ww2. Just saying this since i love history just as much as some of members here. Anyhow, now I want to watch the movie again to spot the things you mentioned. I would naver have thought that they put female actors on the set. I guess that some of the things you can get to know only by being there when it happens. And i have also seen the Gods & Generals. Gettysburg and G&G are in my mind probably the last objective movies about the period. Maybe not completely but at least they tried to show that that war wasn't as simple as just to free the slaves. The G&G’s opening with Lee refusing to march onto Virginia as federal was telling for example.
  12. I think this belongs here: I personally love the channel, but I'm curious what some of you might have to say. Especially you Gael since you've take part in it
  13. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    I don't know about that. Maybe the stated passive of +20% ammo ain't exactly as high but in comparison to my first two previous campaigns (which I've stopped playing both at gettysburg finding my unit perk choices, and a lot of other stuff unsatisfying simply - so I've "restarded") I feel the difference? It's of course pretty empiric only, just a feeling in my opinion. But I noticed, especially on my skirmishers that they "last" that little bit longer without having to resupply as often as before. And no, I haven't yet invested in logistics beyond the starting 2 points I had there because I found the ammo count pretty satisfactory so far. Even if the perk ain't +20%, since I'm taking bonus speed and stamina on my infantry anyway - I didn't regret the choice yet.
  14. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Yay no. I meant that with maxed economy, equipment management can become quite profitable. Like all cannon types that do not interest you can be sold for the same price as bought, and carbines or rifles are generally just a dollar lower than the price of buying them from the shop. So selling all guns that you never capture enough (or aren't that good enough like some cavalry carbine's or hunter muskets) to equip any unit for more than one battle can at least give you quite good cash now. With maxed economy I even found that actually sometimes it was better not to spent your rep points on particular guns anymore, since you'd wouldn't have to spent much to buy them from the shop - so I was taking the money then instead. There are of course guns that you'll never get enough of, like Fayeteville's for example - which you'll be always taking given the chance. Aside from that, with maxed economy you also can stockpile weapons without overspending yourself I feel. By which I mean that for example my goal is to have every infantry division with a 300-350 man strong skirmisher unit with Sharp rifles for reconnaissance (because it's plain stupid to send guys with telescopic rifles on recon to the forest and having them smacked in the face and decimated, not to mention those units are given different, "less recon'y" perks by me), which means that I need every rifle that appears in the shop each chapter as I might need it for reinforcements - if not in this chapter then in another, since already my sharp rifle users number 5 times that what appears in the shop per chapter. That is pretty interesting tactics. I perhaps should try it too, as my corp commanders do have the supply perk. I do however usually capture at least one supply wagon per battle, so it does kinda offsets?
  15. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Well perhaps there are also other factors to it. For instance im maxing politics and economy so actually buying or selling weapons can yield profits. For example i’ve uniformed my artillery onto 3inches, selling everything else for a profit (except 10pdr parrots that are playing the role of army corp artillery). Also i think that in general union gets more troops as rewards and reinforcements since in my CS legendary campaign my reserve pool rarely is bigger than 5k. And of course, needless to say that at Fredricksburg im fielding already two tristar brigades of my own training (plus iron brigade) and my I corps is pretty much made of crack troops. But my 2nd aint that far behind despite it being bigger (3 inf brigades standard per division). U could say im lacking in 3rd corps but its on a good way to become fully fledged one after Fredricksburg.