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  1. Whats the crow's nest for?

    and thats my point... it adds nothing to gameplay (the spinning that is)
  2. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    I tried them, and as an englishman in a foreign nation, I couldn't understand a damn word.. so i left
  3. Whats the crow's nest for?

    Now hang on, if we add these little markers on the sides of the screen, its not doing anything for you except relieving you of having to sit there and spin the view over and over, you still have to watch the screen for the marker to appear. I really do not think it adds anything to the game forcing the player to be constantly spinning the view.
  4. Whats the crow's nest for?

    Ohh even better sound instead of a screen marker! Like that idea
  5. Whats the crow's nest for?

    We give the orders by tapping keys, guess we could add voice commands to do the same.. i think someone once was working on something like that for NA
  6. Whats the crow's nest for?

    Why would captain be at the helm full time?
  7. Whats the crow's nest for?

    As the captain of a ship it is not his responsibility to be the first to spot other sails on the horizon. I'd like to suggest a spotter mechanic/marker be added. Now this could be affected by mods or books too, but i'd like to suggest ships have a 'lookout' that will automatically mark the edge of the screen in the direction of the sail. Now range could be boosted/shrunk with weather and mods, and books. I'd also suggest that the actual player have the slight edge even with max mods and upgrades. The screen markers should not indicate anything more than a contact, not that it is friend or foe etc. Leave them at the edge of the screen as to not mess up the beautiful view and as an option for players to disable. On a long voyage it gets tiresome spinning the view all the time, and that isn't the captain's job afterall.
  8. Title says it all Please include a ship model viewer.
  9. I have played conquest games that consisted of 3 nations, and I think it worked very well. Ok sometimes (always) the ginger-of-the-month would get beaten on by the other 2 teams but it worked well I thought. (Aces High)
  10. everything to be meh is in the greenzone sure i can make teak ships, or oak or fir, but i can't make LO or WO , I also can't trade in other nations goods to make some money in between. There are reasons to leave the safe zone.. perhaps it is diluted by the crazy mission rewards these days.
  11. Hah as for the drops the most frustrating part of the game now is looting sinking ships... its no longer about sinking them its about trying to plan it so u can be in a position to loot and the new wind in instances does its best to make that impossible for you. The one thing that makes me rage in game right now is the loot mini game fighting this new spinning wind. I expect to sink ships, it does nothing for me... I get satisfaction from looting them, which happens maybe 1 out of 3... hmm does that make sense? I think not... something is wrong.
  12. Its not lots of boredom... if having to do a 500k mission 8 times is hard... u need to try some korean grinding mmo's.... I think exp and cash come too easy now...
  13. I see it brought up often that the peeveeps want player traders to hunt... They exist... and they will be the most risk averse players you will find (at least when in a trader). They are out there, I just think the typical peeveep is NOT willing to put in the work/boredom to find them. Yes the reinf zones protect the traders working in the home zone, but you can't find everything in the safe zone. I spend 90%+ of my time outside safe zones in a trade ship, and rarely see another player except at each end. I have considered going for 3 ship fleets and adding a combat ship to the fleet but AI captains in player fleets are idiots.. likely not worth it.... mebbe a 3rd indiaman...