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  1. Remove the magic wallet... ok now consider this... you teleport to an outpost to put up a contract... oh wait... You tp to that freetown to meet up with a new player selling an upgrade.. oh wait... I think the impact of removing the magic wallet will need a lot more thought...
  2. SKurj

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    They already do... unless they are making their exceptional ships out of the trash woods...
  3. SKurj

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Distribution is all wrong, it doesn't take into account nation population. For example jamaica should have alot more dots... while some capital zones should have fewer.
  4. Just from the title I thought that meant here comes the cash shop!!! Glad it isn't. It sounds like people want to lose the magic wallet, but they won't give up the upgrade chest? wtf?
  5. hmm... Chain.. just 2 per gun? almost seems pointless now, but I suppose as stated its alot more damage, the outnumbered player 'should' be in even more trouble now. Missions cancellations, reduced AI support strength (and still forcing the player to press the button) sounds like a negative impact on the new player experience to me.
  6. SKurj

    Reinforcements update

    Instead of making this something a player has to summon, make them automatically spawn, that way you assist the new players without a clue. Experienced players will already be clicking the button anyways, the button does nothing to help new players who likely aren't aware it even exists and it is NOT the job of the player base to inform them before they lose their ship and slam the door on their way out...
  7. SKurj

    Incentives to leave greenzones

    No it would make free towns the camped spots
  8. SKurj

    thickness / penetration details

    I am sure I have seen posts stating different woods have different 'thickness degradation' as the armor is reduced. I believe someone possibly admin, made the point that depending on the wood type would determine when you needed to worry about repairs, with some wood allowing you to hold off much longer as the thickness would not have fallen off as much at the same relative armor hp. Could be wrong... but I am sure I have seen something mentioned (or I misunderstood) since xmas.
  9. SKurj

    Mysterious Ethan Doe

    No you cannot use EU trader for parts, other players sure, thats the same as alts.
  10. SKurj

    Mysterious Ethan Doe

    closer to 4k hrs per 1st rate, because you cannot get around making the parts as well
  11. SKurj

    RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    If you get tagged in the patrol zone, even in your tlynx, you cannot escape the battle (mechanics do not permit it). Granted a tlynx likely won't be caught by the big gank fleets as not much else catches a tlynx apart from a lynx. These trade missions wouldn't just be tlynxes, that would be silly though perhaps at the lowest level.
  12. SKurj

    RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    Why would any trader sail into pvp zone when their only chance is to run from the fight which is not possible currently.. The silly circle has to go.. at least for trade ships
  13. SKurj

    bottles from global

    You can get bottles close to land, and in safezone too. I got one right outside the port of montego bay. But over the last week or so drop rate seems to be much lower. Considering I have an account trading 6-8hrs a day, I have not had a bottle in more than 5 days....
  14. Just a thought in regards to outposts. Give everyone outposts at the freetowns, but very limited dock space and warehouse space. Lets say enough space for 3 ships and 3 warehouse slots enough for repairs. And then charge for upgrading that space, independent of the national outposts already owned by the player. Could possibly add a docking fee in freetowns mebbe..? Just thinking out loud...
  15. SKurj

    NPC generated tax/income

    I didn't say I didn't like the idea... I am just playing devil's advocate here, too often things have been put into this game that have not been thoroughly looked at..