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  1. Mr Pellew

    Port Eco

    The argument about paying the workers is ok I guess if you want to go for realism which in my opinion isn't the most important thing especialy because allother aspects of the game are made so the gameplay is fun and not a simulation. Easy fix for traders arriving and noticing goods are not needed anymore is change them at a fix time (for example materials dropped change on maintenance) so that should be no problem at all. There are only four major consumer ports outside the safezone (Santo Domingo, Puerto de Espana, Nassau and Cartagena) the rest of the ports are small consumer ports consuming Caribean Goods. Yes you can do trading away form reinforcement zones but ports like Belize, Vera Cruz are all ports no clan benefits from. The goal of an eco change in any way should be making EVERY port on the map worth having and loosing them should be a loss. This is in my opinion the single best way to get people together and fight for ports insted of dropping them or not showing up becuase the ports are not worth anything.
  2. Mr Pellew

    Port Eco

    With the Eco patch coming up pretty soon I though this would be a good time to throw this out there. I have a few pretty easy to implement ideas to make the eco/trading system a bit more dynamic and owning ports a lot more usefull. First of all if you craft ressources (extract them from buildings) the money vanishes. In my opinion the money should go directly to the clan owning the port. This would result in many ports used for ressource extraction increasing in value which in turn brings some more incentive to go and fight for those ports. Also there is a system at the moment where random ports drop materials for a few days or maybe a day and than it changes. Never took the time to check exactly how it works but for example Musekts drop in certain ports for a while than drop in others a few days later. This very same system could be used for every port where it consumes one or more random good which does not drop in the port for a few days. After a few days the goods consumed by every (besides the big consumer ports) change. Goals of this random consumtion: Every port on the map is a viable trading port and has the possibility to make money for the clan owning it. Dynamic trading routs: The trader who notices first that a certain port consumes a valuable good a port closeby drops cn make a lot of money quickly. On top of that Roundtrips between two or more ports become a viable option making it more interesting to do traderuns. This leads to the next point: More trading outside safezones: At the moment everyone who does traderuns does them from a port outside the safezone to a safezone/capital port. This encourages safezone camping even more especially with the removal of the open world tow next patch as traders will be going in and out of safezones very often. With a dynamic system trading outside safezones becomes a lot more interesting as it offers profits as well. More OW activity: With people trading outside safezones the chance of finding people to fight or gank outside the safezone increases. If you have no interest in trading but find out there is an amazing traderout somewhere you can go there and are more likely to find people arround there. This drags people away from safezones and sealclubing. I doupt this will impact safezone camping a lot but at least it's a start. I would love to hear some opinins on this. In my opinion it would increase the value of every port on the map and make especially ports which drop high value tradegoods you can't sell anywhere close at the moment a lot more interesting for many clans. This would fit in pretty well with an eco patch while also providing a little more incentive to RvR for ports other than just pure fun.
  3. Mr Pellew

    2 banished people are 1 too many!

    it's rediii If you type it correctly:
  4. Mr Pellew

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Miss you? What for? so we can sink and you can run away? @HachiRoku
  5. Mr Pellew

    Clan Diplomats

    I guess this is a pretty simple Suggestion: All I suggest is more than 3 Clandiplomats per clan. Why? Sometimes you need more in case some are not arround. Many especially smal(ish) clans have most people promoted to officier so they can access Clan Warehouse. In my opinion there is no drawbacks to making the ammount of Diplomat slots unlimited (or increased) as well. If I missed an obvious reason to increase the cap please point it out. If there are none in my opinion it would be an easy fix and allow for a bit more lazieness without switching Diplo Tag just in case someone is gone for a few days.
  6. Okay in general I am not very convinced by the new UI. I liked the old system with tabs better but I have some ideas on how I would improve on the current UI: 1. New popup windows have to pop up in front of already open ones 2. Make every popupwindow scalable. 3. Increase icon size for every icon in the port view bigger and show the hoverover explanation next to it at all times without having to hover the mouse over it. Makes it a lot easier to see which button does what. First impressions after only about 30 min in port.
  7. Mr Pellew

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Spanish joined our Hostility mission on Cayo del Sal a neurtal port. Was a great full duration fight.
  8. Mr Pellew

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    I feel like I would be chat banned 24/7 but I compleatly trust in HachiRoku to take the decisions best for the community. I's a yes from me.
  9. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    That would mean I could choose who can fill my contract. I think if it were to be put in the game you have to give the player the option to be very specific about what they want. Maybe make it cost a little more to put up a specific contract but I for one would never ever put up a contract for an endy if I was not the one deciding the build.
  10. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    That would be an expliotable system in my opinion. It has to be specific. If I place a contract for a "5th rate hunting ship" somone could sell me a fir/for Rennome and in theory he would fill the contract but it's pretty much a useless ship. And if we are honest there will be a lot of people selling shitty ships for a lot of money if they get the chance to and that doesn't help a new player at all.
  11. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    I think the difference would be everyone can fill the contract you placed and it works for ships. For example I really need a new Trinc in LT. I place a contract to buy a Teak/WO Trinc in LT for 1 Mil. Now if someone comes along and he has a Teak/WO he could sell it directly to me. Basically the same as buy contracts for other things.
  12. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    You can but tbh it sounds like an interesting idea to me. Question is how well it would work becuase most contracts would be dirt cheap for ships and probably never fill. But it might be worth a try.
  13. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    So I could place a contract in a port like I can now for ressources for ships where I choose the build and how much I am willing to pay for such a ship?
  14. Mr Pellew

    New player experience

    It's not only you Please give us a concrete explanation of how you would like it to look and what it should accomplish in your opinion. Not one sentence an explanation for dummies please
  15. stream was on the 22nd of May if I remeber correctly.