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    Incentivising players to leave the reinforcement zone

    I very much like your idea of the escort missions and would love to see them in game in one way or another. I also agree with the AI spawning which seems kinda strange atm. Going to at least the edges of your terretory to kill ai seems like a mecanic that would make even the RvR system more interesting becuase people would start killing AI in border ports increasing activity there which in theory with the current hostility system would mean people are kinda ready to defend their ports whensomeone starts hostility or even make it possible for someone to at least partially flip the port by trying to kill players there. The thing I feel like has to be implemented if it ever came to no ai close to capital ports is a way to run 100% safe mission with a low reward out of capital/safezone ports. That allows casual players who just have time for half an hour toshoot some ai than log off again without getting into PvP which might take longer and get them killed. The higher rewards in OW fleets will eventually get them to go and attack OW ai making themselfs targets but it keeps the game playable for many with very little time to play and let's be honest scaring away nnew players isn't exactly good for a game with a very low playerbase.
  2. Mr Pellew

    Incentivising players to leave the reinforcement zone

    I think punishing players to be in the safezone is a bad idea. Reward them for dealing outside the safezone. I would like it if there were more consuming ports and safezone ports consumed less/nothing to reward leaving safezones. I think giving clans more influence on port tax is a good idea even tho I feel like it should be capped at about 25%. What I would love to see is more ways to motivate and reward players to leave safezones instead of punishing them for using them. Examples would be bonuses on outside safezone crafted ships or higher probability of getting trims or extra slots. Another Idea I already mentioned is more consumer ports outside safezones and remove the consumer ports in the safezone. This would motivate people to trade more with outside safezone ports and incresae income of many ports. It would also allow you to enable to do two way trade routs which would make trading at least a bit more interesting
  3. I was at Atwood and we attacked a pirate Trader close to the Fort. I chsed the player running for the suqare fort and he got himself stuck on land. I sailed so he was between me and the square fort and got myself stuck on the shallows next to him. I Started pulling him and all of a sudden my ship started sliding forward over the shallows so the square fort killed me in boarding. I F11 reported the Bug as well. Lost my Endymion with Copper and Navy Hull.
  4. Mr Pellew

    England Declares War on Poland!

    As @Batman said: It was not only you. Other Poles attacked british traders as well and even helped the French out when we jumped them in a hostility mission. Our Nation hated the people who talked to the poles the first time we flipped it and got to an agreement with them. If you get complaints about a small group of players all the time and people start getting upset would you just keep going and slowly loose players of a allready small RvR group because they don't agree with an agreement anymore after incidents with the other side?
  5. Mr Pellew

    England Declares War on Poland!

  6. Is there any way to find out how high the mast HP is now? I can't find anything in the game.
  7. Mr Pellew

    New "Special" Trims

    Yes I can use all 5 Perm slots Crafted. As I said done nothing special to craft it. Same as every ship
  8. Mr Pellew

    New "Special" Trims

    5 Slot Buc done nothing special to get it.
  9. Mr Pellew

    New "Special" Trims

    Heavy Rig +10% mast Thickness Sorry if late. Needed to be approved.
  10. Mr Pellew

    Ship Collision relocates colliding ships

    Ships started jumping for a second or two than were in a different location than before.
  11. I was tacking trough the wind to not expose my bad side to and ingermanland. The front of my ship barely touched him and both our ships got relocated so he was on my bad side and I was stuck in the wind. It seemed kind of like what happens to ai when they get trapped on land sometimes. I have f11 reported it in game but sadly there is no video evidence of the bug. I'm not sure how to recreate what happened either so this might not be ofmuch help to you. All I can say is that something with how the engine reacted when the hitboxes collided was wrong.