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  1. Thickness

    And yet, November 10.
  2. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Been the case for ages, no idea why they never wanted to address it. When 'tow to regional capital' was changed to prevent its RvR abuse, it was still left as an issue when PBs weren't for regional capitals anymore. And yeah, the trader cargo teleport is ridiculous, there's virtually zero risk involved when you can teleport straight to your destination. It was fine when it didn't allow for teleporting without cargo (having to drop your repairs as a 'cost' for becoming unstuck is really not an issue), but for whichever reason that was removed. Could be seen from a mile away. Has anyone on here ever actually gotten stuck to the point of having to use it for its intended purpose?
  3. Is there a road map for this year?

    Do you mean content post-release? Because by the sound of most statements thus far most time-consuming tasks are getting cut in order to get the basics in (tutorials, localization) to be able to ship it.
  4. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    Sounds like France struggles with it too. The timer conquest system only "works" in the way it denies cross-timezone conquest as much as possible. Fiddle with that at your own peril.
  5. Indeed, you'd win, after all you guys have lots experience when it comes to doing such things. And yet not a thread to be seen to try to fix it - instead it's all "oh we're allowed to because we chose a hardcore nation' and 'I have so little integrity that even though I wish it wasn't like this I'm going to do it anyways'.
  6. At least some people prefer improving mechanics instead of milking them for all they can.
  7. Abusing RvR System

    Still not an issue?
  8. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Disappointing, here I thought our "non-toxic" community would actually follow through on their claim of using alts to set up fake PBs for victory marks.
  9. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    First of all, not for all of the game, but for the EU server. While global was filled to the brim with dodgy tactics (which made for hilarious reading material), the EU server was not, and if you think it was, feel free to point out the last instance of any serious RvR exploits taking place. Secondly, of course people are always salty about something, but there's good salt (people complaining about in-game politics, how badly they did in a fight e.t.c.) and then there's bad salt (people complaining because there are bad game mechanics, exploits and toxic behaviour).
  10. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    Yep, it's all just a huuuge coincidence that there was a very long run of straight-up battles with hardly any bullcrap taking place at all, and then as soon as the merge happens all hell breaks loose and we're back to the same old shite. What happened to MARKS anyways? Couldn't be bothered?
  11. Battles should not close

    Sailing on the sea, you see a fight, you get there when it's already over. It is the same in game.
  12. On topic though, since "friendly" tagging is allowed, at what taken player slot count is it considered 'slot blocking' at all? Anyone who joins blocks a slot, so...1? 10? 20? In the case at hand, 11 'hostile' vs 14 'friendly' attackers got in. - If the intent is tagging and delaying, 11 is a pretty fine amount of ships to cripple a 20-ship PB fleet, which advocates a high threshold (at which point you have to wonder if using ships to block slots is actually any better than just using them to screen anyways). - If the intent is to enable an even screening fight, you're at a considerable disadvantage over any slot at all that gets filled, which advocates a very low threshold (and consequently makes many 'friendly' tags illegal). Seems dubious. In-fight blocking though is done on a case-by-case basis to judge intent and deserves punishment.
  13. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    "We just want good fights", eh? ^^