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  1. Yeah,.. sad to see this turning into a naval action legend + empty ocean.:P. People won't waste time there anymore, they will log on and if want to fight will use duel room. And I think it will be bad. Maybe the final nail to the coffin in regards to hunting. RvR and duels for pvp.
  2. Duel Rooms good and bad. Good for action,.. but will also be less action in the open sea.
  3. Po Tsai

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    Take a break, come back in a year and see if you find the game more to your liking then.
  4. Po Tsai

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    What was the purpose of this post again?.
  5. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Thanks for clearing things up, i was getting confused.
  6. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Sorry didn't know that, to be honest didn't even think you actually enter enemy side combat missions, thought their ships just "vanished" from the open sea not leaving after any crossed swords. And if no reinf available then I do agree should not be able to engage enemies in a combat mission. However to avoid abuse of this, i would advise that you can't enter a combat mission if you have been engaged in any pvp within last 30 mins or so, and you shouldn't be able to engage in pvp for 30 min after you have exited combat mission.
  7. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    And btw, it's not like we're having a steady flow of new players in this game. At least not according to playerbase numbers. So, i'm pretty sure all those baby seals you are referring too, aren't really baby seals anymore, or shouldn't be.
  8. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    My farming area would be MT or KPR if i was even remotely interested in farming seals. In case you didn't notice that's where the "farming" happen. It does happen that I go KPR aswell, usually don't stay long, i tend to get bored in the same area. Now I been around dutch water when I decide to hunt, and from there go to france now and then for change of scenery. I hit all ships.. noobs, vets, cutters, buccentaurs. I just don't like fightin 10 of em. But it's okay, you can try all you want to make me look like a baby seal farmer..:). But know that there is no ship nor captain that I wouldn't attack. Win is different story, but attack yes.
  9. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Yes you are right, reinforcement zone's aren't safe but they are pretty protected there, not by AI but by the join timer that allows your allies to join no matter how long the battle lasted. Alot of times you only have to "buy time" in battle and it will be fine. At least from my own experience, i hit someone in reinforcement zone I need to plan the attack, keeping in mind that any second more players can join. So i can't allow my sails to be damaged too bad and not having repair sails ready for quick escape. 8/10 no matter which capital i am hunting at i end up running from 5-12 player ships. I would call that pretty protected.
  10. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Stop keep limiting pvp please, the game already offers all the tools to be almost completely safe from getting attacked. We have reinforcement zone, capital area zones. We also have option to "operate" from areas where almost never are any players. Just sail to a port where very little player activity and do missions from there. That's the first thing I did when I was new and was ranking up doing combat missions, I left capital and made an outpost on a remote location away from the "heat". I wasn't bothered much after that.
  11. Po Tsai

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Cannon balls flying passed their target or landing in the water don't contribute to doing damage.
  12. Po Tsai

    Stern Camping DLC Ships

    Wouldn't mind. People wouldn't so careless with them, and if too afraid to loose then we would see less of them. So win in any case.
  13. Po Tsai

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Someone mentioned an oak oak frigate, not even going to bother exlaining the obvious about hunting alone at capital areas with such a ship. Successful raiders using fast endys. Yes, that works if you are in group. If you are hunting alone and you go to capital area with fast endys (meaning like fir/fir i take it), you can escape some ships, yes. And you can take down some traders, yes. What are you going to do solo in a fir/fir endy against another frigate that is not fir/fir?. You are going to get sunk, that's what's going to happen. (Now i am taking into account about the same skill lvl just for fairness, anyone can take down any ship if one captain is bad and the other is good). Fast frigates like Endy, Renomee etc.. being fir/fir are good for chasing. So in a group they are very good. But again, as solo hunter it limits what you are able to take down. That is what hercules and le requin are good for, they may still need adjustment not arguing with that. But they are also about the only ships that a solo hunter can actually do some pvp'ing in without getting insta-ganked. (We do have snow, which in right hands can take down large preys, but that's it). Belle Poule then,.. yes a good ship for solo hunting. Except without front guns that ship ain't really that good at hunting now is it?. I would gladly use belle if had front guns. Trincomalee, also a good ship that can be used for solo hunting, but.. no aft guns?, not really good for retreating. You would have turn your ship to fire and if chased by several that is not a good option. Remove reinforcement zone and i can assure you i will never set foot on a dlc ship again. Let the ones who want to do some fighting on their own have some ship to choose from. Oh we also have the pfrigate, don't know much about that one to be honest, but last pfrig i saw was close to Willemstad. He got ganked and sunk 5 minutes later.
  14. Po Tsai

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Ah ok.
  15. Po Tsai

    Le Req is changing the game!

    It's what I thought, you can't.