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  1. Yes limit repairs, right now you can take enough repairs in cargo without being bothered too much about speed and able to repair hull and rig at least 3-4 times in a battle. (Even more but then speed starts to suffer).
  2. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Wow we agree on something.
  3. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    How it is surprising?, surprising that you are not ganked when you go out all by yourself in a slow ship. Or maybe you are ganked and just so good you sink them all single-handedly, or you just lucky and meet another tanked out ship and have a good 1 v 1... Or maybe you just manage to dodge gank squads with your variable tactic.
  4. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    You got to me after the surprises worked down my sails, what's your point?. My fault I got ganked?, okay but did I ever complain about it?. And you go out in super tanky slow ship hunting on your own?. You know sitting outside a port and hunting are two different things.
  5. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Reward them?. Yes, give them 100 pvp marks and 10 mill. I think that's what I am on about here...
  6. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Not for 10 hours.
  7. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Yes sometimes I use fir-fir garbage, when I sail alone. You should try sailing alone in tanked out ships see how far you will get. You changed ship to one good for chasing cowards?, you're not even the one who caught me. I said good luck, and luck was with you as i went into shallows. Had nothing to do with you. I know you consider yourself the ultimate badass of naval action, and maybe you are. But you are also a very salty badass.
  8. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Ganking/griefing.. same shit. Part of game. Get over it.
  9. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Kind of hard to actually set a rule for that though. Where do you draw the line between kiting to waste time and kiting as a strategic part of the battle?.
  10. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Always two sides of a story it seems, if you are the one who was hunting Pina Colada and he tagged you it's different story. I was under the impression he was hunting and attacking you...
  11. Liang Dao Ming

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Well shitty way to pvp but not sure against the rules.:P
  12. Liang Dao Ming

    OW desync

    What do you mean how could they not be sure?, suddenly loose track of enemy ship thus have no idea of their position until the cannons actually start flying?. Sorry just not understand that part. I mean i understand distance calc and speed could be not so precis, but as long as remain visual contact it can't really come to a surprise the positions when ships actually start the combat. But yer right nobody wants half ow speed that would be terrible.:P.
  13. Liang Dao Ming

    Incentives to leave greenzones

    Plenty of OW activity? That's like going to the middle of the sahara stating that there is plenty of water around if you bother to look. There just isn't.
  14. I do not think Napoleon controlled the seas, GB did.:).
  15. Liang Dao Ming

    The LGV Refit -Tried it out and...

    Oh and btw, Banished is right, The deacceleration is like a friggin 1st rate. If opponent starts slowing down i'm gonna be 10 miles ahead of him before I managed to break. The ship definately needs looking into at some point.:).