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  1. I think you misunderstand me, or I didn't make myself clear what I mean by t-boning is my ship is the one "blocking" opponents ship's front like a T. I didn't mean that my ship is the one crashing into the side of the opponent.:) The problem you mention is exactly what I mean (except for the stationary part)
  2. I completely agree with you. And, I was not asking for ships to stop or sink at any collision. I was specifically questioning 7+ knots speed for an eternity when you are t-boned by a ship of similar size. The amount of realism I was looking for nothing too extreme in my opinion. And also, unless you take down my sail/masts to a degree that my ship is half-crippled you will not be boarding me, unless i want you to. Boarding is not as easy as you think.
  3. P.S I'm not looking for tips on alternate ways to board, just highlightening a broken mechanic.
  4. Forever sliding.. sounds about right.:P Guess I could push him into the wind instead of completely T-Bone but then a good captain will just hit reverse. And I also "wrote it off" the first time, til i noticed it was a poor game mechanic and not just a "glitch". Guess I need to shoot down the masts like we're supposed to in this meta, then board.
  5. Lately I been messing around with boarding, and I've noticed that sometimes it's really hard to slow opponent ship down (unless completely demasted of course). Example, I'm in a Trincomalee vs an Indefitable. Indef sails maybe around 85% so not soo damaged, however.. I succesfully and completely T-bone his ship. And i keep him t-boned for like 2 minutes and he just ain't stopping, still going 7+ knots. Now without being a sailing expert by any means, I am pretty sure no ship will maintain 7+ knots when getting t-boned by another ship that is equal size. It's like he was t-boned by a raft.. and not a Trincomalee. I'm actually very suprised to see this in Naval Action, looks like a failed mechanic that you would see first months of development not after 2 years. Unless of course, in reality a ship can do that, hit another ship and still keep going like a freight train, just seems unrealistic to me.
  6. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    That sounds awsome Vile, i'm leaving today but I'll be back on thursday. Looking forward to it!.
  7. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    Thanks HachiRoku (and you others) for all replies in this topic, appretiate you taking yer time posting vids and coming with tips. Yeah I will definately want to 1v1 some of you guys in the future. When I feel ready for a beating I'll let ya all know.:). Watching the vids is great, you make it look so easy but then in reality when yer in the actual fight sometimes I wonder wtf I'm doing. Maybe I should be recording myself and compare but not sure I might be demoralized to the point where my legs start shaking and heart start pounding at the mere sight of enemy ship!. But we'll see what I will have time for, I love to hunt so much, but arranged 1 v 1's for learning purporse once in awhile definately. Just let me finish saving up my marks that i need for the damn pvp carpenter mod.:P
  8. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    And the truth shall set you free.
  9. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    Nice fights always welcome elite players or not.:)
  10. Looking for hunters

    The guy who doesn't like solo hunting calling me a running sheep, lol. So you form cross nation hunting group because most of the time you are facing 18 vs 4?. Somehow I find this very hard to believe, maybe start doing some real hunting. Don't need to solo if you are scared of going out alone, bring 2-3 people normally enough to take down anyone im sure and also pretty sure swedish nation can field that consider amount of players they got.
  11. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    Yes you are right in a sense, but also i would rather watch 1 vid of 1,5 hours of 2 good players fight then 10 short vids of good player vs bad player. I need to learn how to be good vs good, not good vs shit.:P And soon work will start, ... hard blow to my pvp practice..:P
  12. Looking for hunters

    Soon anyone out there is gonna be in a group wether same nation or not. And people wonder why fir/fir and speed mods...
  13. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    Thanks guys, this what I was looking for:)
  14. I been watching alot of vids on youtube and such of some of our greatest pvp'ers in action. First off, kudos for uploading them they are great fun to watch and also great for learning. Keep it up!.:) I can't stop wondering though how come I never see top vs top?. Is it because you never encounter eachother or do you fight it off on legends or?. Because I run into them all the time they not really hard to find, even tho I tend to avoid them 1 on 1, but surely now and then there must be clashes between the pro's too?. Only time I see more then one "pro" at the time they are grouped up or hunting together even if they are different nation. Where are those vids??.:), I'm kind of sated watching pro's with superior upgrades battling average ones. Or do you use legends for those fights?. P.s I might also just have missed those vids..
  15. Anti ganking solution 😉

    The only thing I can agree with is to make trading more interesting and rewarding maybe for those who enjoy it. But do not restrict the game further pvp wise. Fair fights, unfair fights.. it's all part of the game as it should, of course I don't like to get hit by 10 enemies and sunk. I get pissed, so what?. nothing wrong with that. Safe zones are already out there, but if you keep restricting the game it will become dull and i think alot of people will loose interest. Freedom is nice, restrictions are bad. My thought anyway.