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    Video request

    ^Super old battle btw KoC
  2. Sinking ship will have less cargo damaged by salt water intake does this mean that ive lost all the best loot by sinking then looting as opposed to just boarding and looting? and is that no longer the case
  3. Kjartan

    Caribbean Invasion News

    it probably because the only nation the US is currently not fighting is spain everyone else uses as a pvp mark farm by taking turn seal clubbing, (Fr,GB,Pr) if the danes and other nations were closer probably be the same result...
  4. Decreseased ammo + OW &in battle trading = Ammo bargs a logistics vessel for the fleet
  5. Kjartan

    RvR Suggestions

    How bout a Hostility can only be entered by the attacking and defending nations. to day at 1700-2000 server time ASP of US ran up Ayamonte to 94 percent with the french jumping into every hostility dogging us fopr three hours but not a single Brit showd to defend they're port. Why have nations if this is the case should be clan based game entirely at this rate
  6. Kjartan


    you got a problem? also none of what Texas is saying transpired no one was left off our friends list and no we weren't chuffed at the prospect of neutral flip
  7. Kjartan

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    no if you read the chat thats what KoC is talkin bout...
  8. 12/22/ Dearest Abigail, the Church bells have been ringing from Charleston to Martha's Vineyard our Nation rejoices in the Successful blockade of St. Mary's. Expelling the British from or hallowed shores has not been an easy task, 12 ships sailed into to do battle but i fear only 11 have been accounted for, in the wreckage three British ships, and wouldn't you know it that British officer who cuased me much grief only days prior was seen breaking the blockade, I sight I shant forget. as allways I hope this letter finds you well, Kjartan Uppskaran
  9. Dearest Abigail, Its only been three days since departing from Boston, and I hope this letter finds you well, we've landed in Charleston! the National assembly has been called and the congressional Districts have raised a levie, all is not well with our beloved nation i digress, the Southern states (EU/US) have been involved in an ongoing confrontation with the British crown and the Northern States(US/Global) have attended this Assembly an d have ratified our southern neighbors calls for War. This decision was not made lightly as within the first few days of making birth many sailors came back to port with tales of absurdities I myself narrowly escaped death had the British officer who so skillfully closed and captured my flagship on a simple bearings mission not shown me leniency befitting my rank i would be. Have no fear this great nation will endure even now we make prepartions to free St.Mary's from Tyranny, I pray this letter reachs you yours, Kjartan Uppskaran