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  1. My Christmas-wishlist for Naval Action

    This is nice and all but because of recent updates, Wasa is best ship for missions and little pvp. Nerfing it will kill it and make more people angry than ever. Also after update only way to get wasa was to use pvp marks. This game already hates "Carebears" in pvp server. No need to push them more. Also what i would add is that there should be longer waiting time for players to join the battle. People use too much tactics to hide their ships into battles before screening and so on. Then buff Agamemnon. At the moment its useless. Only thing i can see it for is disposable ship for screening. Even then her cannons are way too small.
  2. Do we still need a wipe?

    This game is far from finished as you said and the bigger updates are just ahead of us. After they have updated engine to 5 it will open new windows and give more space for new content and features.
  3. Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    Red flag: This was most feared flag since it meant, that the ship sailing under this flag will not show any mercy and will kill all men on the enemy ship(s).
  4. An Alternative to Ship Knowledge

    This idea seems nice but will cause some lagging since every ship can be something unique and server needs to load those complicated ship settings every time you enter into instance like open world and battles. I would like to see this preview in game and the slider system tested.
  5. Some more upgrades available for all ships, all class

    I would want to see these updates in action and test them. Seems really interesting.
  6. Crafting!? Why?

  7. Recent updates

    To readers: Please feel free to comment and add suggestions and fixes that you guys think that this game needs. Remember to use polite language to keep possible admins positive interest in this post. Also please keep your suggestions neutral. Updates wont favor any nations. I will try to ansver to any comments and questions you guys post.
  8. Recent updates

    Thank you for this reply. And I agree that some may want this but they can also choose to stay in ports that are in risk area. I just think that every nation should have capital so that everyone has some kind of resting place and where they dont need to be afraid of getting attacked. These areas may not be needed to players who do purely pvp but those who do ship building and misiions do need it.
  9. Recent updates

    Hello dear developers! During recent updates me and many other players have noticed that most of your updates have been affecting game community negativelly. For example, now it is hard to get Victory marks and for some nations it's next to impossible. I think Victory marks should be able to be made some other way too than just being top nation on the map. Also nations that dont have capital should be given capital since now them not having capital pushes them to the edge and forces them to dangerous waters while others can sail safely in their capital area. Next thing is about content. I have been playing this game for long time and ever since I started this game its content has stayed the same. No new areas and no new kind of missions nor game systems. This up coming change will be one of the biggest things that I have seen as a change. But other than that its been pretty small changes overall. Also the rewarding for playing long. I know that many of my friends have hit already the 1000 hour mark and are still playing. But what do they get for being loyal gamers? Nothing really. And because of this I suggest that you guys add achievements or daily reward system to revard players who really give their time and effort to this game. Problems: 1-Difficulty of getting victory mark is way too high. 2-Other nations have been set into difficult position. 3-There is way too few players to have whole community. 4-Not much new content. 5-Old players wont get rewarded for staying and playing thousands of hours. Fixes: 1-Give the system back that Combat marks could be exchanged to Victory marks. If your reason for this update was to make 1st rate ships more rare then use some other methods to do so but not this way. You need to give a chance for small nations to build 1st rates too. 2-Give every new nation some kind of capital. This would call some kind of reset that may anger players but it will also give some nations fresh and much needed start. For example now russians on Caribbean server have around 10 ports when Brits and Spanish people have close to 20-40 ports. 3-To get more players you should advertise the game more. Also you should listen players opinions and have votes on new updates. Game called Runescape Old School does this and they have poll about all updates and let players vote what ideas should go through. This way you make game that players who pay for it like and not just game that they have to play. 4-As I noted above you should let players have more power over what updates will come. Players of this game have really good imagination and im sure you guys can get good suggestions on what kind of new content this game needs. So let them suggest and vote over updates they want. 5-As I said in intro this game really doesnt reward old players for playing long time and for being loyal. Therefore I suggest that you guys create somekind of system that rewards players who have played 1hour, 20 hours, 100hours 250 hours...and so on and so on. This way you keep old players in and keep them happy. Like for example 1000 hour mark could be exlusive paint for selected ship type. Rewards should not give advantage over other pleyers. Thank for your patience and for reading my mail. From your dear player. Ghost