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  1. The Last Templar

    [OW CONTEST] The Great Manhunt! [WTF]

    Temp got wasa kill on second EDIT: Temp also didnt say the great manhunt xD so it is now irrelevant, but he will leave these here anyway
  2. The Last Templar

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

  3. The Last Templar

    Balancing Hercules and Le Requin with other Free ships

    Other players are welcome to bring their hercs and sink our fleet. I encourage it, in fact.
  4. The Last Templar

    Balancing Hercules and Le Requin with other Free ships

    RIP me. Defends admin about pay to win, goes to read new patch notes and sees "pay to win" in Hercules and Xebec notes... No words @Intrepido , you were right about that, it will indeed become a pay to win scenario. My apologies 😕
  5. The Last Templar

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    I'm on board with this 100%. Put our money where our mouth is.
  6. The Last Templar

    Balancing Hercules and Le Requin with other Free ships

    Show me the quote by admin saying that "in the future you will have to pay real money to receive a hercules note" and I will rest my case. Until then, you assumptions and petty insults merely show a resound lack of maturity, the likes of which I'm done placating. Forums are used for constructive debates and I will waste no more time having an extremity contest measuring to stroke an ego. Good Day
  7. The Last Templar

    Balancing Hercules and Le Requin with other Free ships

    Because I choose to save my money IN-GAME, stock up marks IN-GAME, and use those earnings to purchase notes instead of pvp rewards, new ships, new books, and upgrades?You have missed the point entirely good sir, this has nothing to do with pay to win, you simply picked one part of the statement to use to suit your point. I would never spend REAL money on "elite content" in a game, and refuse to play games that implement that facet. In-game earnings, gained through TIME and DEDICATION, are not the same as a "pay to win mentality."
  8. The Last Templar

    Balancing Hercules and Le Requin with other Free ships

    As someone who sails a herc in the OW on a semi-regular basis I can say that I don't believe that the Hercules needs a nerf at all. A single heavy rattler, captained by someone with enough competence to take the wind early can fill her with enough leaks to make it go blub. I have lost 2 Hercules already, 1 from the evil circle mechanic (chased a ship outside circle, boarded it, and couldn't finish it off before timer expired), and the other to a good ol' fashioned 8v2. The Hercules is entirely over hyped, the time it takes to fire a full broadside is ridiculous compared to a heavy rattler or a Niagara, most ships are past you by the time your rear quarter opens up. All it takes is coordination to take one down, I have been in a few close fights already with sometimes even numbers. As for a 1v1, no other non-premium shallow ship is supposed to stand a chance anyway, hence why it is a "premium ship" and very, very hard/expensive to get. I have fought with and against the Hercules more then the average person, seeing as though I do most of my PvP in the shallows, and I can tell you it is not as formidable as most people make it out to be. A adept group of sailors who utilize focus fire and side angling can take one down with relative ease. The only thing I would change is the BR, I agree wholeheartedly that it should be increased to 100. Cheers
  9. The Last Templar

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Its great to read the different views on the perk itself, but the truth is it's very demoralizing to work so hard on outmaneuvering a ship (in most cases, much bigger) open its stern, perform accurate stern rakes with grape and cut swaths in the crew, deplenish the crew hit boxes (or as far as your 6lb guns could) sail well enough to put yourself in a position to board, just to see those cursed yellow letters. My most recent experience was being tagged by a bucentaure when I was in a snow, within the first half hour I had it's crew down to 230, to my 160. After noticing grape was no longer effective along the stern I did what I could to inflict physical damage on the ship, however being a realist I surmised that broadside to broadside a snow is no match for this 2nd rate, even though it de-crewed. After another half hour of close quarters raking with both grape and ball the crew was down to around 190. With 20 minutes left in the battle I was ready for my patience and hard work to pay off, and while the bucentaure was in irons I laid my ship along the stern with 100 boarding prep. What happens next is predictable. I saw the prompt and proceeded to smash my head into the desk. An hour long engagement, almost entirely one sided, ended by a passive perk that is entirely overpowered. The most reasonable solution I can think of is to make the perk morale based. I find it hard to believe that a ship that lost over 80 percent of it's crew and was for lack of a better word, handled in combat, could still have the "determination" to ward off all boarding attempts made, especially those from the stern where the glass windows would theoretically be smashed by the consecutive rakes. I don't hate the concept to prevent rage boarding, and making the perk morale based can not only prevent instaboarding in battles, but also reward players that put so much effort into de-crewing and out-sailing larger ships. Thank you for reading, Cheers
  10. The Last Templar

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    @Bloody Hound, @Otto Kohl Don't mean to rain on anyones parade, but Dark Arisen got him yesterday, he just doesn't use the forums. I will post screen here so Dark can claim bounty in game if that is appropriate.
  11. The Last Templar

    Stacking of hostility missions

    Mate, I can promise you, That was not planned... One of the battle groups was under the impression that the other would stay outside and try to screen the french... Miscommunication and on top of that, coincidence. However I do agree that this mechanic needs a little tweaking. Hostility missions shouldn't be able to stack at all, and intentionally stacking them is no doubt a dishonorable exploit. That wasn't the case tonight though, I can promise you that.
  12. The Last Templar

    [SNOW] - Let's make it snow together (PvP/PB GB Clan)

    *swirls wine glass*
  13. The Last Templar

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Claiming for the capture and scuttling of the t brig owned by Clown Baby. I trust this is to your liking, @Trashumi Fujiwara? P.S. He surrendered as soon as I got him into boarding
  14. The Last Templar

    Alt Farming at Shroud Cay

    o7 all, This is my first post on the forum, simply because I prefer to read content rather than create it. However, when I discovered this alt farmer I decided I might as well out him to the rest of you guys, because I'm frankly just sick and tired of people cheating to make the game easier for themselves. Quick background info before I show the screenshots; I'm on my normal schedule, hunting around Shroud Cay, when I see a US Rear Admiral (Named Below) and a Prussian Newbie ( Also Below) sail just west of the island together, so naturally I first assumed it was a one v one between a veteran and a cocky young upstart. However once I entered the battle (coming to aid the Prussian I might add) things got fishy. Mysteriously, every single one of the Prussian's volleys fell short of the US player, the latter of which was landing a few cannons (his aim wasn't stellar anyway). Once I began chaining the Rattler (US player), the Prussian felt compelled to start shooting me because I "wasn't Prussian" There is a clear visual of the Prussian on his merc firing a volley into my starboard side ^This was me trying to get a confession Once I chained the rattler down, I boarded him, and after a few rounds lo and behold the "Prussian" on my side pushes us apart and proceeds to fire another volley at me I think there is enough evidence here to warrant action, but I shall leave that up to the staff. I have a few more screenshots that any moderator or staff member can message me for if they need more info. Cheers all I might add to clarify that in the screenshot with the extended chat window I was on the team setting so Jack Diamonds had no way of knowing what I was saying to "The injustice", however when I say to injustice that I am taking this to tribunal, it is Mr.Diamonds that has the response for me. I feel as though that is the confirmation. P.S Forgive the FPS, this is on my work laptop