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  2. Merge and forged papers

    I'll just see if i can find someone to hold my stuff and then delete. You can close this.
  3. PVP servers merge

    I could go for some papers as well... Cheers http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24103-merge-and-forged-papers/
  4. Merge and forged papers

    Hello, I was under the impression that we would get a set of forged papers after the merge. I already had a character created on Caribbean and i would like to keep my name but i want to switch nations so i can stay with my clan. I dont have much gold but i do have a few ships,mods,cargo etc id like to keep plus my xp and marks. Is there anything that can be done to make that happen. My same name on the forums as in game and from the global server. Im a Brit ,2ND LT Outpost in La Tortue if that helps. Thanks