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  1. SLRN Change Nation

    its a joke?
  2. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    BLANC clan had screnning between brits against russians in cartagena yesterday
  3. Distribution of new resources

    I must interpret then that for you danish, prussians or dutch are not capable players? That is an insult in my opinion for the players of those factions. Let's be honest and realistic. We all know that these factions cant win ports against the most powerful factions of the game. Everyone who has replie in this post knows that perfectly. EDIT: Maybe I misunderstood what you wanted to say.
  4. Distribution of new resources

    I disagree. Just look at the taxes generated in ports with copper ingots. In my opinion these new resources should be created in free ports, or one in each faction. I cant see the future, so I cant comment today what will happen when the game gets released, i only mention a situation that I think is unfair, and still nobody has given me enough arguments to change my opinion.
  5. Distribution of new resources

    Let's be realistic. Prussia, Denmark and the Netherlands have no chance of conquering these ports or accessing those resources. And I repeat what I have already said in other replies: my post is about the creation of new resources, not about existing ones like guacata or others. When a new resource is created it is unfair to benefit some factions, in my opinion.
  6. Distribution of new resources

    I understand your arguments but I disagree. I do not see that in the ports you mention, except in Cartagena, there are RVR exploit. It seems that the RVR exploit appears in areas where there are several factions, not several resources.
  7. Distribution of new resources

    I'm sorry but that reply seems disrespectful to me. I play as I want and I do not demand anyone how should to play. Please, do not enter into personal questions when I only intend to open a post to ask the devs to make their updates fairly.
  8. Distribution of new resources

    You can open a post if you want for talking about this. My post i about new resources created an added to map, not existing resources.
  9. Distribution of new resources

    GB has teak until recently in its capital area. My post is not about existing resources, is about the new ones that are created and added to the map.
  10. Distribution of new resources

    I disagree too. I think that conquest and equal distribution are perfectly compatibles. ItĀ“ssimple. If I have one of those ports and I can conquer another I try it.
  11. Distribution of new resources

    If all the factions have a resource port the competition is not reduced. Just look at what happens with the teak. And a dutch or danish player pays the same for the game as an english player, so I think thats it's unfair that one can access those resources and the others does not.
  12. Distribution of new resources

    I am not talking about Spain being able to conquer these ports, I am saying that the new resources created should be shared equally among ALL THE FACTIONS, because I think it is unfair that this is not so. My post is about the creation of new resources, not about RVR.
  13. Distribution of new resources

    I'm sorry, but I think that response is bad manners. In my post I try to explain that the new resources created must be distributed equally, not that I want or not to go to get it.
  14. Distribution of new resources

    In my post I do not intend to talk about RVR, i like to talk about the egalitarian distribution of new resources created. That is not incompatible with the RVR. It is about treating all players equally. In RVR, those ports can be conquered too.
  15. Distribution of new resources

    I think that the equal distribution and the conquest are not incompatible. Each faction can have one of those ports and want to conquer its adversary ports as it happens with other resources such as teak. In addition all players of all factions pay the same for the game, and this in my opinion is unfair. Prussians, danes or dutch will never be able to conquer those ports, and they and they also pay for the game like the rest of the players.