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  1. I thought i was the only Turk on the forum Not many Turks know about the Civil War.
  2. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    Even if i beat those 2 battles, i could muster my forces to around 80.000 but that would be it. I would rather face the Union at Washington with 78K than to fight those two bloody battles.
  3. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    Oke. no matter what i try i just can't seem to get my losses under 20.000 at Hall's Ferry. I wonder what happens if i skip the two battles and rush into Washington, i mean even if i kill the entire Union army at both battles i still face 100K at Washington and then around 200K at the defence of Washington. I can field around 78.000 men now if i skip the battles and march into Washington.
  4. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    i think my army could and should be around 80.000 ( a part of course equipped with farmers ). I could be able to win Washington, i have to. Came a long way, and i don't think i will be able to start another campaign. No way. I have to win.
  5. Mukremin

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    You sure about the 12pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott? I use both these two types and the 24pdr Howitzer + 10pdr Parrott as my main armament. I find the Parrotts excellent for disabling enemy artillery while the 12pdr and 24pdr howitzers close support. Lucky for me i have a full brigade equipped with Fayetteville and Richmond
  6. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    Not that bad, 60-65K. I have an army of 62.000 and a reserve pool of 16K which i can use. I get 17600 recruits if i win Hall's Ferry. I could use cash and manpower to bolster my numbers up to 70.000 and use the rest to replenish my army after Hall's Ferry.
  7. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    I did it! day one victory Legendary mode!
  8. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    I think i took the objective too late since i had to hold it until the contested time ran out, but the normal battle timer already had stopped so i had to hold it longer than i should have.
  9. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    I tied two times to go for a day 1 victory, both times i held the objective for the whole duration of the battle but the timer did not stop at 0:00. It went on and on for 1 hour because i need to hold it longer than the actual time of the mission??? I held out for another 30 minutes before i was overwhelmed by superior numbers. I don't think day one is winnable on Legendary,
  10. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    I think you are right, it is too hard on Legendary to fight this battle and win. I get like 14.000 recruits in reward, i do have another 12.000 reserves. Cash will be an issue since my army will be battered, 3/4 units totally destroyed and not to mention the beating my artillery gets. I tried for a day one victory but failed, think i got delayed too much overpowering the first line of trenches. Will go for another try, 7 best brigades and 1 arty of 24 pounders. I will happily lose 10.000 men so i can field 15.000 more men after Cold Harbor. Although a loss of 7000 men would be ideal for a day one victory. Is day 2 win another option? Or do i need to win on day one or else i will have to fight the full 3 days?
  11. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    I get confused sometimes what map is the right, and what map is the left. I don't have that much of an issue holding the centre and most right flank when the big map opens. I use main army to hold the centre objectives where the main attack is. I usually put my best artillery there. The thing is i don't have enough men it seems to cover Old Church and Left flank. I got overwhelmed at one point at the Church Road objective, had to hold the line with only 2 brigades, 1 artillery battery and skirmishers. I don't know if it is worth to fight the full day here since i surely will lose 20.000+ men. I got the Union army reinforcements according to the intelligence report at around 57K but still they field around 120.000 men at Cold Harbor. I have tried micromanaging my artillery and cavalry, i even killed a lot of artillery standing there. Hijacked 5 supply wagons Might try again for a day 1 victory..
  12. Mukremin

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I like the first and last idea, the decrease option can be very handy in order to fit a smaller brigade according to the rifles available. Last idea could be implemented automatically, like when a unit kills x amount of enemies, holds the line without routing for x amount of time and x amount of battles. Suffered x amount of casualties. Which then would result in a medal or award.
  13. Mukremin

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    Fought the battle of Cold Harbor, i lost... lost 25.000 men and killed 50.000 Union troops but i had lost one of the left flank objective, church something. I did take the objectives last day, the centre objectives but it ended in a defeat and game over. I seriously need help with Cold Harbor. I have an army of 59000-60000 and face a force of 110000. Of course these are spread out. My left flank took the heavy beating, my centre and right did oke. Perhaps i need to rearrange the corps and tactically divide the cavalry and brigades. I almost lost the right flank hill when the Union made a last minute charge. Any help appreciated, or else i am going to call of my campaign
  14. Mukremin

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    why man you should have continued... if you give up i have to give up too since our campaigns are not that much different.
  15. i also think that you don't know what you are talking about. I have spend 871 hours on this game ( steam timer )and have never encountered any game breaking bug except for the cavalry bug. I have finished the grand campaign 4 times and still play and enjoy the game each time i start it. That you face issues does not make the game broke or the developers and the testers incapable.