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  1. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Great victory bud, one of my favourite battles for both sides really. Flanking their left flank is the only low cost strategy, it is also smart to attack that flank because of the incoming reinforcements. You pinned them down and pushed them back and inflicted casualties. I thought the casualties for the CSA would be more higher seeing the units killed. Fighting Richmond as we speak
  2. Brock Road Union

    I killed 30.000+ CSA troops in this battle, lost 10.000 men though but got lots of weapons. I deployed a couple of diversion brigades, and send like 6 brigades south around the forest. I deployed them at the most south woods to ambush the reinforcements. Then when my reinforcements arrived i swung them around the north western area and crossed into the woods to get the objective. CSA was stuck in the woods, i am sure that's where i suffered most of my casualties. The CSA even managed to get two full sized brigades and capture one of the objectives Had to re-deploy to get that back. One thing i learned is that never ever rush, careful planning is the way to go.
  3. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    True, i followed the videos provided by Col_Kelly as a basis to start CSA campaign. I gave up though, no way i could win Washington with only 60.000 men. I play Union now, might try to get back to CSA. For Union i spend my career points on Politics and AO, after that i switched to medicine, training and economy in that order. I might have bought 2 or 3 times some guns with the rep points. I try to encircle and completely destroy the enemy in order to get my guns, i captured like 9000 Richmond and 6000 Texas guns along with 20+ arty pieces in just 2/3 battles. My biggest trophy came from Chickamauga and Brock Road. Be sure to get to the most southern woods along the river at Chickamauga in order to wipe the CSA army out. Once of course you secured the northern objective.
  4. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    I spend my points early in the game on guns, after i while i switch to manpower or cash depending on the situation or the outcome of a major battle. I am not playing legend mode but Major General, i just won Chickamauga with the following stats: i nearly destroyed the CSA army, the battle map screen shows their army size now at max 55K with two battles to fight before Cold Harbor.
  5. Why?

    Won the battle, lost Salem's Church though. CSA had 2000 men left when i had to take the objectives, nearly wiped them out and i also lost a lot of good men. Recovered from it, and inflicted 59.000 casualties on CSA at Gettysburg. Army is 80.000+ now as we speak prior to Chick..... I advanced like you guys said, it did draw a bit of troops my way. But the ultimate blow came the next day when i occupied some strategic woods to the west and south east. Cornered whole brigades and wiped them out. Had a lot of casualties south west though due the wide open field there.
  6. Why?

    how? i tried to advancing on the objectives but met stiff resistance, i tried not advancing but the confederates never showed up. In both scenarios i had to face a full CSA force from 3 directions. Any tips on defending?
  7. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    I am on the MG level, not legendary yet. I tried to hold the woods instead of the barricades and trenches, deployed like that i could hit them on the bridge as well. Some of the CSA units tried to storm the objective, so they were stuck between left and right cross fire including heavy artillery. Perhaps that could help?
  8. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Great victory buddy, the enemy was well stuck between the woods and river. You really went for the kill there, second part of the battle becomes harder when more reinforcements arrive. It is almost impossible to hold another line than the static defences there. Luckily you only need to hold one hill apart from the big one. Keep up the good work oh yeah, in this battle we also had similar losses and kills
  9. MG level CSA Campaign

    the problem is that on the defence phase of the mission i only have 3 brigades defending Washington and my other forces are defending the northern part. The Union easily ousted me from the top left fort and surrounded the main fort. The right smaller fort held out, don't even know how... and then Washington fell easily because i had only 3 brigades there left.. i have given up, started a MG campaign with the Union.
  10. MG level CSA Campaign

    there is no way for me to keep the forts... its just too hard to defend against 120.000 Union troops when i lose half my numbers taking over all the objectives...
  11. Legendary CSA campaign

    haha you did replay it? Good one mate, it went well until the reinforcements from the North. That flank looked fragile but guess it was your tactic to retreat in a good order up towards the woods. Final casualty figures of my Antietam almost look the same as yours. I am at Washington now.. Cant wait to watch your take on of Washington.
  12. MG level CSA Campaign

    At the Battle of Washington now, need some serious help here. I face almost 100K Union troops in the assault ( not counting the counter-attack once i take the forts and city ) I have 45.000 men in my first corps, 18.000 second corps and 6000 third corps. I have 13 batteries of 2 and 3 star artillery, 5 units of cavalry and the rest is infantry with almost all brigades around 2200-2300 size. Now the question is, how to deploy and where to focus? I want to go for minimal losses and in order to do that i have to act fast.. Any help appreciated.. big difference here in terms of difficulty, BG was not that hard compared to this... I failed at my first try, lost almost 30.000 troops and still had to take Washington and the two forts around it.
  13. What?? Oh my God, this is so cool. Thank you sir for sharing! Never knew i would meet one of the reenactors! Watching the charge on tv is amazing. Must have been awesome, thrilling and sad to march that very same spot.. thank you for this insight information
  14. I won, inflicted 30.000+ casualties on the Union. Lost around 12'000 myself. Lucky i had the resources to rebuild. I flanked them in the North with 1 arty and 6 brigades.
  15. This guy on YouTube won a victory at acceptable level of losses. I have tried attacking from the South and failed, attacking from the North also failed. But i had very few brigades used in the North. Going to go for another try now, i really want to get a victory there with less than 10k losses. Any other practical tips?