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  1. please please please let it be Crimean war not many games involving the Ottoman Empire..
  2. Mukremin

    I finished on BG as the Confederates

    Congrats man
  3. Mukremin

    [CSA] With one weak corps to (almost) Washington

    First Bull Run and Shiloh are very high on casualties, you can accomplish both battles with far less losses. Check out Col Kelly's YouTube video's.
  4. Mukremin

    Day One Victory: Cold Harbor!

    i tried very hard to accomplish this on Major General, i can't even imagine how Legendary will be...
  5. Mukremin

    [CSA] With one weak corps to (almost) Washington

    want to know more about it please tell. I had the same issue on Major General and just had not enough men to fight the Union at Washington. Had to replay some earlier battles.
  6. Mukremin

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Now with Perks WIP)

    Going to give this a try on my CSA Legendary campaign. At the last battle before Stone River atm.
  7. Mukremin

    Legendary CSA campaign

    But what is your total strength before Cold Harbor? 50.000 divided in 2/3 corps?
  8. Mukremin

    Legendary CSA campaign

    Another great victory, i like the new style to your video BTW, your total number of troops is below 50.000. Is that enough for the coming campaign battles? I am around the same number and i have yet to fight Stones River, i am worried that i don't have sufficient numbers.
  9. Mukremin

    flanking and running units

    I really don't understand, to my feeling the game is complete except for some minor issues like the cavalry bug. I have spent like 650+ hours in this game and have completed the main campaign on multiple difficulty levels and both sides and never encountered any gamebreaking issues.
  10. Mukremin

    Legendary CSA campaign

    I cant remember any other battle like this... the amount of recruits has dropped from 85k to 57k now after Corinth.. so it must be worth a bit
  11. Mukremin

    Legendary CSA campaign

    Thanks, it worked! This is what i got out from Antietam on Legendary, some of my brigades were nearly wiped out..
  12. Mukremin

    Legendary CSA campaign

    @Col_Kelly i am like you playing Legendary CSA campaign, i am at Antietam now and face 100k+ Union force while i have 60.000 men. I have a question before i go to battle, i can deploy 20 brigades on the left flank, i deployed 24.. so what happens with the other 4? do i get them as reinforcements later on or they don't get on the field during the battle? If that is the case i will have to switch some brigades to the other cores.
  13. I am reading through the Civil War book by Bruce Catton, he mentions the story of the Merrimac. Is it really true that if CSA had more industry to built and uphold such ships the war may have ended differently? Do we often forget the impact of the naval blockade by the Union? And how serious was the Federal Government in going to war with Great Britain if Britain would deliver ironclads to the CSA? I highly doubt that the Union was ready for a war with Great Britain, at that time considered the strongest and wealthiest nation on earth. I have read that there were naval battles at the Bering sea, and off the coast of France? The CSA Alabama was sunk far away from mainland USA?
  14. i had this issue, i had saved in a battle but most of the times it did not load me into the battle but the camp before the battle. So i had to do all the stuff again.