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  1. Bodye

    Night crews

    They should implement some ratio into these battle, like 2:1 up to the limit. It should be more fun for sure. What about US coast it's also empty during these hours?
  2. Bodye

    epic events

    How to find epic events, where they usually appear? Thanks.
  3. Bodye

    reinforcement area

    2-5minutes before essex joined, but they shouldnt be able to call AI help if they started the attack.
  4. Bodye

    reinforcement area

    im looking for advice please, I was near KPR and got tagged into battle by enemy ednymion after 5minutes essex joined and then they called somehow 2x Victory, hows that possible?
  5. Bodye

    Technical problems and bugs

    Hello, I have problem with crafting gunnery encyclopedia. Game can`t recognize L`Horizon Balistique.
  6. Bodye


    any tips how to maximize my attempts?
  7. Bodye


    How to get some usefull books? Im trying to farm some AI fleets but still same useless upgrades etc.
  8. Bodye

    epic event

    10 ships even if i go alone?
  9. Bodye

    epic event

    What i can find inside?:) Its possible to go alone and win?
  10. Bodye

    last known fleet location

    who can see this location, just me or more players?
  11. Bodye

    last known fleet location

    Guys can someone explain me what can i find on this location? http://prntscr.com/hrn8cd
  12. Bodye

    Treasure Wrecks

    Can someone explain me how to explore this wreck please? http://prntscr.com/hod48i
  13. Bodye

    ship bulding

    ahh, thx mate ))
  14. Bodye

    ship bulding

    Guys can anyone tell me pls why i cant craft this pickle? http://prntscr.com/hljif3 i have space in docks, just pls dont tell me that i need shipyard lvl 1, because i have already lvl 2.