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  1. Fragen zum Spiel

    Die wurden entfernt, irgendwie ist es einem Typen gelungen das zu exploiten und 1,8 Mrd. zu "erwirtschaften" ... Sozusagen als Hotfix wurden diese Missionen dann aus dem Spiel genommen ...
  2. No, that gameplay turns SOME people away from the game ... and i think these people are gone months if not years ago. The people that are playing the game in the last months mostly LIKE searching and hunting (proof: they are still playing). Of course most wished more life, more other players in the OW. So now we get the patrol zone which turn the game in some hybrid between OW and arena game ... Now we have an open world much more deserted than before and an arena where you have to do some sailing and logistics to find a fight ... what seems like a compromise is just a scare off of both player groups. And beside this: change of RoE in patrol zone caused balance problems that have to be solved, so we are just at the beginning of many new balancing rounds (=patches), much more complicated due you have to balance ships, mods, cannons and woods to two different RoE.
  3. Floating batterys are the meta now ... at least in the patrol area ... nuff said
  4. Best to implement a proper lobby then, to teleport people right into action ... you will create cheap fast arena action this way, but only at the cost of lesser OW life = action = pvp
  5. The Case Against Repair Items

    In my opinion everything is fine with repairs, so just let it be as it is.
  6. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Where is the point in this one? BR about 2 vs 1 and the bigger fleet wins? Great battle?
  7. Chain boarding

    Imho the 60sec timer should be raised ... Think 2 min would be good ... 60sec are almost ever not enough to get away from a ship stuck in the wind, so disengage is almost useless. Nothing against chainboarding, because it's realistic in my view ...
  8. There is always a possibility. If you have some collateral and are willing to pay a decent interest we can talk about a credit ... just pm me in game
  9. Haha, i just imagine the strictest PVPers, fearsomest pirates beating them up for a hand full of wooden fittings ... begging for some oak logs or coal ... 😂
  10. Its already too late, what do you think most of the players are doing atm ... 😆
  11. Player name only in own nation. But isnt @z4ys sailing for prussia ??
  12. Clan tax on gold earned in battles.

    Nothing against this tool. But if you ad a %-tax on income, also give another possibility: a weekle fee for the clan ... every week every clan member gets a bill and has two possibilitys: pay or leave the clan. Some clans may like the equal weekly fee more than to finance the clan only by taxing the active (fighting) players ...
  13. You don't play PVE, you can't find PVP on the OW ... so what the hell are you doing when online?
  14. Other thing with hiding names on Ow: clan bases alliances (like the RAI in spain) have a problem now ... how to decide if tha spanish ship in front of you is part of the Rai or not? And i think there are many more clan-based agreements that are difficult to hold now ... funny XD