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    Green on Green

    While in AI battle off Belize, I was traitorously and persistently attacked by Players (BF)BESHENNY and (BF)Ort Chauvet. In spite of being politely requested to desist, they continued this attack. I was unwilling to return fire as it is my understanding that (intentional) GREEN ON GREEN attacks are expressly prohibited in NA, consequently my vessel received severe damage. Accordingly I request that the miscreants face the full force of the law. See attached screenshots.
  2. Reinforcements button is now useless, enemy players can now attack in peoples home waters with impunity, to prey on traders and new players etc. This is a bad change.
  3. Arngill


    I would be interested to know if anyone has managed to successfully complete the "Endurance Challange" (Their bad spelling, not mine). After about 10 attempts so far I have managed to sink the first opponent on numerous occasions but when the second one appears I am in such a battered condition or have such a depleted crew, that I have no chance against the second ship. This test is excellent for practising Manual Sailing, Gunnery accuracy, and boarding tactics, but if it is intended for new players then I think it is far too hard. Also please can the developers correct the spelling of the word "Challange" to "Challenge"?
  4. I would like to know the dev's reasoning behind the game "feature" which allows players to TAG AI's purely to force combat with players within reinforcement zones, thus denying their victims the ability to call reinforcements. I was pursued by a Pirate yesterday betweeen Morant and kpr, he was MILES too leeward, the wind was fair for kpr and in any form of reality, he had NO CHANCE of catching my trader. Then hey presto I am in combat because he tagged an AI which I had overlooked. Pointless waste of time trying to fight or run so CTRL/Alt/ Del/ end task in sheer annoyance, and let the cheat have his loot and PVP points. OK I know the workaround; invite clerk to battlegroup etc etc but WHY should we have to? Again: I am not interested in workarounds. WHY is this "feature" enabled? It's only purpose seems to be to allow lazy players (some may say cheats) to gain easy PVP marks, and the end result is endless amounts of camping around capitals.
  5. I traded China Tea from Kingston/ Port Royal to Cartagena and Sevilla Muskets or Spanish Dried Fruits on the return Journey. With a Trader's Brig hold capacity of 2100 you can make loads of cash.
  6. Arngill

    Little things you'd like to see

    First person view from ship's deck, with the ability to walk around the deck. Flying along in midair behind one's vessel is not very realistic. This would be similar to the aiming view in battle mode but with a bit more freedom of movement.