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    Le Req is changing the game!

    If they wanted to sell DLC the yes eye candy would be a good idea because it wouldn't screw up the game balance. So people could have their own pennants, paint jobs, ships names etc. Buying the cosmetic DLC would allow the player to apply naff eye candy to all his ships indefinitely or maybe a limited number of pimpings for a given price.
  2. Arngill

    Le Req is changing the game!

    I agree entirely, I was just making the point that you didn't have to use a LE Req to be a successful raider, which is what Po Tsai seemed to me to be implying. I Dislike the DLC concept as much as you do.
  3. Arngill

    Le Req is changing the game!

    I seem to recall some highly successful raiders using fast Endy's. It didn't just start when they introduced the Le Requin.
  4. Arngill

    Le Req is changing the game!

    You have it in a nutshell. You also can factor in what's the point of sinking them anyway, they just get another free one tomorrow. Then they'll be back again doing the same. As you say, BORING.
  5. Arngill

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Sorry, I don't see what this reply has to do with the "Pay for Play" DLC's or in particular the Le Requin.
  6. Arngill

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Totally pissed off with Le Req, it's ruining the game (80BR...REALLY???) and making it a DLC which provides an infinite supply of free replacements is a disaster ( I think the Herc DLC is lousy idea as well). Coupled with the recent "rebalancing" of reinforcements (that is to say, making them totally useless), this all means it's happy days for capital campers and gankers and why shouldn't they, they face NO adverse consequences whatsoever, on the rare occasions when they get sunk, who cares? they get another free one tomorrow, and so on ad infinitum. Since I started this game last December, I have played virtually every day. Now to be honest I don't know I'll bother anymore. Trading is just too risky and what's the point of investing time and effort earning Gold to build ships when they just get wiped out by a couple of freebie ships.
  7. Arngill

    La Requin nerf needed

    Worst thing about the Le Req and Hercules is making an endless free supply of them once the DLC is purchased. There is just no risk at all for the player using them. So raiding in protected zones becomes a win win with no possibilty of adverse consequences for the raider. This totally changes the dynamics of the game, and coupled with the recent almost total nerfing of reinforcements means the balance has swung way too far in favour of capital-campers and gankers.
  8. Arngill

    Hugging exploit

    I respect your opinion however I don't think "Bigger Ships Will Always Win", because the smaller, faster more manoueverable ship can generally avoid combat if it so chooses (as pirates and other hostiles in the vicinity of kpr do several times a day). To have a situation where an expertly handled small ship can confidently attack a lone 1st rate is in my opinion just not right. The role of small fast ships I think is to scout or attack other small fast ships or traders, and depart swiftly if something large appears.
  9. Arngill

    Hugging exploit

    I respect your opinion, However I don't think the 1st rate will "always win" because the smaller, faster, more manoueverable vessel can avoid combat if it chooses. To have a situation where a well handled small ship can confidently attack a first rate I think is just not right. The role of the small ship is to scout or attack other small ships or traders etc, and get away sharpish if something large arrives on the scene.
  10. Arngill

    Hugging exploit

    Sounds good to me
  11. Lost a Victory two two small ships recently, the players concerned achieved this victory by basically "Hugging" my ship so that my guns would not bear. I have no complaints about the players, they skillfully exploited a game loophole and I have no problem with them, in all honesty they were better PVP players than me. What I do object to, however, is the fact that that the game's combat mechanics allowed this tactic to succeed. Naval Action claims to be a "realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat game" and beautiful it certainly is but would this tactic have worked in reality? No chance. A small ship alongside would have been subjected to withering musket and swivel gun fire from the larger vessel, not to mention grenades (grenadoes in those days) being lobbed down. In reality the life expectancy of anyone on the attacker's exposed deck would probably have been measured in seconds. The first to die would have been the officers on the quarterdeck and the helmsmen, followed by just about anyone else. You may say (probably correctly) that I should have stopped and boarded, or turned into the wind and gone astern, etc, etc, for failing to attempt these tactics I blame too much beer. However I still maintain that this tactic is grossly unrealistic. From the moment the small vessel makes contact, their crew numbers should start to decrement maybe by one a second if not more. Their ability to control their vessel should progressively deteriorate do to loss of officers, helmsmen and sail handlers. In short, "Hugging" is basically an exploit (or bug if you prefer) and as such the game's combat mechanics should be adjusted to prevent it. I would be interested to hear what the devs have to say on this topic.
  12. This seems related to the issue whereby some people (me and Seanjo for example) can only view addition page numbers in a topic by Right Clicking on required page number and "open in new tab" (Firefox)
  13. Thanks Seanjo your method works for me 😁
  14. Is it just me? I can only view the 1st page of a topic on the forums, "GO TO Page" does not do anything, neither does clicking on any page number or "Last page", whatever I do, all I can view is page one. This occurs with both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Another point, although I repeatedly "Allow Notifications" I never get any whenever I get a reply to anything.
  15. Arngill

    Green on Green

    While in AI battle off Belize, I was traitorously and persistently attacked by Players (BF)BESHENNY and (BF)Ort Chauvet. In spite of being politely requested to desist, they continued this attack. I was unwilling to return fire as it is my understanding that (intentional) GREEN ON GREEN attacks are expressly prohibited in NA, consequently my vessel received severe damage. Accordingly I request that the miscreants face the full force of the law. See attached screenshots.