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  1. AeRoTR

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    @Phaserburn I suggest you to select British nation, starting with a new char. Do whatever you did as Prussian but now in safe waters of Kingston Port Royale. I am sure you will very much like the reinforcement zone and the pvp. Good luck...
  2. AeRoTR

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    I think it may be possible. A non-stop flowing boarding action, game of preparation and morale depending on crew numbers plus boarding mods.
  3. AeRoTR

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    The idea is, Attack takes 8 seconds to charge to %100 power. Defend takes 6 seconds for %100 If you Attack 4 seconds before end, your attack is %50 or less powerful. If enemy defends at 3-4 seconds, his defence is %50 or more powerful. Defence beats attack when all equal, but not fully charged attack is even more vulnerable against more than %50 charged defence. It is a bit difficult to explain, but @z4ys got the idea. So real game is your crew number plus boarding mods and using preparation and morale. In this boarding game you can not defeat your Double sized and equal modded enemy unless other captain makes big mistakes. No more last millisecond attack or musket. One positive addition is, as you will not give last second commands, you can but you won't prefer as it will be ineffective plus waste of prep. , you will see clearly your attack killing about 50 crew against enemy defence killing 60 crew, so you can change to muskets, brace etc. with expense of spending huge preparation. So you already have to commit some of your orders. For this game, it is unnecessary to hide enemy commands dear @admin Visualise it, it is like real dynamic boarding, you are the commander giving orders and deciding to counter enemy as you see clearly what they are gonna do.
  4. AeRoTR

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    Whole idea is changing the boarding from last second clicking game to a more straight forward mindfull aproach, using same interface thus minimum effort by devs. So devs do not need invent new perks like DD, and waste time balancing stuff. People like US or Aussy players are not at disadvantage due to latency etc. It is more natural and understandable by new players who has no idea about last milisecond musket fire or attack until losing ships.
  5. AeRoTR

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    Why do I have to loot everything ? Fake mechanic. Remove stupid ship type, just give a ship name and let me loot what I want to.
  6. Check my revised grappling and boarding purposal.
  7. AeRoTR

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    I do agree, but my solution is a temporary fix using current system until real thing arrives, if it is ever gonna come
  8. We all know current boarding game is not really fitting NA experience. It creates many problems, devs try to make temporary fixes like DD etc. I purpose slight changes to the boarding game to make it a bit better. I think not much of a work needed to implement these changes. 1. Grappling Phase Current instant grappling into boarding in a second is not good. Looks weird, happens weird. Purposal: Make grappling phase longer. Need 5 seconds to achieve successful grappling, in which maximum distance is maintained with boarding speed during 5 seconds. A ship can steer away, accelerate in that 5 seconds to get away from boarding. Pulling bigger ships requires more time like 7 seconds, pulling smaller ships require less time like 3 seconds. A boading prepared enemy can cut ropes with a long cool down. edit: Muskets starts firing when enemy ship within 50 yards, higher deck, more muskets having advantage. Few men dies with each volley. When hugging grenades starts. I feel like this will be introduced in future patches. 2. Boarding Mini Game Current game sometimes requires last milisecond commands, which is very unrealistic and silly, ping related. In real combat you order your man to attack, first you order them to get ready, than you give them the attack command. This can not happen in 0.1 seconds. But may be in 8 seconds. Order them to defend, may be 6 seconds? Fire muskets, aim, fire, needs 4 seconds? Brace needs 3 seconds? So what I mean, all these actions need some time. If you order “get ready to attack” and give “attack” order only 2 seconds later, it will be uncoordinated, not a good attack, ineffective one. Attack command requires preparation and 8 seconds to be executed effectively. Attack order given 3 seconds before round ends, very ineffecive and preparation is wasted. Attack command given exactly 8 seconds to round ends, a perfect attack. But if defender selects defend at 6 second before round ends, a perfect attack against a pefect defence. Now what matters is crew numbers and boarding setup, killed crew decided on the facts. So it is what it should be in real life. No one can attack in 0.2 seconds or fire muskets at 0.1 seconds. So we have selected musket fire at defending enemy 4 seconds before round ends and enemy braces 3 seconds before end, etc. What matters now is preparation and morale . Bad decisions cost preps. makes you lose morale. Morale system revision: %100 morale needed to execute commands at preset times. Every 20 morale lost adds 0.5 seconds to your base times. So a defend requires 6 seconds to be executed perfectly, now requires 6.5 seconds with 60-79 morale. 6+1=7 seconds with 40-59 morale etc. So when crew loses morale, actions are not executed perfectly anymore, gets worse with low morale. Your morale is low, you are defending as your enemy is attacking. Enemy selects muskets at 4 seconds before round ends and you brace, as you have 55 morale = +1,5 seconds, your brace time is 4,5 seconds. Your brace is not well executed, you lose more man to musket fire. So whoever has more crew, more boading stuff, used preparation well, did not make bad decisions, managed to keep morale high, will win the boading game. This can be further improved as this idea is just a sketch. But much better than last milisecond boarding game also using the current interface. Just add required seconds and prep next to commands like ATTACK (8 seconds/20 prep.) , 79 morale —> ATTACK (8.5 seconds / 20 prep] This revision to boarding may have problems, so let us discuss if it is positive, better than current mini game, how to improve or correct this idea. Main idea in this post is to make a better boarding game with little resources until the final boading game arrives.
  9. AeRoTR

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    A ship hold window opens when you interact with wreck just like your fleet ship, transfer any good you want. If some goods are left, wreck appears on map in few minutes Give proper ship names to wrecks Indiamen greater than 1900, Lgv 1900-1700 T Brig less than 1700 Etc.
  10. AeRoTR

    New Boarding patch

    @admin can we take out DD from perks and make it a game default mechanic? What is the necessity of DD perk as it's current form?
  11. AeRoTR

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    Until the economy patch which will turn your gold stocks into coal.
  12. AeRoTR

    New Boarding patch

    May be contact, aside from light damage also gives leaks to lighter ship? Execisive hugging = too many leaks? + some hull damage.
  13. I would say increase grappling time, instant grapple and pull is so silly.
  14. AeRoTR

    Bring boarding to a new level

    M16 really ??? Do you have an experince with 17th century rifles? Have you tried using single shot from M16 on a ship firing a target on another ship, add the reload time of old rifles.
  15. AeRoTR

    New Boarding patch

    Instead of correctlng “the stupid boarding game” they introduce these very smart changes to game play which continues to piss off the remaining, give them more ways to Rage. It is super retarded now Le Boarder can board much faster and easier. I remember 3 of them attacking a buc, it took them long to reduce, crew, sails and to turn buc into wind, so they could Chain board the buc. Now they just reduce crew, chain him a bit and start boarding, much easier? Gankers win again, good job. Now nobody will complain about hugging, instead they will be boarded. And the ships like prince, only threats to le quin is no more a danger, just board them. All the ships with less crew are easy meats for le req gank fleet. Barricades ? Easy just stern grape and chain board them.