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  1. We are recruiting, We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We do Fleet missions, OW PvE and PvP, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up. If you have mature nature, looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door, You are welcome. Now please read below; BCC POLICY: Dear Captains, There is only one rule in BCC: Teamspeak. We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect. We have a few thing to offer: We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs. We will help you to level up. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it. What you may offer us if you like: Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us. Help improving our clan. Supplying resources. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components. Join port battles and do PvP. nation teamspeak: voice378.ismett.de website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/ forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/ application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application bcc discord: BCC (British Captain's Club) https://discord.gg/EkKgPMF BONUS Training Tutorials and Guides: https://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/20/naval-action-guides
  2. AeRoTR

    Hugging exploit

    Come on we have ultimate passive perk "determined defender" So both DD and muskets should work when above some preparation.
  3. AeRoTR

    Hugging exploit

    Do not sail 1st rates, if u have a chance to lose it. You should be easly boarding them. However a 1st rate has hundreds of musketeers, which should be killing crew of single deck ships hugging them. Which unfortunatly not implemented into the game. Approching graple distance, muskets should be firing if prepared.
  4. AeRoTR

    Cut PB Timer cost

    What happened to the argument " THIS IS THE PVP SERVEEEEERRRRRRRR....." ? Kiss my stern.
  5. Why not connect all the MARKS to GOLD currency. You can sell them to ADMIRALITY, not to the shop. So Victory Mark is 750k, Pvp Mark is 75k and Combat Mark is 1k. Just like selling to shop, but it can not be sold to players again. So this will give more use to MARKS. Also there can be a tax from profit of ports which is taken by admirality. So there should be difference between ports, paying 600K for La Navasse, Nassau, Gracias Adios or Arcas, is not logical. Nassau is one of the most profitable ports and list, and Arcas is worthless, so why pay 600k for each timer ? Nassau = 2.5 million tax income and 600k timer La Navasse = 2.2 million tax income and 600k timer Gracias Adios = 110k tax income and 600k timer Arcas= 3.6k tax income and 600k timer source: https://na-map.netlify.com/ (select tax income from tools menu) Ports should have fixed timer cost according to BR as stated before, and %40 additional tax from profit for the timer. if all the 4 ports are identical BR , Nassau = 2.5 million tax income and (200k base + 1 million tax cut = 1.2 million timer) La Navasse = 2.2 million tax income and (200k base + 880k = 1.08 million timer) Gracias Adios = 110k tax income and 200k timer ( 244k timer) Arcas= 3.6k tax income and 200k timer ( 201k timer) just and idea
  6. AeRoTR

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    You need to take them at once, so you need indiaman. I am sure this problem has been brought many times to forum, still no improvements.
  7. AeRoTR

    Rare books DLC

    Let's kill only working economy of the game. Why not continue the NA Legends, with premium ships, ammo, premium equipments and books etc. Let's just copy WOT.
  8. AeRoTR

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Bullshit if DLC ships will have advantage over crafted ones, I will quit this game with many more players. I never ever touch P2W titles.
  9. Yet only around 500 players find it fun including me, out of 130-150k sold copies. UI, tutorial is not enough to keep players, though they are musts. We need meaningful content, more security for newbies, high risk high reward system. There is no need to discover anything, the wheel has already been invented long time ago. For me ships are not content, and OP DLC ships definitly not. We have enough ships, we need content first, when we have players base DEVS can release more ships.
  10. Yeah, safezone I have 1500 hours, I was afk in SAFEEEE zone. Le requin attacks me, (actually it was fun for me, but imagine you are the rookie) so just tried call reinforcement button. Boom a deadly Mercury ship spawns ! next I saw the Le Requin farting on the mercury and ignoring him completely, this 6th rate was coming at me with 340 crew, for a rage boarding. This is your safezone, OK ? What if allies join to save the rookie, Le Requin just rides into sunset against the wind with a speed of 15.5 knots. So instead of finishing the game, improving the game, solution to problems. We have Hercules and Requin, I really do not understand. I was very optimistic about this game, but I am not sure anymore.
  11. AeRoTR

    La Requin nerf needed

    I do not wanna say this, but I will, It is the most unbelievalbe thing, the developers just released this Hercules/Requin ships as DLC and sold them before proper balance. They should give us all the DLC for free for a duration of 1-2 months. After the balance, all will be ereased, but giving us 1 hercules and 1 requin note. 6th rate game is totally fucked up now, open world hunting is totally fucked up, why would you do THAT ? Give us flags, paints, other stuff, so you can still milk us, but why would you do this ??? Unethical way of business, I do not think devs are ignorant, I feel like they did this on purpose. Let's put some OP ships into game, lets milk them more, after we have enough milk , we can nerf the ships later. I bought 2 DLC just to support the game, which I really did not need to. But this DLC ships just put a distance between me and my only game. Note: I would prefer "ship notes as a batch" instead of unlimited ship source. Example Le Requin DLC includes 10-15 ship notes.
  12. AeRoTR

    Boarding prototyping

    I guess most of the users who have commented, quit this game already. Now it is you and me and @admin
  13. AeRoTR

    La Requin nerf needed

    And I was just laughing hard when I activated the "reinforcement" button, a powerful Mercury spawns, and it is a funny and happy moment for the Le Requin and his prey !
  14. AeRoTR

    La Requin nerf needed

    A ship which can have 340 crew, it is a 6th rate, it is shallow waters, it can hit the speed cap where others just struggle to sail forward. This ship is a joke at best, I remember that splash screen while loading which says "creating new bugs", thank you developers for this newly created bug.
  15. have been there many times plus other sites. So let's nerf Bellona, what about WASA which has much better sailing profile? I say bring a max speed cap to the ships, not only 15.5 kt limit, but ; 1st and 2nd rates bring a max speed cap %10 (your base build can not be more than %10 faster) 3rd and 4th rates max speed cap %15 5th and 6th rates max sped cap %20 7th %25 Of course these numbers can be fine tuned. Additionally NERF the overpowered Spanish and Pirate Rigs. These refits give huge speed increase according to wind, which is much more than most of the speed mods combined. @Cmdr RideZ could I explain myself ? Check this