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  1. @Capn Rocko nothing to do with Yankees. It is a reinforcement zone problem. You are a rookie, you see ai fleet and attack. How would you know enemy players can join? Even if they just tag you, you will not press the call reinforcement button, you are exicited, you do not know it even exist, and even you press that button, would make gankers laugh at you, you won't even know you can call help in nation chat, how to go to nation chat? It is a problem, nobody willing to solve @admin Make some slide show, make a pop up, etc.
  2. AeRoTR

    Game Reviews on Steam

    I do agree with most reviews on steam. If hardcore players(bought 3000 copies) made the reviews, it would be 7/10, but for the casual players who bought 127000 copies this game is 4-5/10. After release if score is reset, it may be 7-8/10 depending on the development progress, I still believe in the DEVs, I feel they won’t turn this super potential into rubish. Yet small changes like mission cancel limits were a slap into faces of casuals. If I have 3 missions picked at Carlisle give them close to Carlisle in greenzone please! What was your benefits when limiting cancels, what did you improve? Small things like these brings you more negative scores, rage quits. This is just one example. There are hundreds of constructive suggestions, critisim in the suggestion section, just start bringing them into game.
  3. And it was brilliant, these guys in navy brigs managed to prevent the Spanish Hostility. On the other hand I agree with the post %100 And I agree with the Yankees, deep water should be taken. Yes we did the hostility with big ships, still it is not corect mechanics, may be set amount of mission regardless of ship type as you purposed.
  4. You know what, just put a pop up "hey noobie if you attack AI fleets in greenzone, anyone can join for 30 minutes, including enemy players" And yet I get tired of warning the new players, so many players getting seal clubbed, because they do not know this hidden and magic game mechanics.
  5. AeRoTR

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    I would say it is a good idea but wreck has to spawn in an isolated area. After a wreck is looted and it still has content remaining, wreck should be revealed for everyone on the map, after a set amount of time. Why not spawn a wreck independent of a bottle, reveal position on map, message to players, ship wreck sighted ne of la navasse. This is pvp generating content.
  6. AeRoTR

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    @Fletch67 the game already uses 10 seconds for each round, so you can keep it, or end the turn earlier.
  7. AeRoTR

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Can't you do that ? What is the problem ? I am not a stupid captain to stay in the way of Victory or Agamemnon if I am in smaller ship ! So ramming should give hull damage and leaks aside from rig damage or even demast.
  8. AeRoTR

    Pirate Dens around the map

    @Hethwill you are right but have you ever heard a pirate captain to command 1400 crew ? That is my point. So you will never have 1400 crew with splitting your plunder to pay them. That 500 or whatever is a number to represent that aspect and prevent them using big ships.
  9. AeRoTR

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    So 5 ships attacking you, and you expect them not to board you ? And I do agree, crashing into another ship with high speed is stupid. If you are in small ship hitting a big ship with 10 knots, it should cripple your ship, badly with rig and also hull damage and the big ship would suffer less. may be there should be a grappling phase which also prevents the insta-boarding. So both ships need to be sailing less than 3.5 knots for 25 seconds, and determined defender extends this time ? Like there a circle gets filled to represent grappling phase, determined defender has a chance to interrupt or extends the timer.
  10. AeRoTR

    Morale Regeneration

    I do agree but also agree with @z4ys, so morale should be dynamic, lose mast, put other ship in crew / reload shock etc.
  11. AeRoTR

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    DD should only work when you have boarding preparation ready. As the crew ready to defend, they should be prepared ! So you sacrifice firepower or sailing. A Santi should not be sailing alone, a santi gets boarded by wasa ? Sorry that commander did not deserve to command a 1st rate, that is it ! * I see people becoming Commodore and they want to have a Victory, all I tell them, "you will lose your victory". Excuse me, if you can not dance in a snow, you will f. up in that big ship. I can not stand the sight of " a tacking for 1st rate, which makes constant yard movements to left and right, cause does not know how to tack". You should perfectly tack, you should reverse, change your reverse direction, you should speed up, slow, stop and you have to do them in a very short time, you will not use w or s, you will use only yards and depower and rudder. I can do the stuff above, but will not sail in my 1st rate like I am sailing a 5th rate around. DD at current stage is lame and retarded (only thing is players with bad ping can benefit from this) @admin Better way to correct the lame / millisecond senstive boarding game is to, change it into a card game, like Heartstone ? So no body will make last millisecond winning moves. * Your selected boarding skills and upgrades, * the morale of both ships, * the crew number, * decks and cannons will decide your card deck.. Each player has a turn to act, and the other has to react, you can end the turn or wait for 10 seconds just like the current game. Please check many succesful card games on pc. * This way it will be more realistic, and yes you should not dare to rage board a big ship in your 6th rate. You still have to reduce the crew drasticaly to secure a victory No body will cry for rage boarding. Imagine a Heartstone clone with beautiful naval time/pirate themed backround and cards.
  12. AeRoTR

    Pirate Dens around the map

    I do agree ! However, * Pirates are hardcore, you have to start in other nations, after some point starting from M&C, you can choose to become pirate. You loose your progress ! , you are given set amount of money and some resources according to your rank, and a ship of your choice, a 6th rate * Pirates at maximum level should have around 500 crew at max. So, they can only command a 4th rate efficiently, yes they can undercrew big ships. They can only build up to 6th rate. They have to capture or buy, bigger ships. * Pirates can not capture any port, but they can own it for1-3 days, loot it. * They should have dens around, if other nations sail just very close like hitting the coast, "the hideout" can be discovered. So it can be attacked. If enemy player is not there to defend, his max. number of 2 ships AI controlled defends the hideout. The hideout revealed for 1 hour, it can be attacked at that period, after that it is invisible again need to be evacuated in set amount of time, 1day ? If it is not evacuated, it is destroyed, some loot remaining for anyone to loot, or it is destroyed by players, it can be looted. * Pirates already can access freetowns, all around the map. A pirate has 8 outpost slots, he can put the hideouts in these slots, freetowns, or Mortimer, or Free for All towns. * There should be bounty on the pirates, showing who got most loot, most victories, most ships captured. Sinking a famous pirate, you will be awarded a reward from Admirality. This is great feature, so best players can go pirate, show us how good they are, a super pvp incentive. * And yes pirates can attack anyone, including pirates. Their clan can make allience with others, so who are not in allience are red. * I am not sure about, if they should have any greenzone, shrinked greenzone or just greenzone around mortimer.
  13. New players are welcome to use our training / guide / tutorial section of our forum; http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/20/naval-action-guides
  14. AeRoTR

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    My only advice, approach the sinking AI ship if you have more crew, otherwise wait, see it is sunk and go loot. It will insta board you if it has more crew. So you may use hammocks on you ship. For low levels, I recommend frigates from shop, as they have more crew and costs 112k, is all around, good sailor, good gun power etc. Using the Determined Defender perk can help a lot. Unfortunately if new players do not look for info, they will learn by experience like most of us.
  15. AeRoTR

    Pimp my Patrol

    Make it only taggeble and can tag in patrol zone. It has limited cargo space 1/3 of original and can only carry repairs and rum. Give us the closest freetown to the patrol zone, as a temporary outpost during patrol mission time. Increase repair/rum ai selling price, 1200 hull / 1000 rig / 100 rum, but spawn them every 10 minutes if any of them has been depleted. So you prevent players buying all repairs and stocking them. No body will sell hull repair for 3000, because ai will produce and list in 5 minutes. But any player who wants profit can sell for 1199/999/99 and still can profit. At given ports next to patrol at patrol mission time, spawn ships like frigates etc. at higher rate, if depleted immediatly spawn more, so nobody can collect and sell them for big profit. Can you make the SWORDS which marks the battle, more visible, even red colour may be, it is the patrol zone, we want to be in that battle, not going around looking for one. At some point circle of death shrinks too fast, at that point most ships get damaged and they just die due to circle of death. You do not need that shrink after some time, as kiters already reached the boundary and chasers already got to them. At that point circle just killing the good fun. These are my ideas aside from good proposition of @z4ys