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  1. Spanish clans on PVP_EU server

    Hey guy, i think will be better for you spent more hours in REAL LIFE and stop complaining for EVERYTHING.
  2. Well, im not sure if your people would be capable to defeat the NPC, stay to testify.
  3. My intention is obvious. Take a look of your people, number, ships, clans...the usual spy mission.
  4. And by the way not grifing in all. Just was AFK. Exit battle when notice they sunk all the ships. Stop to complaining Privateer Banished...
  5. Patch monday - urgent.

    Wrong. True acording to maintenance. But the clan X can change the tax of that port if wish. Obviously no if decide free the port and get neutral again.
  6. Patch monday - urgent.

    The max tax is now 20%, not above. Anyway in this moment seems to be clear the amount to pay in maintenance. Not sure about the income or how to obtain....
  7. Patch monday - urgent.

    But you talk about battle against other players, this is not the case because the port is neutral and only will be defended by NPCs
  8. Patch monday - urgent.

    And what's de reason of this? A funny port battle against the NPCs?
  9. Patch monday - urgent.

    The patch will be in Unity 5 finally?
  10. Patch monday - urgent.

    If the clan warehouse is not in the capital....all the content is lost after WIPE Map?
  11. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Thanks. Seems logical. However before this cataclysm to my conquest, had around 120000 gold in warehouse and lost every city. With 120000 gold cannot pay the maintenance of a single town?????????
  12. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Me and other guy take five ports....and now...all those ports are again NEUTRAL? WTF!...
  13. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    The options are: 1-Tax rate in that port, between 0%-10%. Updated after maintenance. (Hard to test because are not really maintenance in test server) 2-Enemy Rights. You can pick National (only national can enter port) or Free for All. 3-Trading outpost. Here you can increase (or not) the produccion base of the goods in that port to max of 20%. But if do it you also increase the maintenance cost for the clan owner in same percentage. 4-Labor Hours. You can decrease (0%, 10% or 20%) the cost of the labor hours to craft any good in the port. Same above, if do it you increase the daily cost to clan owner. IMHO need to be reworked. 1-More scope to taxes, may be between 0% and 50%. 2-National clans enter ok, but forbidden enter to "no friendly" clans in the same faction. 3-Increase defense of the port building new forts and towers? More NPC defenders if the clan was unable to full the PB?
  14. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    In my last battle port in testbed, one of the NPC defenders was a Pandora. The battle was shallow (Cayo Vacas). The Pandora is really a 6th class ship like the Prince of Neufchatel?? I think its a overpowered ship compared to rattle or prince.... BTW, finally cayo vacas was conquered by spain. However now, after a maintenance, the port was again neutral???