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  1. TheHaney

    A few suggestions

    ...how would you divide the map into different timezones? Like, what mechanic would that even be?
  2. TheHaney

    Legends Skill Challenge

    No, no, that's pretty normal. I dunno how it is in Poland, but here in 'Murica if someone tells me "come do this contest!" my very first question is "what's in it for me?" It's just instinctual.
  3. TheHaney

    Legends Skill Challenge

    If that was the case, there wouldn't be a reason to have an event like this at all. It's normal and expected, when presented with an event, to ask what the rewards are.
  4. TheHaney

    Can't advance in the Cerberus

    A Cerb should defeat an AI renom with good maneuvering. That being said, the Cerberus is pretty light for what the 5th rate missions may throw at you. If you're struggling remember that you can get similar exp (and better rewards) by picking on AI fleets on the open world.
  5. TheHaney

    Training room

    Agree. It's annoying to have to spend the time to kill an AI ship in a mission prior to dueling/practicing maneuvers.
  6. TheHaney

    PB Ganking

    I'm a little confused by your syntax... but are you complaining about screening?
  7. TheHaney

    Can't decide what to look forward to!

    Yuppp I'm lording it over all my friends haha.
  8. TheHaney

    Connie be-all end-all

    ...THIS is your attempt to spice up the forums?!
  9. TheHaney

    Mesquite wood

    Ah, I suppose that makes sense then. Still, not exactly the type of tree one would hew many decent planks from. I wouldn't mind seeing a variety of woods as an upgrade system of sorts? Lignum Vitae of course was used for various bits and pieces, as well as Mesquite it seems. Perhaps a third/fourth "wood slot" for ship building to add further variety and customization would be interesting and help to deepen the system.
  10. TheHaney

    Mesquite wood

    ...Are you sure you meant Mesquite? I didn't even think that existed in Europe at the time.
  11. TheHaney

    Double OW Speed - no players in sight

    I'd like to see a 30%-ish increase to OW speeds, AND a 30% reduction in penalty when sailing into the wind. As things are it got the to the point where if the wind was against me in an Aggie or Bellona I would just say "hello kitty it" and afk in port for 15 minutes until the wind changed.
  12. TheHaney

    How to make players come back?

    I hate to crap on a game that does have some good mechanics, but maybe we shouldn't focus too much on emulating Aces High...
  13. TheHaney

    Port Battle System is Pathetic

    Ah, fair point.
  14. TheHaney

    Port Battle System is Pathetic

    Couldn't you just have it set up so that everybody in the battlegroup, when led by a member of the clan that set the PB, can get in? Anybody not in the battlegroup cannot join?