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  1. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    Aye. Forcing people to trade in order to sustain themselves alienates a large portion of the playerbase.
  2. Bellona feels great. I literally just got one so I can't comment on the difference but it turns well, has great handling, and goes 3 knots into the wind in OW, so that part is still gimped.
  3. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    ...did you quote the wrong thing? Your statements have nothing to do with the quote.
  4. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    Mmm, trade rewards could potentially be interesting. Perhaps increase the variety of delivery missions and have them also reward modules? Maybe the occasional rare mission for something special?
  5. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    Not a fan of the idea. Nerfing essentially the only active PvE content in the game is, in my opinion, ridiculous. In my experience thus far: Missions! Pros: They're fun, they pay well, you get exp and mods. Cons: The solo ones take time, and the group ones take coordinating people. Trading! Pros: Better money per hour than missions, you can multitask (I'm a fan of doing laundry while on trading runs), simultaneous movement of necessary goods for crafting. Cons: If you're actually sitting there staring at the horizon you're liable to lose your mind, pirating risk, requires upfront investment. Plus, trading is for players that are even ABLE to play the game more than a couple of hours a day. Casual players don't want their time eaten up by an endless horizon while they push numbers from A to B. They want to do a couple of fun, worthwhile missions.
  6. Is there currently a mechanic that redistributes crew "hit boxes"? It sounds like that's what you're asking for in regard to sailing. I definitely agree with making guns less accurate but the degree to which that is done would drastically affect the usefulness of long guns compared to medium/carro so I'd hope to see a crew requirement reduction for them. I'm still in the camp that in-battle repairs should just be done away with entirely, or limited to one use.
  7. I've got a LO and a Teak Aggie and they both turn wonderfully. If I have the wind I'm out-turning some heavier frigates.
  8. If I had to guess, because the Mainmast is so close to the pivot point of most ships it will not provide as much turning force as before. I'm pretty sure prior it was providing way more rear force than it's actual position would imply.
  9. Can't wait to see if my aggie can actually keep up with my mates in the OW now!
  10. Game mechanics or something else?

    Looks like y'all got wrecked. Are you asking for module changes based on four screenshots...?
  11. Game mechanics or something else?

    ...is this actually being taken seriously without video evidence? This isn't Counter-Strike where matches are over in a few minutes. There's plenty of time to fire up some recording software. There's nothing more lame than a person that repeatedly screams "HAX" without actually providing anything.
  12. Clan Management

    I like all of it except "some protection for the CWH." To me rank restrictions and a good deposit/withdrawal history is plenty of protection. If someone fleeces you because you were overtrusting, that's a lesson learned.
  13. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    I didn't know how to talk across the lines at the time but if I had you would have seen a "WITNESS MEEEE" and a "into the valley of death sailed the four" from me. (it would have been into the valley of death sailed FIVE but Quigley is Quigley.)
  14. Mousewheel Issues

    It's an oooold Razer Diamondback. Hence why I'm not too worried about getting a new mouse (this one is pretty gnarly) but I figured I would check to see if there's a keybind I missed.
  15. Mousewheel Issues

    Before I go out and purchase a new mouse, I figured I would check: My mouse hates this game. When I try to scroll to zoom/out, scroll through a list, etc, the game apparently registers my mousewheel as moving both directions at once. This results in a jittery in-and-out motion, and zooming out to max when in a battle can take upwards of 30 seconds of constant scrolling. This doesn't happen with any other program or application; it seems to be specific for this game. Is there a keybinding for zooming in and out? I haven't been able to track one down.