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  1. Flipped ships in battle.

    My buddy Grosadmiral Skitz, me (Harthuzad) were in a PvE mission against this victory as seen. I collided with Skitz in his Wasa and we flew up in the air span out of control and capsized. Skips lost : Wasa with Cartagana caulking Refit, Navy Structure Refit, Northern Caprenters. Ingermanland: Navy Structure Refit, Bridgetown Frame Refit.
  2. 1st Rate collision Bug

    I am the Victory still afloat in the pictures. The Locean flew over my ship. I was stern raking the Locean with grape shot, He was about 300-450 meters off my ship I was turning to get another stern rake while they were boarding. The Locean flew over my ship and landed where it did. 1 Santy did a back flip, and the other Santy barrel rolled 1.5 times to rest upside down. All these first rates all capsized because of this bug.
  3. If you think that of the community then you should go elsewhere, and to also violate the game rules while its in development shows a blatant disrespect for the developers on the game they are making and that you are playing.
  4. I have pictures being deliberately rammed in this battle green on green. The Players name in the victory was a Rubli player named KaRateL11 Multiple other people were ramed aswell, this was my experience. I have more pictures if needed, but this shows i was truning left and he followed my turn i went straight to call his bluff then left again because it was the only way i could go to avoid.
  5. Exploiting.

    Due to recent patches the game (certain ships) can be exploited to an extreme level. Ships like Wasa, and Bellona I will use as an example. Wasa no matter the build can beat every ship including 2nd rates in every aspect, Wasa may not have the Alpha fire power of a 2nd rate, but she has the reload and maneuverability of a 5th rate, and speed at every wind angle making it the most over powered ship in the game. Bellona is also now broken and well if you have a captain who knows how to exploit it, the bellona is the fastest close hauled runner in the game and cannot be caught but by only one ship, a fast build constitution, It also is unaffected by leeway at the most extreme wind angles... I is now a practically invisible ship when running from any said number of ships... Other ships like Victory is broken, ship cannot sail up wind to save its life or chase, when it does the leeway carries it so far away from the chase its becomes useless, it cannot Tac to save itself its suicidal in a fight. Ingermanland is also a useless ship, every wind angle is horrible for it worse up wind, and it has useless armor and HP, it is the most under balanced ship in the game. ST Pavel, also is under powered. You devs ruined its speed and turn rate which is the only reason the pavel was any good, then you make it worse by ruining its sailing profiles to make it to par with the Buc. Atleast give the pavel bow chasers, and more speed ffs... nerf the wasa and bellona, Fixed the damn wind angles for some ships when it comes to leeway dragging them out of the fight. and stop letting stupid mechanics on ships like bellona and wasa to be so exploited! - I done with this game its ruined right now, there is so much more that I dont have the patients or time to type up, here are some examples... ^
  6. Port Glitch deleted wrong port!

    The notification said Ays, not Tumbado.
  7. Port Glitch deleted wrong port!

    I was trying to Delete my ports one at a time, in the process Ays would not be deleted, I tried 2 times on the second time it was deleted and so was my port in Tumbado, my Tumbado port had literaly everything I owned. Over 400 hours of work and ive lost everything becuase of this. Its not worth playing anymore, unless this can be undone. Can I get some help here.
  8. Green on Green

    Thats not a Duel, thats a excuse to get away from 8 people chasing.
  9. Green on Green

    Pirate Jack Spaarrow was in US waters, we had been giving chase to him when he got to a open port of new Smyrna. RAM and most of its players are leaveing the US to join the Pirates and have open the port, allowing Jackspaarrow to enter the port and evade our chasing ships. We spotted Lonar on of the RAM traitors outside and gave him no care. The pirate Jackspaarrow left the port and hopped into battle with him immediately. They both said they were trying to dual, we said heck no while we were there, that its not the place to do this in as shown in said screen shots. Lonar was attempting to save his pirate friends ship. Their first attempt we pushed Lonar off of Jack, and moved to kill. Before we could manage it they boarded each other again and Jack immediately surrendered to Lonar. If there are any issues with this then Lonar and other RAM members need to leave the country sooner than later because we will not stand for anything of this nature and we will continue our actions, we are not attempting to purposely damage or destroy ships of the same nation. If there is an issue with damages caused to Lonar and his ship please tell me the repair amount and i will gladly compensate. (repairs for damages are well if hull repairs used then at a cost of 1200 gold per and no more than 20, so repairs should be no more than 30k gold.) Also would like to point out that Jack is an experienced player, why is he Bracing against attacks from Lonar that is curious.