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    Full Manual Rudder Control

  2. Licinio Chiavari

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Not changed the point: not deemed fit for the PB. I can suppose "united clan" and "comraderie" are weird concepts for you; no surprise indeed. Can you give an example of impossible "theories"? Because I have plenty defects. Still I am sure I am not a conspirationist. Are you sure not being you either? I hope so. Always by reaction. Aside coldly reply to people having wrong concepts. And you should know we attack anything afloat. Almost any ship with any rank. BTW I think I did more in a few months, than all GB leadership in an year training British newbies. Because I sink them but when I see plain suicides I then explain the errors. Some appreciated. Some asked more clues, and I never hided useful informations. Others saw in that an elegant mocking... Still not intended. Again missing the point. Not an issue for me, obviously. The point was: looks like you gank traders too. So you have not the moral standing (as NOBODY in this game) to condemn other raiders. Note: are you hiding un-rational hate? It was weird seeing you stopping to the side of a 0 structure LGV to fire (again: against 0 structure) a couple more broadsides. Not really rational, doesnt it? Are you asking me to list all BASTD we sunk? And/or how they got sunk? Or they mistakes? Sorry: it is a really too long list. And I remember you were well "cooked" on your Trinco vs. me. We got disturbed and you called the end of the duel (yes: I am the super coward accepting duels inside enemy safezone). It was fine. Still not really great having a shiny Trinco sterncamped to death by a Requin. You'll say I lost my foremast. True, a stupid error: I was thinking to rep sails to refull masts before starting boarding push. Silly decided "no need". But probably you knew you were only postponing the unavoidable. PS: am I mocking you? Yes a bit. May I ask you who started? You or me? Do you need also to see again a couple screens with you heavily insulting us in battle chat?
  3. Licinio Chiavari

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    I don't like either. But we got the same already in NA: isnt OP having 5 alts and so aside a bunch more production, labor hours, also a ton extra of 1 time redeemables (like edinorog)? Isnt unbalancing (and in a shadowy way) the game? Cash for ingame money worked nicely in a lot of games. Anyhow: give us something to buy, and we'll keep supporting the game.
  4. Licinio Chiavari

    Retag griefing

    Too easy zeroing the risk purposely zeroing the gain. An hunter should know that his brand new 5-10+ mil ship could sink at her first battle. If he cant afford... Remember the Golden rule "dont sail a ship you cant afford to lose".
  5. Licinio Chiavari

    PvP Heat Map

    We know pretty well already where is blood: we smell it from well afar. Could be better for new/casual players: where to go to find hunters, but especially, where not to go to stay safer. PS: Jamaica should be far deeper red. 😂
  6. Licinio Chiavari

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Batman? 😂
  7. Licinio Chiavari

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    BTW, BASTD has not been considered worth to deploy in PB. If you can read, I think I wrote plenty times I hate to use Requin in PB, but if asked should I refuse? Moreover I clearly stated that any 5th rate or less should be banned from PBs: simply not their place IMO. Less kiting more SoL Battle. But... With circles fast ships defending 1/2 are still required. I enjoy using Ocean (even too much), well more than Bellona. You know: sailing feeling of the first is far closer to a real square rigged ship than the latter that's a bit arcadish-like SoL. Please: stop the bullshit of we farming traders only. We tag anything; till now ho to 2nd rates. And BTW you got no problems attacking me on LGV (not refit) testing her (why, I do not think it's relevant) vs 2 6th rate AIs with your Hercules plus your mate's Hercules. Right?
  8. Among similar crew sized ships not already depleted, if both with some boarding clue and gear, it takes a bulkload of time. Please remember that 1h30m battle is a whole day in real (the reason behind allowing infinite repair - I remember a devs post saying this).
  9. I see we are keeping this up. We again need to see real values and potential application and new tactics developed by players. The balance can be tricky because the idea itself is fine (no need to turn a ship against the wind) BUT we need to see real numbers (which is speed maximum differential? is there a maximum speed allowed?). As nerfing the magical silliness of DD is fine. BUT if we get a super buffed "barricades" will change a standard anti-boarding meta (DD) with another (Barricades). I'd like to repeat that already a 300ish full boarder has almost zero chances to kill a 300ish barricaded defender with a clue in 4-6 rounds: defender can almost simply stay in brace. Defender will lose more man than attacker, but not to such a degree making him dead in 4-6 rounds, both crew and morale wise. An even more buffed barricade will allow defender to make even something weird or stupid... and still being able to safely disengage. In the end we could end having this supposed "pro boarders" hotfix hurting them far more: "I can board easier and faster... but I cant win the boarding". Is this intended? The fun part, looking at this, it could push boarding (as well noted initially by @rediii and then others) from being one viable (really in the past, not so much now with DD) tactic by itself, to being an "exploit" to stop enemy and let mates to kill him by gunnery...
  10. Licinio Chiavari

    Retag griefing

    Chain retag comes out from different problems. First and most plain silly (still without any solution in the short term) are (again and again) sail force mods... that allow a ship to be far faster in combat than in OW; or viceversa with loodsman book. So some multiple tags will always happen. Second, we can all agree that multiple tags can be harassing but they are also the only way for a revenge fleet to take out a fast raider. Longer invisibility/tagCD timers will make hunters' life even easier. The proposed 2 minutes invisibility timer (with also the speed boost) will assure that no hunter will be ever catched as he leaves the battle. Even if I can see this as "positive" from my personal point of view (being more often the hunter than in the revenge fleet) I sincerely think it'll give hunters an even greater edge. So IMO it's a bad idea at this point of the game.
  11. Honestly. Let's wait some days worth of battle post hotfix. - Let's see the speed difference would be needed to start the boarding (too high? too low?) - let's see boarding pull timing (same, longer, shorter?) - let's see if any speed limit to boarding pull start (well reasonable IMO) - let's see the reworked DD + new barricade (I hope not super buffed: it already makes another same sized ship simply impossible to beat in boarding. Even more buffed it'll risk to keep the small sterncampers able to withstanding a big fat ship boarding with limited risks) - let's look too new rewards too. Then, only then, we'll be able to add any meaningful suggestion/feedback.
  12. Licinio Chiavari

    Retag griefing

    Mate. a) crooked+gazelle = +3.5% speed; copper+Bovenwind+NHR = +7.5% speed. A difference of 4% means approximately 0.5-.6 kts. How do you think to push a ship from case a) at 13.9 to case b) anything close to 15? b) did you get lost? Because if I am going from point A to point B I rarely end up like 100k++ out of any point of A-B line. c) yours was plainly a light raider (really, crooked? I do not dare using it even on my requins; not to speak about speed trim), so not a ship to fight even a 1v1: a t/wo Hercules or other light 5th would dismantle you. d) even the "correct" Trinco (again plain 3/5) with copper+NHR+Bovenwind is worth what? 2.5 mil+10 marks = 3.5mil. A breeze granted you farmed 80 marks (=8 mil) out of a week. Right? Nothing to say about the one you in the end lost being worth, well, 800k? e) hunting down raiders is intended feature. Evaluate better your available time before embarking in a trip next to a (enemy) capitol. f) why didnt you go AFK after tagging the AI? You know: you'd get 1h45' break. Not bad for a supper. g) looks like you have plenty time to waste in forum pvp. Type less and sail more if you dont have plenty time. h) really. What are you discussing about? If do you want to feel the tag griefing, I can show you off: tagging again and again you from a faster ship, from safe distance and keeping you in battle for 1h30' every tag, until you log off. That could be griefing.
  13. A reduced mod stacking (that's great IMO) coupled with over buffed barricades (as states) could end up making impossible a boarding attack. This could be good or not (didnt see why still) but on the other hand, coupled with easier starting boarding, could end in a kinda weird tactic: boarding even bigger enemies (having barricades) to let mates (so an help to gang up vs 1) sinking the boarded on other side. Moreover the (apparently) intended nerf to small sterncampers could not work: the sterncamper put the buffed barricades and a second boarding defense mod, and or the big ship has a true lot more crew and boarding fitted... Or the small ship will easily disengage and restart camping.
  14. Licinio Chiavari

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    Flags! Paints! Personal ship names! Let us pay for something with zero balance risk! PS: let stuff got by DLC being (at least partly) tradable with other players. Paving the way for casuals having some extra cash but not so much time ingame to be able to catch on hardcore at least, and only partly, gold wise (in a lot games worked nicely)
  15. I'd only dare "correcting" the perfect above noted post on the "promote light, fast ships, loaded up with marines". IMO will promote having, more or less, all ships ablet to defend from, or fight back ALSO during a boarding. Aside making ships more real (almost any ship had marines) having to devote a couple books to boarding defense (atm solved with a simple Perk) could (conditional: we obviously need to see it implemented) reduce the mod stacking... because overstacking some mods/books will make the shiny ship really weak on boarding side and easy a prey for boarders (yes: unskilled ones too). PS: Not to mention (more important IMO) a great stop to small nimble ships even daring to camp and kill big SoLs.
  16. that's sounds a bit strange, granted Barricade (+20% defense and FP) is already very strong in defense (already making an attacker unable to break - killing more than losing - throught a smaller defender in brace - it could be fine if in defense...)
  17. I am wondering if in someone's mind only Requins can be boarding (fully or partly) geared. The truth is Requin (like LGV refit for example) are 90+% only boarders. Other ships, depends. Can be, can be fitted also to defend from boarding... Or totally not. This patch surely will add again meaningful SoLs boarders. And it will add a strong "dangerous!" signal to small ships trying to camp big ones. Finally!
  18. Probably. Not a rare occurrance as it is now aside when prepared with purposely fitted ships. So in the end more realistic. And with more ships involved in boardings. Also big ones. And so with finally with less laser guided balls... Or those not adapting risking seriously to be killed.
  19. You know. Requin is still public enemy no.1
  20. I totally agree that a maximum speed limit is required. About ramming... previous almost insta-sinking was a bit broken. Some more damage (especially for the smaller ship) could be done, I hope: I do not like rams. I consider them, if involuntary a failure, if purposely done, a necessary evil atm... like aiming to masts (or protecting them). As correctly said by @Crow, let's test and see if we end up with some weird technique to be nerfed. STILL, the idea of Hercules hugging to a 1st rate being a SUICIDE is very sweet.
  21. AFAIK you can have (and I have usually) double ball perk AND some (or full) boarding books on your ship. May be, fairly reasonably... a Snow SHOULD NOT EVER THINK TO ATTACK A SHIP OF THE LINE. Like a Requin... because she can be boarded by a full crew Bucetaure at the start of the battle. And die.
  22. I'd remember a Requin (that's the problem) has 2200-2500 HP... and with Barricades as it is now + brace being able to withstand an attack (contrary of the past) aside being totally dumb, it's not impossible to defend with the same crew. It's pretty easy indeed.
  23. Boarding is for real men wanting to kill seeing the white in enemy's eye. The hellokitty is staying at 200+ mt 😎 Nothing bans you to sail with a couple of boarding mods. Ah... you cant cap reload, penetration, repairs... and speed.
  24. This is a matter of reworking PvP rewards AND value (craft) of ships. If crafting an Endy is worth like 300k materials (or less)... and sinking her is worth more than 10 (13?) marks so more tahn 1mil... we'll keep sinking them.