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  1. Why, oh why, did you NUKE the OW sailing profile of the Trader Lynx? It now barely scratches 14 kts running, down from 18-20 before the patch, and it also suffers more from headwind now. WHY?
  2. Well, apparently @admin has a hate boner for the 4th rates....they all got hit with a reduction in armor HP. My WO/WO Wapen lost over 700 hp (10%) on the sides, Inger lost about 400. Not sure about the Connie, but it looks like it lost about 300. Don't have an Aggie, so can't tell about that one.
  3. Kartaugh

    Possible American 1st Rate Ship of the Line

    Small steps Ellie...small steps.
  4. Kartaugh

    Possible American 1st Rate Ship of the Line

    Well, the MontaƱes has been selected in the latest player poll, so in all likelihood we'll have a pretty powerful Spanish ship sometime soon. 74 gunner with a broadside weight equal to the St Pavel, 13-14 kts with the wind and good maneuverability (someone posted a quote supposedly from Nelson himself saying the ship "sailed like a frigate and fought like a 1st rate").
  5. Please, please, PLEASE let us pay for the paint schemes with real world money (a la Elite Dangerous). It would let players support further development by adding a cosmetics revenue stream, and would raise no issues of P2W criticism (since it would be cosmetics only).
  6. Kartaugh

    My NA Legends Wish List

    Speaking as a player that just came to NA in order to escape the horrid WoT/WoWS model, I can honestly say I have ZERO interest in Legends.
  7. Kartaugh

    Cotton is bugged in EU Trader

    Bumping this in the hopes that an admin will take notice.
  8. Kartaugh

    Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    It's been working fine for Elite....why wouldn't it work here? Notice that it's a Paint/Ship combo. So you'd buy say black paint for the Wasa. Then you could apply that paint to any Wasa you had. But you could not apply the black paint to any other ship, that would have to be bought sepparately. P.S.: To be clear, I'd gladly pay for what I described (I have spent over 300 dollars on cosmetics in Elite). I would NOT however pay for paint schemes that could then be lost if my ship sank.
  9. Kartaugh

    Cotton is bugged in EU Trader

    Can confirm this and have reported it through the F11 function as well.
  10. Kartaugh

    Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    I would like for paint to be something like in Elite Dangerous. You buy the paint style for that type of ship and then you can apply that paint free of extra charge to any ship of that class you own. So, If I bought say, a Swedish paint for the Wasa, every Wasa that I own, now or eventually, could use the paint scheme. I'd pay 5 bucks for each paint/ship combo.