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  1. Sento de Benimaclet

    Dear Spain

    If you enter Spanish language, you will see that the person who writes the most there is the Admiral Horatio Hornblower.
  2. Sento de Benimaclet

    Dear Spain

    And then ... you woke up. 😋
  3. Sento de Benimaclet

    Dear Spain

    Do as we do, sleep at night. Health is first. 😉
  4. Sento de Benimaclet

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Estoy de acuerdo. Y los nuevos jugadores cuando vean todo lo que hay que pencar en el juego se piran en masa. Esos 2000 jugadores no volverán al juego mientras sea tan hardcore.
  5. Sento de Benimaclet

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Deberíamos captar jugadores del otro lado del charco que pudiesen conformar un clan numeroso y potente con vistas a defender y atacar puertos de madrugada. Con un único server es esencial contar con ello.
  6. Sento de Benimaclet

    My port, my monopoly.

    The devs. They changed the game of nation to clans, but look at the changes they made in last year's wipe. I understand perfectly that the contracts are going, a captain of my nation or of another nation imposes a very high contract that prevents the "owners" of the port from obtaining that resource. The port belongs to the clan but the resource takes the most money. I believe that people conquer certain ports (cartagena, copper, ports of teka, live oak, white oak etc.) to obtain a great economic benefit that engrose the coffers of the clan owner. From there, he trades with others. It is not to end trade, but to give each one what is his due. I repeat that the change from nation to clan did the devs. putting examples as the company of the oriental Indians etc. Taxes, except for Cartagena ports, copper, special woods, do not give enough money to pay the 100,000 daily tax. Port timers are usually a passive of 500,000 daily. And that of controlling who enters and who does not, is very relative. Because with a trader you can enter the port that you want. Have you noticed the number of ports that are abandoned because they are not profitable?
  7. Sento de Benimaclet

    My port, my monopoly.

    The idea is not to end trade between players, but the port owner has more or total control over the resources of its port.
  8. Sento de Benimaclet

    My port, my monopoly.

    But it is not controlled. Precisely because I suggest what I have put in this section of suggestions. Counterproductive? no way. If you want to buy copper, you get in touch with the clan that owns the port of copper and if they want, they sell it to you. The one who controls the port must control its resources. The East India Company for example. You said before that if it were carried out of 600 players would be 200. At this time the resources are available to all and 2000 players are 400. If they leave the game is for other causes of all known. Greetings!!.
  9. Sento de Benimaclet

    My port, my monopoly.

    There are captains of clans who have won a port, say teka, cartagena, copper for example and then can not benefit from those resources because others have put abusive contracts. What is the point of owning a port and not its resources?
  10. Sento de Benimaclet

    My port, my monopoly.

    I have always wondered: if a clan wins a port, why does not enjoy the monopoly of its resources? I think he has earned the right to buy and sell exclusively the various resources of that port. Is it fair that other clans of their own nation or traders from other nations can buy resources as if the port were also outside them? What do you think? Greetings !!
  11. Sento de Benimaclet

    October 12, 1492

    Wild Europeans? What did the Aztecs and the Mayans do to the peoples subjugated by their empire? Have you seen Apocalypto? To think that these people lived in a peaceful and fraternal paradise where goodness reigned, solidarity towards the neighbor until the arrival of the Europeans is deceived. The human being is wild, born where he was born, you just have to watch the news on TV. everyday.
  12. Sento de Benimaclet


    It is also a good solution. The case is that each clan (whoever wants to) had its own combat flag.
  13. Sento de Benimaclet


    I really like the flags of nations that will be implemented in the next DLC. Congratulations. But in view of the fact that the game is more directed towards the clans than the nations, have they thought about making a DLC of clan flags? It would be very simple, each clan would design its own flag and send it by e-mail to the DEVS. to be included in a DLC: clan flag. I think it would have very good acceptance. Regards!!!.
  14. Sento de Benimaclet

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Please simplify the port UI, having to open several windows to put the cannons or repairs to the boat makes the new system complicated. Make everything more simple and intuitive. I like the configuration of the current UI, the only thing that would do is decorate it with funds of naval themes etc. The UI of the testbed seems complicated.
  15. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    Pero así es más fácil, de noche atacan cuando no hay nadie y sus compañeros de facción defienden sus puertos en horario europeo. Perfecto, están cubiertos las 24 horas.