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  1. Sento de Benimaclet

    ¿Estado actual del juego?

    Hay DLC ‘s y DLC ‘s. Uno que añada nuevos contenidos que nos libere de la actual rutina, y atraiga jugadores no creo que fuese mal recibido por la comunidad del Naval, yo lo compraría. Pero ese que te da forger papers, o más edificios y outpost o el del hercules, realmente no aportan nada nuevo. El próximo, es el de las pinturas. DLC ‘s sí, pero que agranden y enriquezcan el juego con nuevo y variado contenido. Resumiendo: que ahora nos cobran por lo que antes era gratis. Saludos.
  2. Sento de Benimaclet

    ¿Estado actual del juego?

    Supongo que ahora las batallas shallows serán Hércules (los que hayan comprado el DLC) vs. rattlesnake heavy (los que no lo han comprado). No hace falta comentar más.
  3. Sento de Benimaclet

    DLC Pood Edinorog

    If we start asking for DLC's for cannons, paints, forger papers, premium ships, etc. etc. etc. this is going to look like the SIMS.
  4. Sento de Benimaclet

    How is this possible?

    How does STEAM allow a game analysis of someone who has only played it for 40 minutes? I think that's what it took me the first time I picked up a cutter, I guessed right to choose a mission and be sunk by the AI.
  5. Sento de Benimaclet

    ¿Estado actual del juego?

    Sí hay un mínimo, y cada vez más mínimo de personas. Actualmente apenas llegamos a 300 online. Los puertos como durante el verano pasado, pagas tasas diarias y si pones un port timer entonces la cosa se dispara (600.000 diarios por cada puerto). Ahora con la UI y el mapa están maquillándole un poco la cara al juego. También con el verano hay bajón de asistencia, así que de momento vamos a seguir estando en capillita. Saludos!!
  6. Sento de Benimaclet

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    In Cuba Manzanillo, not Manzanilla. On the other hand, beautiful map and IU. ☺️
  7. Sento de Benimaclet

    Gun Packages

    Obviously with your money you can do what you want, I do not care if they put that DLC package of guns, but I think that being able to make them yourself and transport them does not make much sense. Leave yourself as guides for dummies and accept at least constructive criticism, for that you are in a forum. Regards.
  8. Sento de Benimaclet

    Gun Packages

    No. Do a DLC of cannons when you can now build them yourself sincerely I do not see sense. If you create a reserve of long cannons and carronades in your warehouse you can always use them in case of emergency. If they put us DLC's (the less the better) that contribute really important things to the game, that will improve it and here we will remain faithful to the noise of the cannon. Regards.
  9. Sento de Benimaclet

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Intrepido, that was written yesterday by admin. You say it was announced by the end of May and it takes a week to implement it. We are on June 19. The one that is not understood is you.
  10. Sento de Benimaclet

    Blame devs for everything

    Hello Liang. I understand in part what you want to say. Being a multiplayer game the naval enters all kinds of people and ages. There are real gentlemen and people of good in all nations and authentic rascals who only seek their space of fame at the expense of ridicule and disparage the companions of the game. That's your fun and not the boats. It is the world in which we live.They may have had some impact on the abandonment of the game of some captains, but I think it is minimal, certainly insignificant. People leave the game because it seems too hardcore, for lack of content, because it has burned playing thousands of hours, for news like the one I read a moment ago if they have delayed another 3 weeks the patch we expect so much. And that can not be attributed to toxic players.We distribute the blame among all, draw the best conclusions and together we try to build Naval Action, the game of our lives.Greetings.
  11. Sento de Benimaclet

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Otto, is that true? we get in July, when the few that are left are on vacation ... very bad news. 😲
  12. Sento de Benimaclet

    Reinforcement zone....lol

    If it is called a reinforcement zone, it is these and not the players who must defend the attacked ship in the reinforcement area. Call reinforcements to the boats that appear is to be too optimistic, rather than help seems to have to defend them. 😜
  13. Sento de Benimaclet

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1. When we build a boat we can name it and see it in OW.2. Marine life. sharks, dolphins, whales, save survivor shipwrecks.3. Whaling boats, whale oil refinery as an economic option to traders, being able to be attacked and stolen their cargo in OW.4. Attack the towers and forts of an enemy city and if you destroy them, you can loot the city. Depending on the importance of the port, the reward would be in millions of reals of gold, upgrades, expensive merchandise, etc. Anyway, it's really worth the looting. The port on the map would turn red, warning that it is being attacked and looted.5. That after a battle the ships return to port with faults and visible damage, being towed, in the case that it is dismasted by a friendly boat. It would give a nice touch of realism.
  14. Sento de Benimaclet

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    Tordesillas treaty established a division of the navigation and conquest areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the New World by a line located 370 leagues west of the Cabo Verde Islands, in order to avoid conflicts of interest between the Hispanic Monarchy and the Kingdom of Portugal. In practice this treaty guaranteed to the Portuguese kingdom that the Spaniards would not interfere in their route of the Cape of Good Hope, and vice versa the first ones would not do so in the recently discovered Antille.
  15. Sento de Benimaclet

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Nick, more or less when we can enjoy this game? What estimate of time are contemplated? Thank you and good luck with the new project.