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  1. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    A su ejército moderno y profesional dotado de artillería, y el rifle Martini-Henry se lo pasó por la piedra un ejército de lanzas y escudos de piel de vaca el 22 de enero de 1879 en el cerro de Isandlwana.
  2. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    Yo soy profesor de Historia e historiador, así que no me va a enseñar nada al respecto. Nosotros alcanzamos la democracia por primera vez con la Constitución de Cádiz de 19 de marzo de 1812. Luego vino el trienio liberal de 1820-1823, etapa constitucional que malograron las monarquías europeas, la segunda mitad del siglo XIX es toda parlamentaria, Primera República Española (1873-1874), Segunda República Española (1931-1939), y la actual Constitución de 1978. En su país se concedió el voto a los campesinos en 1884-1885. No tenían Sufragio Universal y las mujeres estaban excluidas del sistema. Había mucha democracia en barrios como Whitechapel durante el esplendor victoriano no? O en los valles mineros de Gales. Por no hablar de Irlanda y su tardío Home Rule. Ustedes también tuvieron su dictador: Oliver Cromwell. Ustedes abandonaron a Checoslovaquia en el Pacto de Munich, no hicieron nada por abrir un segundo frente y aliviar la situación de Polonia en septiembre de 1939. Ustedes luchar por la libertad de ...Los zulues?. De los bóers? De los sudaneses? De los afganos? Ustedes siempre han luchado por la defensa de sus intereses comerciales, económicos y financieros. El Two Power Standad de la Royal Navy se hizo para la defensa de la libertad en el mundo verdad?. A quien pretende engañar?. Claro que hay jóvenes españoles que se emborrachan, pero es usted el que va de sociedad superior, no nosotros. Contradicción, nos acusa de no ser humildes y acto seguido de no influenciar en el mundo. Precisamente por no querer influenciar somos humildes. El siglo XIX es llamado Era Victoriana sólo en su país, porque es un período de historia británico , que no Universal. Lea a Eric Hobsbawm, a Simon Schama, a Niall Ferguson, hágase ese favor.
  3. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    Mister Hornblower, la Primera Guerra Mundial la ganaron gracias al primo americano y a lo que ese gigante del siglo XX llamado Sir Winston Spencer Churchill denominó "gracias a Dios por el ejército francés". La Segunda Guerra Mundial la ganó el primo americano y sobre todo el ejército soviético. A premios Nobel no tenemos nada que envidiarles. En cuanto al turismo británico, en Magaluf por ejemplo, al que podemos añadir Benidorm,, la imagen que dan del Reino Unido es francamente lamentable. Para tener turistas con ese comportamiento indigno de una sociedad tan civilizada como la británica, mejor que no vengan. Ah, también habló algo sobre democracia, permítame decirle que el primer parlamento europeo de la historia es la Curia Regia de León de 1188. Así pues, un poco de humildad que siempre viene bien. Buenas noches tenga usted.
  4. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    No se debe sacar pecho de hundir buques indefensos.
  5. Sento de Benimaclet

    Planes de desarrollo para la segunda mitad de 2018

    Ese nuevo barco que igual agregan este mes (hay que esperar siempre lo peor), será el Christian VII, la Diana?, via DLC ?, PvP rewards?, by the face?, cual pensais que será?
  6. Sento de Benimaclet

    A Strategy & Tactical Build for the US Space Force (USSF)

    True, but does American politics know? Because I come to the head names like Mossadeq, Arbenz, Allende that were not on the "right way" and you know what happened. In the case of the USA, no, because the military industrial complex generated billions of dollars, supplying the armies of the United States, whose global military might was the base upon which that commercial, financial and economic leadership was based. They complemented each other perfectly. As other empires have done throughout history. It is now when, spending more than ever in Armament is losing that leadership due to the strength of China's economy and finance. Before, it was a great business opportunity to invest and produce goods there, it got out of hand and now it is a giant of the economy, uncontrollable by the West and therefore the probable enemy. How many times have we seen this in History? I think that the USA feels threatened by this progressive loss of leadership and that is where the issue of increased military spending in conventional weapons and Space Defense comes from. Not should we forget that there are such countries in unstable regions with nuclear weapons and the obligation of a government is to protect its population by all possible means at its disposal. Greetings!!.
  7. Sento de Benimaclet

    A Strategy & Tactical Build for the US Space Force (USSF)

    If I were American, I would agree with the space war program. The United States has been the most powerful economy on the planet for nearly a century, a world superpower after the Second Great War and the only superpower after the USSR's extinction. It is the Roman Empire of our days. I will not criticize what was once the Spanish, French, British Empire. During the Cold War, the possession of nuclear weapons in both ideological blocs was a deterrent, which, except for specific moments (missile crisis) guaranteed the virtual impossibility of a total war between the United States and the USSR. Today that guarantee no longer exists. New countries have the atomic weapon and if we look at them, we see that they are currently the most "hot" and unstable areas. Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel. They have also developed or are close to it intercontinental rockets with multiple nuclear warheads, which exponentially increases the devastation. Many of these countries are fierce dictatorships that do not care about the fate of their people, which means they would not hesitate to use the nuclear weapon if they see their regime threatened. Obviously the most unpredictable and therefore dangerous is to my way of seeing North Korea. It is more than clear that the United States today is unbeatable in a conventional war. Its technology, logistics, organization, its bases strategically located around the world plus the help of its NATO allies corroborate this. However, the USA is losing the commercial, financial and economic leadership of the world, vital for national life, the American Way of Life, hundreds of thousands of jobs that work in the military industrial complex and therefore the supply and constant maintenance of its Forces Armed That is another factor that can, and will in fact lead, to the United States to intervene in other wars. Another risk factor This was already seen in the time of President Reagan with his Strategic Defense Initiative of March 23, 1983.I think the United States should build, if not already, bases in space or launch artificial satellites armed with missile anti-missile or the laser beam that is developing at this time for both the attack and the defense, since surely they will try to destroy such bases / satellites with anti-satellite missiles, if possible above those countries that are or can be a nuclear threat both to the USA and to its allies in the world. The logistics issue would be competence and responsibility of both the USAF and NASA. This system, it should be clear, is for the defense against threats of nuclear missiles, should never serve to threaten or coerce the rest of nations if they do not go the "right way". I consider, if I were American, this system of space defense is necessary, if we look at the current problems, how they are aggravated and their consequences in societies and therefore in countries, overpopulation without real control, depletion of resources, water Drinking, oil, climate change that leads to desertification and destruction of huge arable land, proliferation of famines, pests, diseases, all this will lead to a struggle for resources, for global survival. And it is better to be prepared to face the problem or succumb. Or they (those nations involved, USA, Western Europe, Russia etc) can spend all those billions of dollars / euros in regenerating the planet so that human existence on our planet remains possible and tolerable. The older I get and the more I think I know the world around me, the more pessimistic I become. I hope that I am wrong. 😉
  8. Sento de Benimaclet

    Book: Military and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars

    You are right Louis. I did not realize. My apologies.
  9. Sento de Benimaclet

    Book: Military and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars

    A great strategist although not so good tactician who in my opinion has not been given, for obvious reasons, the importance it deserves is Vo Nguyen Giàp. Its merits:-The strategy of prolonged war deployed against a very powerful enemy.-The conception and practice of combining the deployment of mass political forces with military forces and the transformation of one into the other; as well as the combination of local and regional armed forces with the army; of guerrillas and local militias with regular troops; of the guerrilla war with urban insurrections; of the war of movements and positions with general insurrections, of peasant war with workers' politics; and the war of national liberation with the social struggle for land and socialism.-The transformation of the Viet Minh from a guerrilla force into an army capable of measuring itself with the famous Foreign Legion and taking any position despite heavy casualties.-The return to the guerrillas when necessary, converting the NVA into an almost irregular force that has been said to try to immobilize the North Vietnamese Army was like trying to draw blood from a stone.-The motivation so great that he managed to print his soldiers- Their way of life, relatively simple, that it transmitted to its officers and that made the soldiers better endure the hardships of the Ho Chi Minh Route or life in the tunnels.- His method of struggle became a source of inspiration for many or all of the guerrilla movements of the 70s and 80s.He also mastered the art of logistics and concealment, serving as an example the transport of artillery through the jungle that crushed Ðiện Biên Phủ.Giap, Vo Nguyen and Van Tieu Dung, 1976. "To combine the forces of the masses with those of the army"; The art of revolutionary war.
  10. Sento de Benimaclet

    Book: Naval Strategy by Captain A.T. Mahan

    I read the Russian campaign and since then I have a somewhat negative image of Clausewitz. It is one thing to explain tactical or strategic errors of the Russian generals throughout the campaign and another to underestimate them by writing about them in MODE GOD. It is easy to give lessons once everything has passed and without having the responsibilities of those who made the decisions against the best army of the world of the time. What image do you have of Clausewitz? regards!!
  11. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    Aquí. Activar los subtítulos en español. 😀
  12. Sento de Benimaclet

    Radio Macuto

    Tenemos La casera y la pitusa. Acaba de descubrirnos la Unión Europea. Por el contrario, nosotros damos por culo. Si sólo dijeses JAJAJAJAJAJA igual hasta te daba un LIKE.
  13. Sento de Benimaclet

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Excellent documentary of the BBC (like all that it does) on the Dreadnoughts of Scapa Flow. Enjoy it.
  14. Sento de Benimaclet

    Abuso del uso de los barcos DLC

    Por cierto, el tal PO TSAI el que viene a La Habana con su Ferrari Le requin de 15.50 nudos en casi todos los vientos y más tripulación que el Nimitz, sugiere que "si pueden quitar la zona de refuerzos de los 2 primeros países en la lista de RVR". Debe ser muy molesto eso de que te salgan en manada a ayudar al compañero que está siendo gankeado. Casualmente España está la primera en esa lista. SI TENDRÁ CARA EL TIO!!!. Con gente así, jamás se arreglará el juego.
  15. Sento de Benimaclet

    Abuso del uso de los barcos DLC

    En efecto, DLC de pinturas, mascarones de proa, cosas estéticas. Van a sacar también uno de banderas históricas. Pero eso es lo que menos les interesa porque es lo que menos dinero les da. Y te ponen en la tesitura de que si no quieres ser masacrado por un Hércules o Le Requin te pilles los correspondientes barcos premium. Y esto es sólo el principio... No, no mola. (Ya sé que es ironía). Estos barcos los ven bien los gankers. Porque se usan para ello. Y meter jabeques en una batalla de puerto contra rattlesnake heavy o mercurys es un ABUSO. Pero ellos sólo miran si los DLC´s les están dando un buen dinero, les da igual si encabronan a la mayor parte de la Comunidad. Un clarísimo ejemplo de lo que dices es el tal PO TSAI, un polaco que viene a la Habana con el jabeque very cramped, 368 tios, copper plating y elite pirate. No combate, se te echa encima y te aborda. y si no puede, sale corriendo. Así están hoy las cosas.