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  1. I know in real life, hunting done in caged/fenced in areas prestocked with the 'right prey' is shunned by real hunters that enjoy hunting for the hunt- regardless of the antler size or weight of the prey. No skill involved when you know the when and where. More variables are at play on the Open sea than inside an arena.
  2. This proposed system definitely puts all the fights on the open sea. The open sea is where the DEVs want the players. This would do it.
  3. trader tool off 100 Lost 12K gold

    I understand this. Now that we can instantly tell where the pvp action is via combat news. Than providing updated information for traders to confidently set sail is a small price to pay in realism to get them out on the open sea. We want more ships sailing on the open sea. I would rather that this not be another reason for alt accounts, too. We all want more ships on the sea and traders hauling goods, so we have to give traders/market players some more carrot to get out there, the potential punishment for getting caught is harsh enough (a good thing). They not only risk the open sea in relatively defenseless hauler ships, now they risk hauling to distant (sometimes) ports to find out that the long and dangerous trip was for nothing. To spend the time, to arrive at the port and find out it was a wasted trip will kill the econ/trading game for all but the most dedicated NA players. Refresh the tool more often. Give players a reward (if they make it without being caught) rather than frustration.
  4. Put player contracts on the trader tool window. Unless this is possible and I haven't figured it out, yet..? It is much more worthwhile to me when I know I am helping to supply other players (and profiting from) the player to player economy of the game. A history of the recent purchases and sales, too. This would help demonstrate the supply and demand movements and give market inclined players more information to accurately meet the demand for products.
  5. Rework of Economy

    Not 100%, but I like the overall intent of your suggestion.
  6. Trading and economy feedback

    More information would be better. The market interface and lack of information is struggling to keep me interested. I understand that other game mechanics are demanding more attention, but to develop a successful economy and a market for humans to deal with other humans there needs to be more tools and information presented. Allowing individuals to be able to do more would help fill the current void in the economy with player based goods and content. The game environment's immersion factor depends on it.
  7. RvR Balancing

    What if 'zergs' (or any nation) had to actively use (craft, buy/trade, missions from, patrolling nearby) their ports to retain their loyalty or else the ports move into a neutral state or a state of unrest. Activity based ownership would keep bigger nations busy keeping their interior and/or boundaries tended to, instead of just steamrolling outward.
  8. Post Wipe : Resource Rethink

    Was it Hethewill that proposed a system of diminishing returns per the number of buildings or players harvesting a resource? If this were the case, it would be harder and harder for a nation to obtain the resource as each week would reduce the harvest rate as the environment would be depleted of the resource. It would (should) cost more for less production as the supply dwindles and takes more effort to find and/or transport to the ports. As that was happening there would be an increase in demand for it as the supply decreases and the war continues. Another element to think about with the grand balancing act of resource allocation and availability.
  9. I like the overall nature of it. If real players don't visit, trade, do crafting, or otherwise travel by a port it seems logical that the port's 'people' would begin to wonder if the grass is greener with another nation and start to generate some unrest.
  10. Bring back random elements to crafting

    I don't like the suggestion, BUT it could be said that it would be a solid representation of a product designed by lobbyists vs. those that know what they are doing or want. Some modern day military boondoggles as an example... lol.
  11. Nothing quite like a broken window to keep the peasants working (or fighting...) :).
  12. Your opinion about alts

    If one can't cope in a player vs. player (pvp) run economy, than one shouldn't be giving any PvE player any gruff about wanting to play PvE. Alts are a form of PvE/easy mode gaming and creating them is the act of avoiding having to deal with other players in an economy, it is throwing in the towel on having to play the game. Instead of dealing with players one would rather create other 'players' (In other games, that would be akin to hunting down the cheat codes...). Don't want an economy and the economic pvp that comes with an economy? Then request an arena/match game. Otherwise, alts and pve go hand in hand. You can't argue against pve and be for alts at the same time. Both seek the same thing, to remove the challenge of dealing with other players.
  13. Your opinion about alts

    Perhaps, I am showing my part-time presence in game, but is there a way to allow non crafting players to sell their crafting hours on the market? I haven't seen such an option. In such a mechanic real player demand for products would more naturally relate to real player supply. It would also create a healthier and more cyclical relationship between players of different interests. Allowing this would relieve some of the pressure for crafting players to create alts. Some folks will always go easy-mode and create alts, but that is to be expected and factored into design. The real issue is if the game is creating an abnormal requirement for alt creation by its restrictive crafting/trading mechanics. If the game chokes the ability of players to reasonably meet market demand, than even I would reluctantly succumb to easy-mode alt creation, OR just admit the economy is broken and quit the game. I am hoping the game moves to a less restrictive economic environment.
  14. Resource Depletion At Ports As a LH Multiplier

    I like it. It would help to keep the population moving, another closer to natural variable for the economy, too.
  15. Your opinion about alts

    The econ limits (as of now) are a bit restrictive for single operators, which is leading to some alt creation. Otherwise, a lot of players are not able to cope in an economy game and always resort to the easy-mode and create alts. I don't know the answer, as it is next to impossible to use valuable DEV-time and energy chasing alts. The suggestion for diminishing labor/cost per how many accounts are working a single port's resources might be expanded upon... inflating account numbers would lead to the opposite effect for the player's intent. Of course blatant, proven abuse should always be investigated and punished.