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    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Which brings us back to the need to fight alts altogether and seriously. They are exploits, no matter how people try to sugarcoat the phenomenon. Users here can openly admit they have several accounts, boast about it and nothing happens. Them with detected alts should get banned, first time 10 days, second time 20 days, third for a month, fourth time alt account gets permanently cancelled. If they paid or not, it is game damaging behavior, unfair towards beginners and those who stick to rules, and thus cries for enforcement. Yet, nothing is done except in spectacular cases brought to tribunal. Detecting countermeasures should be applied on the whole playerbase.
  2. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1.) Dynamic and binding Diplomacy 2.) Crew management with related ups and downs in quality 3.) Individualized ships, later upgrading by skilled shipwrights over the original number of upgrade slots 4.) mutually agreed PvP on PvE server 5.) no Pirate nation, but special Pirate content (mercenary contract system, secret hideouts, raiding towns, no SOLs). -- Excuse me if I don't elaborate on these, but I have done so in suggestions and hate to repeat myself. It has all been presented already.
  3. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Becoming a Game Developer

    It's an easy introduction, I think. He isn't scared off and can decide, if, after having modded files, the task as programmer would still remain interesting to him as to get deeper into the topic. And that he can also do in 'Space Engineers', as they have a 'programmable block' there which accepts scripts for doing things (moving pistons, rotors, surveillance over pressurization, door closed, weapons etc). So next step after using modder scripts there would be to write own scripts and see how they work on the (ingame) hardware.
  4. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Becoming a Game Developer

    You could encourage him to enter the world of modding, preferably in a game community which is mod-heavy. Obviously not Naval Action with its untouchable game files (for good reason). So I recommend 'Space Engineers' and/or 'Medieval Engineers' (depends if he is rather interested in sci-fi or history) which are sandbox games about building things in space or on Earth respectively. Unlimited creativity, just perfect for a boy that age. Great modding scene with countless contributions enlarge this and here he can do both things, being creative in the game itself (without creating mods) or being creative there plus in modding. https://store.steampowered.com/app/244850 Forum: https://forum.keenswh.com/
  5. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    Basically fine. I just would like to bring in a factor which is not regarded yet, and that is the fighting quality of your crew (I mean physically and skillfully, not morally). What is a morale good for if you have a crew which does not know how to use weapons most effectively as taught by training? So I would like to add the ability to hire more skilled fighters as crew or have them trained on your voyages, at the cost of something (money obviously, or provisions, or lets use the obsolete muskets and gun powder resources for that). So over time your crew improves in fighting skill and adds a varying bonus to that one of morale.
  6. Cetric de Cornusiac

    OW Navigation

    Trader tool as it is performs well as a help for new players to orientate. I would rather like to change the bug reporting window in such ways F11 coordinates are not visible (but to devs when receiving the message of an actual bug report). So at one blow the unintended abuse of that feature would cease to exist. I would welcome the arrival of a sextant though, for map position finding, just for the fun of it. And for immersion. Only when the weather allows it.
  7. Some of you look down upon the PvE community. But don't underestimate them. Player may return to PvP server one day, others make their first experiences here. Some found a way to still love the game which would be dead for them if only the PvP world would exist, after having been ganked once too often... So, for the sake of Naval Action, also PvE server needs some love and new content for attracting players there, maybe something which does not even exist on PvP. And here it is, such thing. -- PvE server could have something dynamic too, like flipping ports and nations fighting against each other. How could this be done without breaking the 'prime directive' of PvE, which is apparently: no PvP ever? And why should PvE players not have some fun like you PvP players with your port battles? An alternative way of struggling for port conquest? My idea tries to implement RvR and port conquest on PvE server without actually one player having to fight against another. Conquest of neutral ports is not done by hostility missions and port battles, but by the result of a mix of four factors which are: fighting NPC enemy of certain nationality in the vicinity of desired ports (A) prevailing market shares in the economy of that port in question (B) number of outposts in this port, in regard of nationalities behind the ownership (C) production rating created by buildings belonging to those outposts (D) Free towns and capital areas of primary nations (GB, FR, ES, NL, Pirates) are not a legitimate target for conquest. Changing the national status of a once neutral port is determined once a week, not daily, for giving enough time for accumulating enough material for the four factors A - D which determine the outcome of attempted flipping. After each week, the server will do automated math about activities around each port and give it to the nation which achieved the most influence over those factors, transparent to the community on a sort of conquest board like what you get on your map in PvP. Changing the nationality of a port means on PvE server: outposts will continue to exist for everyone, but war ships of other nations than the new owner will not be able to enter. Even new outposts can still be set up by foreigners (as is necessary for one of my four factors anyway). A leader board for nations owning ports appears on PvE map info tab. I will now show how those four factors are supposed to work, in an example calculation for a port, say; La Desconocida. Nations involved are V, W, X, Y, Z. (A) Fighting AI fleets in vicinity Players attack AI fleets as usual, but within 15k or 20k diameter around port it will enter the calculation for that port's future ownership. And it matters which nationality among AI you are attacking, for the first time on PvE that does make a difference! Battle Ratings of all ships sunk by players influence how one nation begins to prevail over another in that area. And only there. Fictional calculation as example (did not look up BR, it's just for giving some numbers): Nation V scored 1800 BR against nation W, 600 against X, 300 against Y, 1080 against Z. Nation W scored 1050 against V, 2000 against X, 1500 against Y, 770 against Z. Nation X scored 850 against V, 350 against W, 2800 against Y, 1400 against Z. Nation Y scored 800 against V, 850 against W, 1200 against X, 450 against Z. Nation Z scored 200 against V, 550 against W, 900 against X, 300 against Y. Now those results enter the big picture of all enemy BR having been sunk by each nation around La Desconocida in a week, minus BR gotten inflicted on their own side by the other nations: Nation V: 3780 - (1050+850+800+200) = 880 Nation W: 5320 - (1800+350+850+550) = 1770 Nation X: 5400 - (600+2000+1200+900) = 700 Nation Y: 3300 - (2800+300+1500+300) = - 1600 Nation Z: 1950 - (1400+1080+770+450) = - 1750 We get a qualitative ranking now, telling about who sunk most with the least own (that is still AI of course) losses. It is (1) nation W, (2) nation V, (3) nation X, (4) nation Y, (5 and last) nation Z. This is what is used in the final calculation for factor (A), as we will see at the end of this post. (B) Market shares in port trade of last week Nation V ---> sold value of 28.000 gold, bought value of 56.000 gold in La Desconocida, by all traders of that nation summarized. Total 84.000. Nation W --> sold 14.000 worth, bought 83.000 worth. Total 97.000. Nation X --> sold 5.000, bought 14.000. Total 19.000. Nation Y --> sold 7.200, bought 4.800. Total 12.000. Nation Z --> sold 33.000, bought 22.000. Total 55.000. We get a qualitative ranking in regard of market shares over a week, invisible among competitors, processed in silence by game mechanics which determines: (1) nation W, (2) nation V, (3) nation Z, (4) nation X, (5) nation Y. This is used as factor (B) in the final calculation. (C) Number of outposts in port by nationality Nation V --> 0 (none) Nation W --> 2 Nation X --> 1 Nation Y --> 3 Nation Z --> 3 Qualitative ranking for number of outposts (equal numbers share rank) during last week in La Desconocida: (1) nation Y, (1) nation Z, (2) nation W, (3) nation X, (4) nation V. This is the influence entering the final calculation as factor (C). (D)Production values by buildings belonging to national outposts What does count here is what players actively harvested or crafted by their buildings, not the numbers which have not been requested/processed via player interaction, as these may be inactive accounts. Inactive buildings with just material on stock is being ignored. In addition only resources which leave port could count, not stacks of unused stuff filling up warehouses. Nation V --> 0 (none) Nation W --> 3.600 units Nation X --> 950 units Nation Y --> 3100 units Nation Z --> 2.600 units (labor contracts should be counted x 500 for the hours they contain) Ranking over production buildings here is, collected over a week by nationality: (1) nation W, (2) nation Y, (3) nation Z, (4) nation X, (5) nation V. This is the contribution of factor (D) to the final calculation of all four influences. Now comes the finalization: Nation V --> (factor A) 2nd, (factor B ) 2nd, (factor C) 5th, (factor D) 5th ranking = average 3,5 Nation W --> 1st, 1st, 3rd, 1st = 1,5 Nation X --> 3rd, 4th, 4th, 4th = 3,75 Nation Y --> 4th, 5th, 1st, 2nd = 3,0 Nation Z --> 5th, 5th, 1st, 3rd = 3,5 Result: Nation W holds this port La Desconocida for the next week. Should two nations rank with an identical average, it means a stalemate and a third nation following their ranking will get the port for the week, as "laughing third party". -- All this calculating does not have to bother players. I only wanted to show how the server would have to interpret the events over a week of competition into port flipping efforts. People with an interest in how their nation performs and ranks will simply have to support the economy of a port they want to see theirs as much as possible, plus fight enemy AI next to the port, for doing their part for victory. For PvE server players who don't have any interest in RvR, nothing will change except they would no more be able to sail war ships into former neutral ports which changed nationality, everything else and the status of free towns is not touched. Like it is on PvP. And their traders stay as safe as ever, typical for PvE server. However, with this concept of 'trade war RvR' we would have a new dynamic on PvE server, which will make it more attractive for people to stay (and maybe prepare themselves for another attempt on PvP server afterwards).
  8. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Enemy crew numbers on ships in battle - why should we know?

    Normally I am all for hardcore and realism, but without indicators of damage and crew numbers I suppose new players will be even more clueless, have their bad surprises - and you know what that means, playerbase-wise...
  9. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Patch and Content

    Crow, I am interested. How much cost a persian rug depicting beheaded Swedes? Do I get free slippers when I order two carpets?
  10. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Patch and Content

    Simple. For not being able to sail SOLs you get other privileges not available to us nations; primarily I think of the grand idea of hideouts hidden on the map where to operate from. This is so sexy even I am considering becoming a pirate if that would exist...
  11. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Patch and Content

    Sympathize with most things said here. What would you Pirates say to a 'contract system' which would enable other nations to hire you for short term missions, like privateering for a certain nation for 'letters of marque' aimed at ships of another nation exclusively (for a reward of course)? Like escorting traders and keeping them safe from other pirates/nations? Or adding your ships to someone who wants to attack another nation and wants to use mercenaries for his port battle fleet? I am no Pirate but I guess those are tasty bits for your sort.
  12. Cetric de Cornusiac

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    Too bad the cargo hold is almost halved in comparison to a non-refit Le Gros Ventre. And those swivels of 2 lb are a bit weak when everyone has 6 pd upwards. But still, a great ship I use as leader for a group of Gros Ventres. With the dark red accents on the hull also quite pretty to look at.
  13. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Speaking of incentive and meaningfulness, let's add a production boost to buildings when the port is in possession of your nation. Like 10 % extra, compared to neutral or foreign rule.
  14. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Still the losses which come with port flipping on PvE are minor, compared with the ones on PvP. Nobody has to risk his own ships, unless he does mistakes opposite AI. Possessions on land I don't see endanged, as they can continue to operate under new rule. You are right, PvE players will have to face some threat then, but the gained dynamics, still as much as possible easened for them by only weekly changes, is a cure for 'boredom' I sometimes notice other players uttering about. A bit of threat isn't bad, even on PvE server, for sake of entertainment. And if people want to relocate their warehouses to other ports, it is possible without any danger by shipping stuff on Indiamen to the new place, contrary to PvP server. But I think it will not be necessary, if enough players unite to defend their port by setting up enough outposts and increasing trade and production for winning factors (B), (C) and (D), which is almost ensured when there is a couple of significant clan warehouses and workshops in operation with all business related to them. With my concept, nationality will begin to play a role on PvE, which is hardly having a meaning right now.
  15. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    There is a way of countering a flip. A week is necessary for that and this gives plenty of hints what's going on, especially when you realize unusual number of AI sinking close to a port. Or when you have a spy/alt/friend sitting in another national chat (which is revived with my idea, now national chats are mostly empty and everyone concentrates on global) you get a tip they plan to attack port X. So that leaves you plenty of time to do the same, fighting AI or calling everyone to do trade in that port to at least win other factors than (A). Whole days. Nothing as hasty as things having to be rushed on PvP.
  16. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Right. Once you would build a war ship on your shipyard, you could leave with the new ship, but not return there, until port is retaken into possession by your nation. Anyway, we hardly have a clan scene on PvE server, so the organization level of players is much lower than on clan-ridden PvP. RvR would either have the effect people would join into clans for said purpose, or they'd have to coordinate their efforts a bit over chat, when a particular port is targeted. Someone here in the responses suggested we would simply do portbattles against AI. I doubt AI knows how to defend circles or react on player actions or ruses accordingly (a pattern would soon get detected and endlessly exploited). Also portbattles are concentrated actions on one - two hours, and my idea is taking into account lower numbers of players, and less momentum, so I chose a whole week as time frame for preparations for port flipping. Portbattles are the genuine clan managed thing as ports become clan-owned. None of that is possible on mostly clan-void PvE server.
  17. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    What I forgot in the opening post is, buying and selling over contracts would be restricted to nationals after a port flipped. Still no big disadvantage as most merchandise stays accessible to the whole community. But I need to put some incentive for wanting to conquer a port back. Especially those with rare materials like copper, cartagena tar, white oak etc...
  18. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Yes, I am active in both. Although mostly now on PvE. And it is fine, being able to switch if I feel like it. I did not mean to address devs as "looking down upon PvE players", I meant our proud PvP pro's and I know their posts.
  19. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Thread is not about merging PvP and PvE servers. For most PvE players this is not acceptable at all. Forget it.
  20. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Stormy weather just for optics does not make much difference content-wise. So if there will be storm in port battle (or any battle instances), it should involve necessary protective measures by players if they don't want to take damage (without enemy doing it): having to sail with reduced sails; facing extreme heeling if not turning over, if not met by lowering more sails; not being able to use lowest battery deck; somewhat slowed down turning ability due to waves - and of course the visibility issues...
  21. Cetric de Cornusiac

    OW fishing with interaction / OW-Fischen mit Interaktion

    Actually having to feed your crews on board of (larger) ships by fish meat gives two good impulses: a sort of indirect 'maintenance' like proposed here and there, earlier, (hey, 1000 men on board require something to eat!), and another meaning to small boats like proposed by the thread starter, providing the large quantities of fish meat or provisions needed then to keep the SOLs sailing. Though it is not quite the same thing as my idea he quoted, as my idea was about NPC fishing boats and his is about players' fishing boats. Nevermind, I agree to his idea.
  22. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE NPCs Patrols

    Just bad luck. I know some people there are complaining about finding NPC ships, but like in real life, there are no guarantees. Use a search pattern to comb patrol area. (I don't have issues filling my quota if I go on patrol)
  23. Cetric de Cornusiac

    The state of the game and how we might move it forward.

    If I were developer, I would clearly place my bid on the hardcore realistic (historical) ones. Casuals and arcade-minded come and go, they do not form a lasting "relationship" with a game which they see as the incarnation of their dream.
  24. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Small boat (AI) encounters, with some meanings

    Some people ask the open world to be more lively. Here is one way to add life to the sea and even connect a gameplay purpose with it: Generate small boats which appear randomly on the ocean, preferably closer to islands and shorelines, less so on distant waters. Upon sighting, you would need to close in and investigate further about the nature of that boat. Or ignore it completely and treat it as 'decoration' - your choice. When investigating, you find the boat to be one of three sorts: (1) fishing boat (2) smuggler boat (3) longboat with rescued crew of some sunk ship How you do interact with them? First of all, there is no battle instance with them, because they are too insignificant to enter fight with a big ship. They all get spawned in OW like AI fleets, but stationary and without a route for them. After ten minutes or something they vanish again. You just see them floating on a spot, waiting for you to contact or to ignore them. They don't show national flags, you have to get close to find out whose nationality they have. Fishing boats act as local 'memory' of the game, who store for a time a recording of who came across them and into which direction, within a certain diameter of their view. So you make halt at the fisher boat and interrogate them when you suspect an enemy was passing by. They will tell you size of ship (large, medium, small) and direction he took, roughly (West, Nordwest, Southeast etc). So when you are pursuing an enemy, the fishing boats, if there are any, give you clue where to head while chasing a disappeared enemy. This can be very helpful tracking a hiding opponent. Foreign fishing boats may give you deliberately wrong info or refuse to give any info at all if they have the same nationality as the chased enemy. You may now threaten to sink them if they don't tell. Chance will show if they do or still refuse. Upon refusing they get sunk. This hurts your reputation counter (I mention this here only in case we ever get a sort of 'honorable conduct counter' which measures actions according to honor of the captain). A cooperating fishing boat of your own nationality may even offer you information upon sight without you having to ask first, you will see them signalizing for you to come closer and get the message. Smuggler boats look just like fishing boats (they like to disguise) but serve criminal purposes along the shores and between islands. They give you some loot if you stop by and confiscate their illegal cargo. Cutters, Lynxes, Pickles and Privateers are far more efficient in arresting smuggler boats, so the loot will be bigger if you use small ships of this type to hunt smuggler boats (make small craft great again...). After arresting, smuggler boats disappear from waters, you don't capture a boat for use by yourself, as they are no ships in the sense of game mechanics, but local spawn tokens. To spice smuggler boats up a bit, let's have them carry sometimes permits from Admiralty they have stolen somewhere. Bringing up smuggler boats is honorable in the eyes of your government and thus brings you positive reputation too. You act as law enforcement (again, last remark refers to a honorable conduct counter we don't have yet). Longboat with rescued crew you may interpret as leftovers of any battles happening around you in open world. They head for the next shore to safety. If they share your own nationality, you may help them by giving some of your 'fishmeat' as provisions and thus get a positive impulse for your honor counter. Or you take them aboard and add crew this way to yours. In case they belong to an enemy nation, you may take them prisoner and receive a reward from Admiralty for it. Sometimes a famous person may be on board of that longboat, which will significantly increase the respective effect. You earn the gratitude of that celebrity, the gratefulness of your government - or the wrath of the enemy nation. As with the other boat types, you may simply ignore them and pass by, taking them for open world decoration and you won't be bothered. -- And before someone tells in the comments "we have other things to address now", I tell you suggestions don't have a "best consumed before XXX" date, but can be used any time and resurface from a drawer when they suit. Don't choke the flow of imagination. C'est même gratuit.
  25. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Small boat (AI) encounters, with some meanings

    I can imagine people will rather sell their ship on the 'used ship market' than keep fixing it or get the egg-pincing wasp species. New talk on the market: "Sir, can you assure me this ship is perfectly bug-free?" "By the virginity of my mother, she certainly is clean and not infested. How can you even suspect this, when you look in my deep blue trustworthy eyes?? I am a well reputed ship dealer!"