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  1. Little things you'd like to see

    Some of us grow fond of their favorite ship. Especially when built on your own shipyard and upgraded with permanent extras. Like your car etc in real life, we should have an opportunity to give names to our ships. So there are not dozens of Cerberus'es, but dozens and uniquely your 'XXXXX' - which makes a difference.
  2. On PVE server, NPC ships and fleets should, by option, be able to ATTACK YOU

    Suppose I have to knock on your cabin door and announce my presence on PVE server each time, as you see yourself as the king of PVE? Otherwise I am not participating rightfully on your holy realm? Sorry but I have to laugh at your funny presumption. Even more so as you have not been "insulted" anywhere, just shown you missed the crucial point. But relax, even when my suggestion becomes true, you are still safe from me on PVE, as I don't see how I could disguise myself as a NPC ship.
  3. On PVE server, NPC ships and fleets should, by option, be able to ATTACK YOU

    So you speak for the whole PVE server? Of whom I am a member as well, and I assure you, you don't speak for me. Actually your chain shot goes straight into the water, because you missed the fact I spoke about an option for PVE players. Meaning, who wants to stay safe in a disney-kind of fluffy pinky parallel world where "enemy" fleets wave friendly at you and look on while you pass right before the nozzles of their gun decks with an inferior vessel, can do so all the time to his liking. You switch AI attacking you on and off, also to your liking. That's my vision and I like it. You evade stronger fleets or risk getting chased. It's simply essential for the credibility of such open world where every other nation is your enemy except the 'neutral' ports. You learn even better to survive this way for the day you want to fight human players on PVP.
  4. Make shallows dangerous again

    I don't think pessimism is a solution. We should always speak out our ideas, no matter if they sound too hard to come true or not. It's one of the 'raisons d'etre' for a forum - a think tank for ideas concerning the game in developing process. You never know if you initiate a spark or not. When an idea does not get inserted in a game, you at least can say you did your part in making it heard.
  5. I understand the value of the PVE server for beginners to feel safe and make their experiences with everything. However, once you feel a bit advanced and still don't want to move over to PVP, you should be given an option which teaches you more respect of NPC fleets nearby. As it is now, you can completely ignore them and crossing course with them with no fear whatsoever, no matter how strong the task group is and how weak you are. I wish I would have to avoid them. Make it so, that when starting a game or when organizing the game options, players can chose if NPC ships can attack them or not. I don't think this is much of a programming effort, as there is already an AI directing NPC ships in battle when you attack them. However, the feeling of a real open world is much better if you have to watch out for stronger opponents and avoid them if possible. This does not mean ALL NPC ships will ALWAYS attack you. AI needs to compare strengths and battle ratings and decide on those grounds if it should dare fight or not. So you won't get attacked with your frigate all the time by tiny Lynxes seeking suicide. No frustration potential, because if you find it too hard to sail in an open world with aggressive superior NPC fleets, you simply uncheck their battle initiation capability in your options and you are safe as before.
  6. Make shallows dangerous again

    In the present state, we don't have to take shallows serious. They just slow you down and when you run onto one ahead, you just make a standstill. Turn around and continue voyage. -- Dear captains, this is ridiculous. Shallows, cliffs, rocks, unchartered submaritime objects close to surface were dangerous, very dangerous in the age of wooden ships. They could rip off your underbody or you could get stuck and had to wait if you get free with retreating flood. Or had to get towed by another ship from a sandbank. Sometimes even longboats could do that. -- So shallows need to be dangerous, you learn to better avoid them if you don't want to get damaged or even sunk! (how many ships were lost historically because of running on undersea rocks or the coast? Probably more than were lost in storms or battles) The game could tell you if the shallow found close to your ship is massive rock (more dangerous) or sand (this means less damage but risk of getting stuck with your keel), maybe this is determined by chance, or else by gathered local infos from Caribbean waterway charts. I am aware my suggestion gives new importance to vessels of little draft which have to fear shallows less. With dangerous shallows, a slide over the ground could result in: - 1 - you are getting stuck. Means a loss of time. If you are sailing in company, with a fleet, less time is needed to get free because you get help by another ship towing you. Otherwise you have to wait for the flood, simulated by, let's say, one 360 degree turn of the wind around the full circle until you are set free. You may find your hull damaged in addition and need to repair, especially when running with high speed on it. When you are lucky, you get free without damage. - 2 - you are getting underwater leaks. Could start a mini game where you do some emergency tasking. Outcome determines how fast and effective you can repair the holes. If you fail, you lose your ship and have to continue voyage on one of your fleet ships. If you have none, then you find yourself in the next harbor like after lost battle. Maybe game could differ between large damage and fast sinking or smaller damages and slow sinking - in this case you have the opportunity to move cargo from your hold to another ship in your fleet, if there is space enough. Having with you hull repair material, planks, gives you an advantage in your attempts to close leaks after running on shallows. - 3 - A small chance however remains that you run on a shallow and nothing happens, as it is now. The chance for that event increases when you sail with low speed. You may get away just by changing course, as you are used to.
  7. Little things you'd like to see

    In my time on the PVE server I have not ever witnessed an opponent (and there are only NPC opponents) surrender in battle. This needs to get changed. I mean, people have the desire to survive and even simulated people should have it. When a ship is shot to pieces and hopelessly damaged, preferably when having lost masts and it is no more maneuvrable - they should surrender for god's sake. No matter how many crew they lost, no surrender ever. It's not only not understandable from human side, it's totally unhistorical. Battles were only fought until you knew who prevailed and who lost. Then galantry set in and the loser set his white flag and delivered his sword. Except maybe for pirates, who had a motive for killing off everybody for not leaving behind witnesses who could later testify against them at courts. Here resistance to the last man is more reasonable, because you would know you'd face no mercy as a survivor.
  8. Some more upgrades available for all ships, all class

    Very well, Sir. It's beyond our powers anyway what will get attention and what will not. Until then, the suggestions remain at their place and certainly do not belong to the "perishable" goods in your hold.
  9. I will add my suggestions to the game: (1) Introduce a longitude/latitude measuring with related instrument into the game. The map may receive an invisible grid of such degrees. Players use a sextant for determining position on the map, the quality of that instrument may vary with some sorts you may buy in ports or loot after battle from ships you boarded. it does not give "automatic readings", you seriously have to learn how to use it like a navigator did. This just adds to realism, together with using the protractor on the map as we do now. Maybe on the map we may also get navigational instruments for determining day-distances with a given speed in knots. (2) Insert an upgrade for any ship which lets you mount swivel guns. Those have a rather limited caliber of 1 or 2 pounds, but they can aim in wide angles on the side where they are mounted on the railing. Primarily for short range and as boarding cannons. Could be fired independently from batteries and preferably with different ammunition type. So you would have balls in your batteries and grain in your swivels. (3) Insert an upgrade to add chaser guns to ship types where they are not standard. And an upgrade to increase the number of chasers from 2 to 4. Maybe with connected sacrifice in crew space or cargo space, just a little. It is not a big project to position additional guns in bow or stern positions on a sufficiently wide deck. (4) Some goods should have a perishable character, so you need to deliver them as fast as possible before their value drops dramatically. Especially fish meat! But also pork or food supplies. This makes it important to use fast vessels in order to provide timely transportation (and get higher sale prices). So here is where the use of 'navigational instruments' for determing E.T.A's comes in. (5) To add something on the 'perishable character' thing, insert an upgrade which allows the use of ice blocks for cooling merchandise. Will take space and thus reduce your cargo compartment but should pay off by speedy delivery of perishable and highly sought after goods. (6) Introduce anchors, which help in shallow waters or within a distance to closest shallows to make sharp turns or move a ship versus wind direction by pulling in the anchor chain. (7) Introduce dinghies on board of ships of certain size (snow or brig as a minimum) which can be lowered into water for two tactical purposes: helping during boarding combat (like attacking from another side or sneak in for a bonus in melee) or for pulling a ship away from laying dead in a lull/contrary windsituation by force of their rowing. The existence of dinghies could depend on an upgrade as well, quality of the boat could depend on wood sort being used just like ships. A larger long-boat gives you some advantage for named purposes (more crew, more oars, maybe even gets a swivel gun installed on it).
  10. Shipbuilding woods 2.0

    Black Ironwood is not used for shipbuilding? Very expensive (in ports) - and very durable. Or too heavy for maritime usage? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ironwood Probably this one in particular: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handroanthus_serratifolius
  11. Post Boarding, Ship Hold Inspection...the elusive [X]

    Glad to have finally found a good description. I already missed capturing two Trader Snows just because there was no 'x' keystroke visible to me. I knew of its existence from other info, but just hammering 'x' without seeing 'x' on the screen does you no good.