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  1. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    Up to now I am a player exclusively active on the PvE server. In fact all those stories on this forum about what's going on in PvP, ganking etc, reads like a warning not to touch the PvP server, especially when you don't sail with the clans. I would dare take a look inside PvP Global, but I don't have the info or reassurement I will find all my stuff again on PvE server, when I go to PvP once and decide to return to PvE server afterwards, with the same account. And until I have that info from someone who did the same, or from official side, I will not risk it.
  2. Chance of crafting a special ship

    Yes, increasing with shipyard size which I imagine having more specialists and machinery for crafting better ships (not only bigger ones).
  3. (RolePlay) game Combat mission 6th rate against 3 pirate ships

    That's why no women are allowed on ships. They bring bad luck, as you have experienced.
  4. It should. - My opinion. Reflecting the higher professionalism on a larger shipyard, which I imagine to have more machinery and shipbuilders, a construction planning department, and what else. Too bad if it is true and only improvement over a level 2 shipyard is you can construct 1st rates, then I would not have upgraded at all, because I feel comfortable in the heavy frigate field, 5th rate.
  5. So building ships with 5 permanent upgrade slots was a bug? I just had upgraded my shipyard to level 3 and thought, after I built an Indiaman (info card in orange instead of blue), this was the effect of a level 3 shipyard in comparison to level 2. So, today I built on the same shipyard a Trincomalee and the result was a 3 permanent upgrade version. Due to latest patch, I guess. So what is the sense of updating shipyards if no benefits come from it? I thought it makes sense, 5 instead of 3 slots for all the investments of iron ingots, oak and stone.
  6. Navy versions of Existing ships to increase variety

    Yes, the differences being asked for here could very well be done on an individual basis when we had more upgrade slots and the appropriate refits which change the nature of a given basic ship design to the desired specification, together with the existing ones. As some refits in reality would take weeks of work to accomplish, I would suggest to make it rather expensive in terms of labor contracts necessary for any changes which are heavy on changing the characteristics of the original design.
  7. Indiaman bug

    Historically an Indiaman (actually there was distinction between an East Indiaman and a West Indiaman (somewhat smaller)) happened to be a blend of a cargo ship, troop carrier and war ship invented by the Dutch. It could pretty well make a stand in battle, it was designed to scare off all possible trouble makers en route to the Indian Ocean and provide the colonies with all they would need, including emigrants. So, the tag 'trade ship' does belittle the Indiaman for what it is.
  8. Fleet ships temporarily on 'autopilot' => NPC

    Sorry, I was not aware someone had proposed this already.
  9. Fleet ships temporarily on 'autopilot' => NPC

    Today I want to propose another idea, about an improvement for your accompanying fleet. Sometimes I want to distribute ships, like ordering one to part from me and sail to port X, while I continue voyage with another to port Y. Since we have Captains under our command (in battle) on those fleet ships, wouldn't it be natural they could do limited actions on their own even on the Open World map? Nothing sophisticated like following trade routes buying/selling stuff automatically (as I remember as feature in 'Port Royale' game), just an order to sail on his own to a certain destination after you dispatch him. While the fleet ship is on route, it would be a NPC ship and you could not command it until it reaches port. There you can take it over again. Your risk: if attacked/intercepted on the way, the ship would have to survive battle like any NPC ship, if you lose it this way, you just get a notice about the result. In case the ship would win a fight, it would carry on towards destination afterwards.
  10. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    That's a good one, too. Surprise, surprise!
  11. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    I like PvE as I am doing it on the PvE server. With the idea I proposed some time ago, about NPC ships attacking you at certain conditions and when you chose so in the options menu, it would be even better. Basically I like all ideas of this thread.
  12. Little things you'd like to see

    I know. I would only suggest no 'auto-battle calculation' runs on when a player is disconnected. Either you find yourself respawn into OW with the exact damage situation when you were disconnected, or the game would be able to let you continue inside battle instance when you reconnect. Maybe a series of auto saves during battle would be an idea for this, so you will join at the last one before getting thrown out. Let's say - one minute intervalls, so they don't let you change the course of the battle too much by setting in much earlier (and avoiding mistakes you may have done).
  13. Looting Mechanic

    Mini-game or your longboat is leaving your vessel right in the battle instance, just has to spawn next to the ship. Once manned and maneuverable, you give orders to it (like looting a defeated ship). Other purposes I described somewhere else, like ordering the manned boat to assist you in boarding, from another side, which would give you a bonus for melee. Thanks to the roars it would not depend on wind, but stay slow at all times. However, it would become a target in its own right once in the water and not immune against enemy fire.
  14. Looting Mechanic

    Yes. I often get frustrated of not reaching a sinking ship for looting because it always seems to be unreachable in time. If we think of longboats being put into the water for a visit, that alone makes our depending on wind to reach the booty ridiculous. Great reason to implement boats to the game, by the way. Purpose does not stop with this.
  15. Unequal battles

    I think the frustration level for some beginner players could be decreased if (PVE/NPC) Ships would at least surrender when being in hopeless situation/downgunned/almost sinking. This way they get more success experiences while the game does not have to turn into fluffy pinky Disneyworld, just more realistic with crews who don't want to die if they still can be saved by surrendering.