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  1. Cetric de Cornusiac

    World Cup (annual event)

    Anything distracting from that real world "world cup" of shame in Russia is welcome.
  2. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    But avoid to force newbies to follow certain mission strings. Make all that you proposed voluntarily accepted content, not mandatory. Me, for example; I am a player type who really hates to follow predefined tracks how to do things. I want the most of freedom. Sandbox type of games are therefore perfect for me, tunnel levels and scripted stories my nightmare. People like me would get annoyed. The gamer type who needs a storyline, missions and carrots in front of his nose - otherwise complaining he has no motivation in the game to do things - he may have no objection to missions strictly imposed on him.
  3. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    I smell some great potential in this idea which could get implemented in PvP server just as well. Make it so, that new players of the lowest ranks always have the choice to accept or dismiss an attack by some veteran player, no matter if the latter joins an AI fight or seeks PvP conflict directly. This could prevent "seal clubbing" altogether and quitting of frustrated new players. If the newbie accepted, he cannot be angry at the game afterwards because it was his decision and he was no helpless victim. Could have said no. So I see here a way to keep new players in the game by avoiding ruthless situations for them, if not agreed upon. Just to make this look good to the experienced players as well, add a ransom fee payable by the otherwise ganked newbie to his potential attacker if he says no - not too much though. So it will be like the newbie gave some money for being left alone. 10.000 gold maybe, should not bankrupt anyone. This while he has no such choice if confronted by another player of the same rank. For example, if two newbies of lieutenant rank meet, they have to fight it out. And of course if a lower rank attacks a higher rank. The protective function fades out after climbing on the career ladder.
  4. Cetric de Cornusiac


    Great idea. Give the passengers some individual (random) skills which could help you, regard it as temporary 'ship knowledge' addition. Before someone comes and tells me this could be exploited by never leaving the passenger ashore again and bind him to the ship: let that skill only work as long as you follow roughly the route the passenger asked for to get to his destination, and if you take too long time, let the passenger rage quit after given number of days he did not arrive...
  5. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Port tavern message board for all

    Communication in various forms is an asset in any online multiplayer game. I already proposed more means of communication in form of grouping (chats) for various tasks beyond clan, nation and trade chats which all have their limitations. Now this proposal here is about building a 'message board' in every port where everyone can leave a notice, which will expire after number of days. He may even chose how long it stays alive and have to pay a fee to the port owner (clan) for messaging. Like 1 day: 10.000 gold, 2 days: 20.000 gold... 9 days: 90.000 gold. Option to determine the price if you are that port owner. Message purposes are for advertising ships they may have on sale in that port (or warnings not to buy them, as they are meant to be "parked"...), arrangements to meet there with certain other players, offering merchandise before actually putting them into the shop (market studies...), asking for a shipwright to buy certain ship type, ... and many other topics, some of which you would find now in the local trade chat, but would need a longer time of visibility. Even enemy captains visiting on a smuggler trip could write stuff here. Imagine this to be the message board in the local sailor-frequented tavern, if message entry is public. If the author can chose to whom his message will be visible, imagine you gave a tip to the barkeeper for handing a paper to someone you expected in this place soon. Pros: - More useful communication, lasting longer - More income for port owners by paid fees - Deals of all kinds and annotations to offers made easier - you learn who has been in port when and what for, if he leaves a note to those to whom it may concern for whatever reason... Cons: - Possible abuse by pointless communication? - Who moderates this? Maybe port owning clan - (also a pro argument, depending on which side you are on:) coded espionage messages enabled
  6. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    I regard a letter of marque mechanism as something different from "changing nationality every 30 days". More like a contract thing. And only for pirates. They can chose lifestyle and jobs. Either stay plain pirate and attack anyone (from their secret hideouts), or offer themselves or their clan as contract mercenaries to nations, which hire them for an appointed period and negotiated price. Only then they are privateers with letter of marque. Contract ends and they lose status as privateer for that nation which took them under contract, they return to the plain piracy mode. This has nothing to do with the DLC changing the nation. In my concept pirates would not become "french" or british" or else but still be pirates, just on temporary truce with the nation which hired their clan and working for that nation.
  7. Cetric de Cornusiac

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    Don't like the visibility to everyone. Right now sealed bottles are a good way not-so-veteran players get something of value or even opens up an upgrade for them they otherwise could not achieve. You know who will retrieve most wrecks once they are plainly open visible - the veterans again. Because they are patrolling areas anyway in search of victims.
  8. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    Playing for combat marks or even PvP marks? Now that's what I would call risky. What about giving to players of crowns + anchors the choice in what currency they want to bid? From gold to combat marks to PvP marks.
  9. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    We could give another purpose to Pirate clans as a sort of mercenaries (if they chose so). Nations can hire a clan for supporting them on a given goal, for example as screen group at a PB. Or for raiding the waters of a specified enemy. In a table somewhere on your map window you could check the status for Pirate clans (not a Pirate 'nation', as it would be dissolved and turned into a loose clan structure system) and see, for whom they are under contract at the moment - turning them into a privateer clan for the time the contract works, with right to enter ports of the nation they work with and get ships equipped and repaired there. After contract is expired, they turn into general Pirate clan again and can be hired by someone else. Lots of dynamics this way....
  10. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    This what you describe is just one form of piracy. The legalized one in the service of a nation, with a "letter of marque". Basically that is the privateer career. He gets his booty or a large share as long as he is attacking only the nations his king wants to see attacked. Piracy employed by his nation. The moment he strikes someone else, the privateer status is lost and he is an ordinary pirate again, who knows no allegiance to any side (or just temporary for some 'deal'). The moment when we don't speak about privateers but full pirates, the nationality or origin does not play any role. On the contrary: as a criminal awaiting death sentence once caught his way back to his country is impossible without granted pardon, he has to seek a fortune with another nation where nobody will know him (so he hopes).
  11. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    Independence... being the only ones capable of founding secret hideouts on the map... having no diplomatic ties to observe as we nationals have to... hit-and-run fun and seeking wealth and fortune... All this will make people flock to a Pirate clan, it will be a totally different play style. And I think this is more than sufficient in benefits as to accept the restrictions on crew / ship size.
  12. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    That fits into the clan structure picture, doesn't it? Those loose groups never had a full size battle ship fleet, crew came and went with their plans and success, low grade of organization, people deciding to become Pirates have to face legal problems outside of these groups and thus have to think twice before joining Pirates -- all that must be the major difference to a real nation.
  13. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Pirate Dens around the map

    Delete pirate 'nation' altogether, as there never was one. Pirates are individuals fighting for profit and maybe grouping with others, that makes a clan. So Pirates can offer what some have been demanding for all nations in this forum: a clan based conflict and not RvR. All 'other' nations of course stay nations. And seeing Pirates move around in fleets the size of a national navy is just ridiculous. Impede them in crew command, so they can barely use a 4th rate. Other mechanics, like the proposed dens and secret hideouts, are given to them as unique feature in compensation of the lost status and battle ships of a real nation. I think that will bring them even more players...
  14. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Maintenance of heavily specialised equipped vessels

    No. They won't sit on a First Rate. Only experienced players do. New and poor players cannot afford the ship anyway, with or without maintenance - if they weren't already impeded by not commanding enough crew.
  15. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Maintenance of heavily specialised equipped vessels

    Idea implies the upgrade is being damaged for causing extra repair costs? Or is it a general cost increase no matter if modules are damaged?