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  1. The new sailing model made lower 5th rates useless - renommee, l'hermione, surprise, pirate frigate etc. If they are meant to be used in pvp at all they could all use a boost.
  2. So according to you the problem appears to be the players, I'm sure the game would be better without them
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    Good fights people Poland and Sweden thanks for coming out
  4. special sails?

    It'd be nice if the game showed those on vessels that have these equipped, same with marines and whatever other stuff is on the ship.
  5. Carronade/long cannon combination bug

    32 pd carronades bottom deck, 6 pd long cannons upper deck - renommee. The result is carronade balls seem to shoot at an angle that's about 25 degrees higher than the long cannons, disabling long cannons does not reduce this weird angle. This results in the carronade balls going high up into the sky for some reason. Please fix I should note that my heel angle is about 12 deg, distance to target approximately 30m. I aim at the mid section of the masts - balls go way over the top of the masts at what seems to be an angle that should not even be achievable, and definitely not the angle at which I am aiming.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    Do you ever log off? I am so sick of seeing your spam on global. Are you on like 24/7?
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    First time ever I've seen Christendom outside on his own, well sort of on his own, sailing 2 accounts (dual boxing at 4am in a port battle wtf). I savoured every moment of this encounter, especially at 4am on year's day and drunk. Seeing him struggle was quite satisfying. I let you out to regain crew, you sailed into my arms again and I was going to continue the punishment but you surrendered. What a letdown. EDIT Some stats for you since you're such a forum warrior: you did - 10% sail damage, 2% hull damage, 30% crew damage in however long I let you do this for. For a guy with like 20k hours into this game you officially suck, kthx.
  8. Not a sailing expert here - I play the game, I more or less understand the sailing mechanics but some of the changes made are an annoyance and add nothing to the game. Wind shifting - too fast Leeway - it's hard to say, visually, where the ship is getting pushed, the wake is not properly shown, while you can figure out the direction by looking at the wind or manipulating your camera angle, it just looks 'weird'. Another problem is getting 'beached' - there are port battles with not much water to maneuver in. This feature seems unfinished. Looting - while it does make you a better ship driver after a while it's just an annoyance, why not have some sort of auto-loot feature (even if it's a damn perk, gah), or why not distribute the loot amongst the group like most games do it with some sort of a lotto feature. Sticky vessels - if you get t-boned by another vessel it's ridiculously hard to get both parties free. It's as if 2 balls of play dough collided (not even talking about damage for ramming) Rewards in PvP are based on hull damage (perhaps crew), it could use adjustments. Also rewards for the losing side, why not reward participation and encourage further attempts.
  9. Wind shifting to fast

    I agree, a little too fast.
  10. here is how it goes for most new players, I think: grind, grind, pvp - get owned, grind, grind, grind (max rank reached), pvp - get owned, pvp - get owned, pvp - get owned, pvp - get owned, grind, grind, hello kitty it. for the 5% that actually survive that, well, 6 months and you become competitive because you've acquired enough superbooks, supermods, supermarks and superships and experience to compete. How do you retain people with this? By the way PvE vs PvP - stupid topic, why not just remove all PvE mods, the need to 'level up' or collect money or whatever. You want something? You go PvP, oh wait, it's called legends.
  11. alt farming

    That's just silly - if I share my Internet connection with other people in the house you want me to write a letter to the devs and do what? Give them a family photo? Here:
  12. Prussia,Russia,Poland Why?

    Ain't that the truth lol
  13. Prussia,Russia,Poland Why?

    Hard to see but that is what the banner looked like. It could by 'improved' by using a fictional one such as this, I guess:
  14. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    great work!