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  1. Naval grape was bigger than what was used to clear infantry, its purpose was to cut up rigging, puncture sails etc by the way. So please portray it correctly not as some sort of projectile that decimates crew. Swivel guns were used for this purpose, and they, you know, swiveled.
  2. And while we're at it, let's limit the amount of grape a ship carries, kind of like chain. Nobody should be graped for 1hr30mins.
  3. Le Raf Boom

    Retag griefing

    This is a limitation of instanced combat that's separate from the rest of the world. You can't really fix it, you will create a different problem. I understand that chain tagging someone just to grief them is a problem, but it seems these guys were not trying to grief, they were just not very good at executing a proper tag and sinking the guy.
  4. So the ship pushing you could instead join the boarding combat, right? Or do you just want to get a cheesy kill in a hopeless situation because you managed to 'pull' someone?
  5. How about finishing the UI patch before ripping apart the system that works more or less? It makes no hello kittying sense whatsoever.
  6. Crowd control NA style, who the hell needs this? @admin you laid out a plan, why do you bite yourself in the foot by deviating from it? Finish what you decided you were going to finish instead of adding something that will take you months to balance/get right again.
  7. Le Raf Boom

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    That's just pitiful.
  8. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    Accurate to within a few nautical miles, celestial navigation was a thing until the invention of the GPS, eh?
  9. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    People have been able to navigate for thousands of years, and no, none of it required fish meat
  10. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    That's where the sextant comes in, you are here. You are HERE, right? While this is no GPS it's very accurate with a good chart.
  11. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    See this 18th century map? See longitude and latitude marked clearly? The game would have us follow fish scent and the intensity of it rather than having stuff that actually makes sense. And, how about the Moon too?
  12. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    A sextant can be used at night, it can be used with landmarks to triangulate your exact position, it can be used to measure distance between ships and a lot of other cool stuff. Having to use this 'trader's tool' is silly really. The tool was invented somewhere in the 17th century or early in the 18th century. The other tool used for navigation was the astrolabe and apparently it dates back to 220-150 BC.... You don't like knowing your position, don't use the map, just follow the scent?
  13. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    Within a few nautical miles, that's the kind of precision they had around the time. So I don't know what a few nautical miles in game would look like but it seems like a good thing to have. Why overcomplicate things
  14. Le Raf Boom

    OW Navigation

    Navigation can't be a pain in the ass, why complicate it? Give the player the location of his ship on the map and be done with it. What does all this extra fluff really add?
  15. Le Raf Boom

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    The land of the basic cutter and the home of the carebear.