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  1. Regarding port battles

    Same day battle is a much better option - lots of action. Perhaps add a limit of how many pbs a nation can set a day.
  2. You look like you got your money's worth, why don't you retire?
  3. It's kind of pointless to play on global now so eagerly awaiting the merge!
  4. Are you guys ever going to complete this patch? How does it even work when you update half the ships, leave things broken and just move on to whatever else.
  5. That's a pretty good video there! NA doesn't seem to do much to encourage 'dangerous' play, it kind of sucks when you're rewarded with a ganking for taking risks
  6. Because they figured it would give them another source of income. Which I have no problem with, but in the future when the games launch would it not make sense for the owners to access both from a single interface?
  7. You know this how? The game was exactly like this at launch - a combination of OW and whatever legends is.
  8. So I have access to both games - for customers such as myself, would it not be great to have an option to queue for NAL battles while playing NA?
  9. Promoting more PVP

    Less uber lewt - it takes a long time to get the refits you want, at least for me, I'm a new player. Losing a ship means grinding PVE for hours. While on this topic - why the horrendous book grind? After playing for 2 months I get fireships 4-5 book, yay me, at this rate I may have other skills I desire in the next 20 years.
  10. I decided to put your theory to an unscientific test, the quality of the loot seems to be definitely better when fighting 7 rates!
  11. Blatant abuse of the system in place. Numbers clearly present on the pirate side yet the feel inclined to try to eliminate a portion of the pvp population to continue their ganking extravaganza. PVP Global needs help from the administrator, part of this toxic population needs to disappear for this server to at least have a chance to recover.
  12. Transfers between servers

    dead as can be, reaching 120 players now, prime time, toxic as hell too, no wonder nobody wants to play there. Now we have fake french making a mockery out of this whole nation system.
  13. PVP Mark abuse solution

    As if the gap between new and old players wasn't wide enough. Why make it even worse?
  14. Can we have transfers between servers? Global PVP population is declining - I know some have asked for a merge but I think the better idea would be just to allow transfers between servers.
  15. Ship speeds

    The cap may remain but things such as acceleration for big ships needs to be very low - speed loss due to turns needs to affect bigger ships more. I don't see the acceleration stat in the game - a heavy ship can go fast but it will take a very long time to achieve the top speed.