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  1. You read my mind, on that respect I would recommend using long guns, double charge perk and any + penetration mod/book. Great Job Jodgi! Very thoughtful and masterfully done.
  2. PVP Mark abuse solution

    I see you're good at running, looks your dog is the better hunter
  3. PVP Mark abuse solution

    What if they're just buddies that like to PvP each other?
  4. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Also, you can lose your ship to AI faster than killing an alt or the above.
  5. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Ok. I have seen a bunch of stories around here so lets stick to facts. Screen shots or it never happened.
  6. PVP Mark abuse solution

    I agree. I think the whole discussion started about the combat marks/PvP marks conversion ratio using as standard 100 cm/hour. Arguably, in my mind 1/100 it's just crazy talk
  7. PVP Mark abuse solution

    That's about 3 single combat missions so about 45 min including pick up loot, travel, in and out missions. Not to mention the time of getting missions close to port Lets not forget that a new player will take way longer.
  8. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Honestly I doubt that is a fleet mission
  9. Why did players leave?

    There are also the red areas which increase in size based on the PvP/hostility.
  10. PVP Mark abuse solution

    It also takes over an hour. How many new players grind fleet missions in a first rate?
  11. Why did players leave?

    The undeniable truth is that we will have to figure out how to fit everyone on one server while creating visible hot spots for PvP.. I think some are familiar with the POTBS system, while they failed on other aspects, I think they nailed it on that respect. Just some food for thought. http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/Sea_combat
  12. Why did you ruin the wapens best trait?

    They have the same turn rate percentage but different acceleration. Turn rate percentage is only one variable contributing to how fast a ship turns.
  13. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Wishful thinking is one thing and reality another.
  14. PVP Mark abuse solution

    I agree.