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  1. Well, what about these notes from patch 1.06: It seems to me that the AI is unbounded by "Cash", so it can utilize its entire manpower. I have 120k soldiers unutilized because I simply don't have the cash for it. This doesn't make for very fair battles. It seems the more I win, and the more I take risks to decisively destroy an enemy army, the more I suffer in the next battle, because unlike the AI, I can't utilize everything available to me, unless I have the cash for it.
  2. Hi all, I'm a bit irritated by the AI battle buffs (where their unit composition responds to mine (e.g. if I have more snipers, they get tons of elite sharpshooters)), or in some battles where they just have a lot of units even though I have been thrashing them in the past few battles. I understand this is a bit of a new feature (it wasn't an issue in the early updates), but I hate it. How do I disable it>?