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  1. In such a situation, the sails would be taken in or reduced to something more appropriate, no? But as you can see, currently we don't have full control of each sail. In regards to sails plan, I have this idea where you can choose to set each individual sails, and setting the best combination of sails will yield the best thrust, whereas if you don't some sails be in the lee of others, and won't generate thrust. The idea is to tie the setting of sails to a specific button, say w, when you press it shows you the masts. 1,2 and 3 will be the fore, main and mizzen mast, and you can have tick boxes at each mast to represent each sails. So if you press 1, a yellow box will highlight the foremast, and you can navigate the sails with A and D key, choose to set or douse with W. Or you can use the mouse to click and choose! Something like the crudely drawn image below? And the mast icon can show you which sails are set. and you can add staysails for each masts in there too if you want more control over those. Do you think this is too complicated? The only issue is if you choose to reef each sails, it will requires using another button and different marker to indicate reefed sails
  2. My follow up question would be "Wasn't it regular practise to sail with less sails in those kind of wind?". I don't think the game model enough of the real world effects to implement that without some glaring un-realism.
  3. @admin Any plan on changes the storm mechanic, rather than leaving it to reduce visibility? Maybe force players to sail with less sails or risk taking sails and crew damage? Or do away with storm altogether if doesn't do anything but reduce visibility on OW?
  4. It seems most of these refers to capsizing during storms, and the two papers suggests capsizing with of around 20knots or more. Don't the devs mean, capsizing in fairwind just from the sailforce in that condition alone?
  5. c.1820 Not fighting for the crown and england. smh
  6. @admin please walk me through this scenario : I have a Victory made of Live oak and White Oak with Cartagena caulking mod and Navy Structure refit. When it is "moved" to the EU server, I'd get a redeemable for a Victory ( that I can choose any wood types), a redeemable for Cartagena Caulking, and a redeemable for navy structure refit? Thanks in advance.
  7. I disagree, the only additional information that players have to keep in mind are the angles of their sails to the wind. I am not a hardcore pvp but I like the fact that my sails now affects my turning rate noticeably. I'd like it more if the rudder doesn't feel useless or not very significant. Mind you, I'm not saying improve the turning rate of all ships so 1st rates can do donuts, but more like balance the turning between the rudder and sails a bit more
  8. I believe he means, without the foremast, the force of the mainmast will be balanced out by the force on the mizzenmast automatically.
  9. @admin Where can we get some numbers so we can monitor all the changes? i.e. On patch 1 Sails on the surprise at 100% is 100 metersquare, it's weight is 600t. On patch 2, sails on the surprise is 110meter square, weight is 600t. From this the players can follow the changes more quickly. For this patch, specifically, I'd be much obliged to see the area of sails for ships that are affected by the changes, as the width and length can be found on wikipedia.
  10. @admin In regards to this patch and the previous one, some players believe it won't do much in players retention or attracting new players, while some condemn it as being not realistic (1st rates coming out of tack at over 5knots), how would you justify these patches? Secondly, there are complaints regarding the UI of the game, to tie this back to the patches, would the patches better retains current players than an improved GUI?
  11. @admin Where can I get some numbers for these changes? i.e amounts of sails on a Surprise as square meter?
  12. In regards to improving OW speed, any thoughts on improving OW turning rate too?