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  1. Mortar Brig Build & Advice

    I don't have much experience with the MB and would appreciate any advice and info about the best builds for it. I assume best is to stack speed and reload speed? What books have effect on the mortars and which don't? I assume Gunnery Encyclopedia does nothing except buff reload speed for mortars? Is there a reload speed hard cap for mortars? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mortar Brig Build & Advice

    Wrong link I think? This is only 1 post by someone else asking about epic event locations...
  3. Port Battles aka PvP Events

    Make that 2x PvP marks and we're good to go.
  4. Minuscule like 5 perm slots instead of 3? Almost double? Hey man, if you craft a ship with this minuscule bonus... just sell it to me, it doesn't make much of a difference anyways...
  5. Little things you'd like to see

    Do you mean towers??
  6. Port Battle timer cool down

    A rather small loan.
  7. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Yeah, but I think those are back to playing as dutch? At least it was the carebears in the south and all their ports are gone... I guess as soon as they had a PB they were playing RvR? They took some ports as seen on the map.... Of course they can't go full conquest mode like the zerg nations with a hand full of players. And nobody wants to attack them, because everyone knows you can't take shit from them unless you somehow outnumber them which is hard to do when they are defending? Everyone who tried so far got hello kittying devastated.... I'd actually like to see HRE or RUBLI have a go at them... that would maybe be worth watching.
  8. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    I think they have no crafting or carebear area, because they don't like dirty PvE players in their nation.... look at their PB history... have they lost a single one yet? They could probably easily open some carebear region somewhere if they wanted to I guess.... only way to defeat them is zerg them down - maybe a job for swedes? I'd call prussia one of the most successful nations simply because they probably have most of quality PvP players compared to their player numbers and not just a hello kittying dreadfleet of carebears that can only overwhelm others by numbers.... I would have joined them already but I can't be arsed to haul all my shit around to switch and I just love my Jolly Roger
  9. It's not magic... it's RNG ... everything is better with RNG.
  10. Port Wipe

    Please don't forget paint chests for VMs and PvP Marks
  11. Fortress problem

    More like carebears can't get the easy way out of a fight.... the forts rather get away of balanced pvp, because in a real gank you get hello kittyed up and chained / demasted before you even reach the fort? Unless you actually sit right below the forts 24/7 but we have greenzones for that, no? Also forts can still be bought but at least it nerfs zerg nations that want them everywhere a tiny bit...
  12. Fortress problem

    I already suggested this mulitple times. Let forts outside of the greenzones only fire outside of PBs, if the clan pays for it. Also 50k seems rather cheap looking at the retarded amounts of gold in the game. maybe +100k for a fort ( 2 maximum ) and + 20k for a tower ( 3 maximum ). Maybe it should be possible to sink even more gold to improve the forts stats slightly... This way clans can fortify their important ports at a cost but not every backwater port sports 2 forts and 3 tower by default.... Forts are just another obstacle that kills potential PvP with max rank players always hiding below them on the rare occasion of them leaving the greenzone...
  13. Le Reqin (Xebec) New Tease Picture

    I don't know... seems a bit too specialised as first ship for new players? But who knows...
  14. Predicting Statistics for Proposed Ships

    You nerfed the crafting RNG again, didnt you? Now I dont even get trims anymore... I used to get very agile or very fast but not anymore... 16 ships built and 0 trims or bonus perm slot... did you remove trims again or is the RNG just even more cancerous now?
  15. New Player Exeprience - 3 v 1???

    When my mate got into the game he couldn't even board a AI Trader brig, while I was thoroughly explaining it to him... maybe he is just an idiot but new players still need some easy start to get into the game, if they are meant to stay...
  16. I love how passionate you are about your game...
  17. Trader Skill slots

    Yeah, but I would like to use the trader as bait to sink other warships and traders. With only 3 slots, that isn't too appealing however...
  18. I want to know why trader ships only have 3 skill slots. Aren't trader ships limited enough by their lack of guns or inferior crew / ship speed etc. ? It cracks me up every time I hear carebears wailing about how hitting traders is ganking and only coward business etc... but while I think they are delusional idiots they are right in that traders are easy kills and I don't see why they should only have 3 skill slots to make it even easier. This came to my attention when I noticed how hello kittying useless the LGV refit is but it probably applies to all traders. So what is the reason for traders being restricted to 3 slots? People would otherwise use Indiamen for PBs and hide in enemy ports?
  19. Trader Skill slots

    Hahahaha... there we go again.... it is what the game is about mate. Who would just let a trader that has probably valuable cargo loaded get away `? Only a complete retard... Hitting traders wasn't only a pirate thing either... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commerce_raiding Every time someone calls hitting traders ganking or cowardly, they make themselves look like complete idiots... not saying I only go for traders but who wouldn't take a loaded indiaman, when given the chance? PvE server has 100% safe trader routes too... The only point of having traders in OW on the PvP server is so they can be intercepted ( and this was already reduced with greenzones ) and whenever someone says playing the game as it is meant to be played is cowardly or ganking, I almost fall off my chair laughing.
  20. WTS Orange/Gold Santi with Strong Rig

    Probably even true... I guess chances on 1st rates are much higher since you can't spam them?
  21. WTS Orange/Gold Santi with Strong Rig

    How many santi did you built to get this one?
  22. PvP/Ganking Issues

    Where the F should they sit then? It's the fault of the game and mechanics that everyone comes to the safe zones to "gank" ( sometimes gank and sometimes just looking for fair fights ). It's the fault of experienced max rank players hiding like cowards in the zones to do PvE that the new players take the beating, because they don't understand the mechanics as well as the max rank players and are easier to get into a fight... I mean how hard can it be to only give new players untouchable status in the zones but exclude rank 6+ ? And "jumping traders" ... are you for real mate? It's retarded enough that you can trade / craft with immunity in the zones and you actually complain about people taking traders down, if they get the chance? Are we playing Hello Kitty online or something? I used to play pirates too but kinda quit.... game is going to shit slowly and pirates became the biggest carebear nation of the server...