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  1. PvP Rank

    Makes you wonder why we don't have something like this yet?
  2. Unequal battles

    @admin Check out my suggestion, please. It would also increase PvP, if player names are hidden.
  3. PvP Rank

    So basically what I suggested but you call it reputation instead of rank?
  4. Unequal battles

    I would also like to see that you can not read nation or exact ship at long range unless you use spyglass for 10 seconds on it... so when you only click on it you can only read "Unidentified Lineship / Frigate / Schooner " etc. ... I know it wouldn't be a big deal but it would give the spyglass some meaning in OW.
  5. PvP Rank

    Well, they don't have to remove marks for this but I am sure this rank system would promote PvP and fights between veterans / the top dogs that usually pray on the weak for easy marks... it sure would be more of an incentive than useless PvP marks to me and while I play for the sake of PvP itself like you say, it is only possible if you have other players to fight in the OW.... and preferably skilled ones. The other day I made a trip in OW again and all I found was Basic cutters, a trader brig and people running in fir/fir ships... not hard to imagine why the steam rating is complete shit
  6. PvP Rank

    No man, this rank has NOTHING to do with other game mechanics at all. All it is for is give incentive and long term goals for PvP. It's not like people don't know who the better PvP players are anyways.... it would simply make it more official.
  7. PvP Rank

    Sure if you find some of the better PvP players that lets you sink him for hours on end, then you can farm it to get some cosmetic items But it would take a long time to hit higher ranks and people tend to know who are the better PvP players... would be easy to find and ban extreme farmers... You would first have to sink a lot of ships with your alt to rank it up so it gives good xp and then you would have to sink even more ships to farm your alt and I am guessing it would be easy for the devs to see this?? They could also make it so you lose PvP rank ( but not the rewards ) if you sink but this wouldn't promote PvP as much...
  8. PvP Rank

    Doesn't sound to me like the read the OP... the rank is prestige and gives you no direct upgrades or advantage, so why would you have to grind it????!? It gives incentive to PvP and shows you how experienced a player is in PvP, while hitting low PvP rank players isn't very rewarding for top dogs, if they want to rank up. So in a way this also prevents seal clubbing and hitting on PvE players a bit...
  9. Unequal battles

    Bullshit. 5 super mario lives devalued ships that had less than 5 super mario lives left. If they ever bring back multiple duras i'll uninstall and give the game a negative review with every single one of my alt accounts. Multi-dura is garbage, unrealistic and I am glad it is gone. One of their best choices to remove this - it didn't do anything other than devalue ships that weren't 5/5.
  10. PvP Rank

    Yes, everyone starts with 0 PvP rank xp and it has nothing to do with the normal ranks like Master and Commander, Rear Admiral etc. that you can get in PvE... So Liq senpai would be the same rank 0 as some new player first but he would probably rank up pretty fast. No wipe or anything needed at all.
  11. PvP Rank

    So as we all know, we need more incentives for PvP and at the same time inexperienced or simply bad players have a hard time getting into PvP because they are farmed by the seasoned PvP veterans. What if we had PvP Ranks? PvP marks keep losing value since they get farmed with alt accounts and books for PvP marks are pretty much garbage across the board and the ships can't get bonus perm slots or inbuilt trims making them heavily overpriced except for maybe Wasa. All you really need PvP marks for is Navy Hull, Navy structure and ... ? Where is the incentive now? We are back to promoting carebearing in the form of RNG crafting - Nice. The idea would be, that you get xp for this rank only by sinking other players and the xp you get depends on the ship you sank, the difference between your PvP rank xp and the one of your target and the most on how high the PvP rank of your target was. In the combat news it should show the PvP ranks of both players. This way noobs can rank up by killing noobs but veterans barely gain any rank from sealclubbing but if you kill a experienced / high rank PvP player you gain loads of rank XP and once you reach a certain rank only players of your calibre will give you any meaningful rank xp to progress further. Also you can see from combat news who is sealclubbing and who has the balls to actually play in his league. Reward for higher PvP ranks would be special flags / ensigns, paints, displayed ranks or custom crew uniforms etc. ... The rewards for reaching higher tiers should be only of cosmetic nature, give no real advantage over others and be account bound / untradable - Prestige. You want it? Gid gud and work for it.
  12. Unequal battles

    Remove chain shot or at least limit it like charged / double shot.... chain is what makes fighting against the odds really cancer. Any noob can spam chain at your sails and then they have a easy time to board or just gangbang you...
  13. True but let's assume you don't have any alt and only 1 white oak ports available for example where you can bid... now people will outbid you all the time with +1 gold offers and let's not forget about the people who only play this game to farm as many NA dollars as possible @FRAN for whatever reason. It's fairly easy to amount ludicrous amounts of gold and the PvE Kings don't hesitate to use them... now imagine you are a new player with no alt and want to build T/WO ships....
  14. Mortar Brig Build & Advice

    Wrong link I think? This is only 1 post by someone else asking about epic event locations...