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  1. More Late Game, Get Rid of 1st Rate Swarms

    We already tried limited 1st rates and people hated it... also you make it sound like 1st rates are the hello kittying deathstar... Victory is just a buc on steroids and it already costs like 3x the resources to build + VM. I like your idea for x amount of PvP kills needed to sail y SOL but just wait for the agonizing moaning of the carebears...
  2. PvP Rewards

    You just answered yourself why ships for PvP marks don't harm the eco nerds / crafters... way more expensive to buy for marks than simply craft it. Nothing wrong with ships for PvP marks.
  3. capsizing doing hostility

    L/WO cartagena ocean still unsinkable I see...
  4. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    That's why we have a PvE server. If PvP is a nuisance for someone, the PvP server is the wrong choice for them.
  5. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    Very solid and reasonable argumentation, oldboy.
  6. Don't see the issue, if it is a legit fight. Just to be clear, you think it is more legit to give 5 vs 1 gankers rewards than a arranged 1 vs 1? This is definitely needed.
  7. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    Not every week but I've been there when I was still playing more actively... The part you quoted is a fact and not my opinion. Just ask anyone actually playing PvP and not sitting in the greenzone ( like you probably? ). Get some 5th rate and try to get a 1 vs 1 in OW. Now do this 20x and note your average time needed to get the fight. You're probably one of those sissies only sailing fir ships and spamming chain, if they ever leave the safe zone... otherwise you wouldn't be butthurt about what I said - every experienced PvP player and even admin can tell you this.
  8. Rare module components

    Could be to promote buying alt accounts but let's be honest - the dutch can really use some bonus
  9. VMarks to everybody + patrol party= RVR bye bye

    So basically like before? About a good 80% of players in NA are total cowards that waste my time. When people run from me even tho they have the bigger ship it makes me wonder how they ended up on the PvP server. At least in patrol zone people are actually forced to fight and aren't some little cucks trolling you in garbage fir boats with navy loodsman. Currently Patrol Zone is the only thing that keeps me coming back to the game.
  10. It's hello kittying RNG and craft level doesn't even matter. Basically every time you roll the dice with a 1-5% chance to get 5 slots
  11. Fragen zum Spiel

    Da sehe ich kein Problem. Ich kann ein Spiel 10.000 Stunden spielen und nur weil es mir gefällt heißt das nicht, dass ich es jedem wärmstens empfehlen kann. Da es nur Daumen hoch oder runter gibt, ist das dann eben Daumen runter. So wie NA momentan ist verdient es meiner Meinung nach weder Daumen hoch noch runter. Wirklich bewerten kann man das Spiel erst, wenn es fertig ist ( falls es jemals dazu kommen sollte ).
  12. I enjoy sailing smaller ships more than bigger but unrated ships sitting below the guns or stern of a SOL to avoid its guns was fine from a gameplay perspective when not every hello kittying 4pd gun could penetrate SOL armor. Quite frankly I think it could be fairly balanced and realistic. I think its really nice when a bunch of tiny tit ships outplay some idiot in a SOL but you gotta draw the line somewhere - in terms of realism aswell as gameplay. 6-7 rates are almost free while SOLs actually cost a bit... it reminds me of the basic cutter spam abuse where you could only really win but never lose. Then again the game would probably be alot more fun without SOLs Also every ship that runs marines would get the "aura". Why wouldn't the crew of ships exchange small arms fire in cqc situations... especially if there are trained soldiers on board?? Seems like a given to me, especially since admin said they already have it in game but disabled. Just balance would have to be found with it.
  13. Small Arms Skillbook/Perk...

    @admin Just make 50 meter musket fire aura a perk of marines skillbook and if it is too strong nerf a bit... muskets and pistols should boost this.
  14. Why not just nerf it then?? Until it is in a good spot. Or make it really weak unless you have "Muskets and pistols" or "boarding cannons". Maybe make brace mechanic more dynamic so your crew has more resistance but -% reload / turn / repair etc. ?