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  1. Can we get marines with muskets shooting at nearby ships' crew? Just make 2-3 dudes per side of the ship ? Maybe some day?
  2. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Fair enough
  3. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Why pickle tho? Go prince
  4. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Are you sure? Cause it pretty much looks like it.
  5. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Well, would be another story if the whole HRE clan switched... also sweden has some PvP and RvR power and pirates are a joke nation. Why didn't Jon switch earlier? He could have switched to pirates to play with Ramdi before or could have joined prussia earlier... can only give him the benefit of the doubt I guess? It's just my observation that barely anyone gave a hello kitty about prussia until they started to take ports and completely devastate entire fleets... now when I log in my prussian alt and check nation chat I see random plebs asking for the best trade routes... I kinda saw this coming. It's like with the swerg in their prime - as soon as they rolled over everyone suddenly every other joe and their grandma played swedes... pretty weak. Even hello kittying demacel is prussian now haha... would be funny if all "core" prussians would roll some other underdog nation now and see the mass migration repeat.
  6. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Prussia has carebears too now... lol
  7. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Take a guess.
  8. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    So he's a backstabbing winning team joiner after all? Almost all folks who joined prussia after they took Río Seco are just winning team joiners that want a free ride on the wave of success... a notable exception would be TALER since they wanted to escape their carebear nation and get into a PvP nation with some RvR potential, while also bringing some serious skill to the table.
  9. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It's like the majority of the community is full of players that try their hardest to avoid any fair fights and party like there is no tomorrow when they get a victory in some ez battle... it's so cute and so sad at the same time.
  10. Sounds good in theory. So how important is actual thickness value now? Is Liveoak complete garbage again? Just be careful to not buff fir unintenionally... a fir boat shouldn't bounce anything.
  11. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Ask FRAN about it, I think he found his destiny in life within it...
  12. Fragen zum Spiel

    2022 Wenn du zu viel Zeit hast, jetzt sofort. Habe noch nie so einfach meine Zeit vergeudet wie in NA. Bitte.
  13. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Solo players definitely - If you prefer to play solo, are a noob and have no alt accounts you're pretty much F'ed. Not sure if this is a good thing ( driving players into clans / communities ) or a bad thing ( killing a playstyle ).
  14. Thickness meta is back

    It's 3.5 from navy structure vs 5 from cartagena and if you stack them on a L/WO L'Ocean, you actually lose 1.5 of the 3.5 giving you only +2 from NSR, because +30% is the hardcap. So stacking carta and NSR is maybe "very common" amongst people who can't do / don't know the math? Sure it is +2 but you give up a slot and more than 43% of the bonus from the NSR for it.