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  1. I always found the idea of split servers with a community this small and a map that big pretty stupid...
  2. Wapen von Hamburg

    I mean, it's not like I haven't been waiting and hoping but it doesn't seem like they are able to hear the voices of reason... Yeah, very true but it is still sad to see it everywhere in the game and nothing being done about it overperforming... and on top of all that the useless shits that enjoy abusing it claiming it is fine and doesn't need nerfs... EDIT: 3 Streams for NA on Twitch at the moment and all sailing Wasa... yeah Wasa is balanced and doesn't need nerfs, let's just all sail this perfectly balanced ship instead, because it is so balanced and we are liking the balance.
  3. A swede talking about winning team joiners...
  4. You're not alone and I was in this situation as EU player aswell... I wanted to join them but they have always been PvE only except for one small PvP clan that they pissed off so much that they quit Prussia again. Instead of trying to keep the few PvP players they had with this clan, they made them quit the nation. So yeah, Prussia only has retarded PvE jockeys and most players already left the nation again or are inactive now. So I never switched to them either fortunately... dodged a bullet right there I guess. Shame about the nice flag. I think @Liq is still stuck on prussia, because he is out of forged papers and the devs won't give us more... so now one of the best PvP players is trapped in the nation with the shittiest PvE players #justiceforLiq
  5. PvP desperately needs fixing

    The fix is called "Naval Action: Legends". You won't get the lazy and cowardly carebears to do PvP on the OW game, they will always sit in their safe zone and do PvE, instead of seeking out PvP actively. There are several reasons for this. The most important are: 1. They are PvE players that can't handle losing and only fight when they have a ridiculous advantage. It's not even about losing their ship as much as it is about the defeat in combat itself... They want to be fed easy and free victories, no matter AI or Player but with AI it is much easier to get of course... 2. The game doesn't offer much outside of the safe zone, that would encourage going out to fight ( other than the PvP marks that can be alt farmed and bought from real PvP players with the endless amounts of gold that the game forces down your throat ). So not only are most OW players cowards and people that don't want to go out of their comfort zone to improve their skill and have real and exciting fights in PvP, there is also barely any incentive to go fight ( for example rare resources for ship-building that need to be gathered and hauled from dangerous PvP zones back to your shipyard ). The "PvP" server is basically a PvE server with some RvR ( with there being barely enough players to have meaningful RvR ). If you want balanced and enjoyable PvP, there is only Legends...
  6. About time to be honest... RvR became pretty boring with only russian empire giving them a half decent opponent. I just hope that it's not just another nation that takes their place and zergs everyone again... some balanced nations would maybe even get me interested in RvR.
  7. Wapen von Hamburg

    Has anyone played the updated Hamburg? Is it finally worth sailing? I want to love this ship but the Wasa won't let me... Now I saw a short clip on twitch the other day where moscalb sailed it. Was he just hello kittying around or is it actually decent now? Does the Hamburg have at least one POS where it can escape the dreaded Wasa?
  8. WASSA

    Yup, sadly... another reason I prefer Legends. Yeah, at least they make it available for everyone so I guess they are thinking that if someone isn't sailing Wasa and gets rekt by one it's their fault for not sailing it aswell...
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    This is genius to be honest...
  10. WASSA

    You mean the merchants building ships in the safe zone with almost all resources available to them at zero risk? Yeah, that really hurts the eco and all.... #literallyunplayable
  11. WASSA

    Exactly, it doesn't really matter outside of PBs...
  12. WASSA

    Still hearing the people claiming it wasn't OP or how constitution or other ships were better... still gives me this subtle chuckle thinking about it.
  13. The Devils Advocate

    Nice logic but when OW started, NA was new and hyped. Look how many players are left for NA in general and now imagine how many of those left that grinded their ships and crew in OW already want to do it in Legends twice... When they release Legends and OW you will see... They will most likely not even wipe OW completely, because the game can't take any more players leaving. Every wipe costs them players, because people are whiney and can't take losing some pixels. Seeing how OW is almost dead already, it won't survive another full wipe most likely...
  14. The Devils Advocate

    Haha, sorry mate but I stopped reading here already... the OW version has been up for what now.... 3 years? Don't even try to compare it to Legends in this regard... unless you wait 3 years and compare it to the current OW NA.