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  1. Server Merge Poll

  2. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    People who deny that Wasa is OP are not worth responding to really... they're just a bunch of kids that don't care about balance and don't mind everyone only sailing Wasa. Only increasing it's BR or Mark cost won't do much either, other than restrict it more in mixed PB... i would still use only Wasa in OW.
  3. On looting system and other MMORPG

    Wooosh... it was a joke mate. Pretty much.
  4. Bomb Vessel Video

    @admin Any chance we can have the High-Explosive shells that are mentioned in the video for the mortar brig? Maybe only with the mortar officer perk? Keep the structure damage as it is if you think it shouldn't be higher but add more crew damage and higher chance for fire to make mortar brigs better and more interesting support ships? I really would love to see it and it would make the mortar officer perk and mortar brigs in general more interesting and worthwhile...
  5. Bomb Vessel Video

    I think he means incredible can mean "amazing" but also "unreliable", meaning the author of the books are not credible....
  6. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    You really wanna talk about BS? Oh boy, here we go again... Yeah i want to see you sell one of the best ships in the game at bargain basement prices to random people... Also can you capture 4th rates? Because i can't... Then why do you want to force people who don't want to do it to do it? I'm max craft level too and paid for it... i really don't see the problem. Nobody forces you to craft... Then don't mind people that dislike crafting to get their 2 ships out of all we have with marks, maybe? And yes people usually sell ships completely overpriced. You can easily figure out the production cost while considering the time investment for production to see this is true...
  7. On looting system and other MMORPG

    Not with this attitude. Seriously tho, you can take some book or some rum... who takes the useless cannons anyways?
  8. Towing

    Pretty much this. I wouldn't mind them increasing the tow permit number to 3 but towing should not be instant...
  9. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    The problem with Wasa isn't that it is available for marks - that is perfectly fine as this way at least everyone has access to the ship. So 2 ships out of all we have are available without crafting? Here is some advice for all you crafters to deal with it. Not everyone wants to hello kitty around in the crafting tab just to get a new ship. Not everyone has a tier 2 shipyard. You ***holes just want to sell overpriced crafted Wasas' to new players and casuals... The only problem with Wasa is it is overperforming for a 4th rate and needs a slight nerf ( maybe armor nerf or remove 32pd guns for a harder nerf ) and its BR adjusted.
  10. Is this okay?

    LOL, you completely missed his point. What an idiot.
  11. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    This is all i need to read, really. If you win 150 battles straight without losing a single you are ganking or targeting weaker players not taking even fights. If you play on competitive level your winrate may be high but never 100%... If you are simply so good that no other player has a chance, you should win the tournament even solo without breaking a sweat. Either way looking foward to your duel with redi... hope i have time to watch it completely.
  12. On looting system and other MMORPG

    Just tell me what's more realstic - the current system or the after battle loot screen? There you have it.
  13. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Good, if stats don't matter you probably will have no problem to prove it and duel redii? Funny how nobody makes a thread or even comment about how constitution needs a nerf. Anyone can take out a Wasa with a connie if the Wasa captain is a scrub... how hard is that to understand? Also unless you really stood at the helm of USS Constitution during combat, you are a armchair captain aswell, like most players in NA...
  14. On looting system and other MMORPG

    I like the current system for its realism factor... just the RNG is complete bullshit.
  15. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    So much this. Player rank isn't a real indicator of skill anyways, so displaying a lower than you actually have should not be a problem but quite the opposite. If some max rank player wants to sealclub some new players / low ranks, they could actually be high rank pvp players. Then the useless tossers lacking the balls to pick on their own size will have to man up and take their chances or hello kitty off. A very minor feature worth adding i would say...