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  1. Gregory Rainsborough

    DLC in the future?

    I had a dozen Hercs by the time the DLC dropped, still got two notes left. I'd be happy with getting rid of the Herc DLC provided they got rid of the Requin as well.
  2. Gregory Rainsborough

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Cutter swarms!
  3. Gregory Rainsborough

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    Aye I did insult you but there are insults and then there is making it personal. I never made it personal.
  4. Gregory Rainsborough

    Unacceptable insults

    When I log on to Naval Action there are several things I expect: salt, insults and a good time. I get salty, I throw insults and I have a good time. My insults are usually kept in-game, can be quite light hearted and all in all it's a bit of banter. There is a line that I draw and I expect many others do as well. I have never or will ever tell anyone to go die of cancer. I confess, I'm not a Dutch speaker but Google (and a German clanmate who says there are similarities languagewise) is telling me that this chap is telling me to go die of cancer. I know there is a report function but I know that it is looked at only once per week and I don't know if the dev team speak Dutch so whether this would be picked up etc... Or is this kind of stuff part and parcel of Naval Action?
  5. Gregory Rainsborough

    double flips?

    Eh, that was SOL's fight, not ours. They filled all the PBs on their own.
  6. Gregory Rainsborough

    Snow BR

    Increase snow BR to 80 or 90. 'cus at the moment it can barely tag any of the big ships despite being perfectly capable of kicking the crap out of them.
  7. Gregory Rainsborough

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Bit harsh
  8. Gregory Rainsborough

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    Someone's trying to take away one of my sources of income!!! Shaaaaaame.
  9. Gregory Rainsborough

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    I deleted my character and created a new one, my redeemables aren't showing up now though? You know the ones with XP etc... Any workaround?
  10. Gregory Rainsborough

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Wooooooah, we didn't throw them out. The Spanish did. We even offered to help them take 'em back but they preferred your offer. They told us to take those ports down south!
  11. Gregory Rainsborough

    2 banished people are 1 too many!

    Banished Bezerk is best Banished
  12. Gregory Rainsborough

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

  13. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    So I was heading off back to British waters after a spot of raiding when I spot a lonely Requin heading towards me. Requin was Dbl 00 Buck who tagged me with the intention of keeping me in battle, not fighting or anything like that. He sat upwind with no intention of fighting tagging me at range which persisted for a good 10 minutes or so until he missed a few shots and I was able to escape. I was dragged into a pointless battle as he had some friends who couldn't have got there in time and he decided to waste my time so that they could attempt to gank me. Now I'm not salty because they either sank or ran away. It's not very sporting to constantly retag with no intention of fighting and had I not been tagged by the Requin I would have logged off and gone to sleep. These series of battles lasted for about three hours as a result of his actions and yes while challenging and good fights, I would have preferred my beauty sleep and to not waste so much time in empty battles being tagged at range. Unfortunately the video I did take of the original engagement buggered up as I'm not familiar with recording software. Had the Requin not wasted my time I would have logged off and these battles would not have happened.
  14. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    This tribunal is not being brought for the hours I spent, that was just a statement of fact of the consequences of the rules being broken. This is tribunal because this fellow stated that he had no intention of fighting me, tagged and kept me in battle so his mates could come from Willemstad. If you want to go down the route of accuracy how is he able to communicate with a port miles away and immediately 1st rates come out without any leaving dock preparation (surely crew are on sure doing more interesting things) and then able to relay co-ordinates precisely. Griefing is tagging with intention of not fighting. He didn't even in the other battles as he escaped after his mate got sunk and he was dismasted. Had his mates come across me in OW and tagged me I'd not be here, that's happened plenty of times. It's annoying 'cus you want to leave but that's part and parcel of NA. Try and stay on topic please, this tribunal has been made with the intention of highlighting that Dbl 00 Buck broke rules in the initial engagement. My wisdom in sailing around willy nilly in an Ocean is besides the point, it's not against the rules to do it, it is to tag someone to keep them in battle with no intention of fighting either in that engagement or any other. I wouldn't describe anything that he did throughout these three hours as fighting because he stayed well back in the second then left.
  15. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    I have to disagree for the simply reason that the time difference in battle and outside makes such tactics fundamentally unfair for those in the battle instance. Hell, I'd be down with doubling the invisibility timer to prevent it happening so that ships can escape well over the horizon. Counter-ganking is cancer and reduces content because people just can't be arsed to go out raiding knowing this will happen.
  16. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    How am I still there if I was in these battles? Please think before you type. That was laughable. 12 ships wasn't enough so while you spent time gathering more I logged off. You shouldn't have been such wusses. My ship has been in Port Morant since this morning as I sailed back there earlier.
  17. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    I was taunting on Global several hours beforehand but that's rather irrelevant to this tribunal, as are your defences for this player. Tagging with the intention of not fighting is considering griefing. It doesn't matter if he was biding time for his mates, he had no intention of fighting. I don't expect much to come of this other than a slap on the wrist so it doesn't happen again. Time dilation and F11 co-ordinates, and RoE are the only thing that allowed this to happen. As I said, I'm not salty, it was you guys who spent several hours losing several 1st rates and 5th rates (and a Requin) not me. This kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour shouldn't be tolerated.
  18. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    10 minutes of my life? No. I lost 3 hours and went to bed at 3am rather than my usual midnight. Had the Requin not tagged me, I would have logged out in OW which is what I was doing when I saw him coming. I believe the devs have said that it is griefing and illegal. That's why I'm here. It wouldn't be an invalid tactic if there wasn't OW/Battle time dispersion but there is.
  19. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    I'm trying to be polite. The battles following the initial griefing where challenging, because they were trying to gank me. Which is fine, part and parcel of Naval Action. This tribunal is for the first engagement, where it was 1v1 for about 10-20 minutes with constant tagging from an upwind position. I believe he even stated that he had no intention of fighting but that might have been the following battle but I'm sure Ink can check the chatlogs.
  20. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Exactly @Banished Privateer. Just because I killed them all it doesn't make their actions legal, they're still in the wrong regardless of who died at the end.
  21. Gregory Rainsborough

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    I'd like to not have to sit in a battle instance being tagged constantly when I could have logged off and gone to bed.
  22. Gregory Rainsborough

    War of the lovers revisited

    I wasn't aware GB was allied with Sweden. "We always, when we were able, helped weaker nations that struggled" Do you actually believe this rubbish?
  23. One of the things that is sorely missing in Naval Action is large scale, equal BR fleet battles. Port battles are good an' all but are usually close to land and focused around forts and capture points. What if we created a new kind of event, call it a large scale fleet engagement. What I have in mind uses the teleport zones currently set up but could be altered however. Let's say A wants to flip George Town. Rather than generating hostility and creating a port battle the following day you generate hostility for a "fleet engagement" which is basically a copy of the patrol zone or hell, like the port battles used to be but without towers and the BR depends upon the size of the port and or sea zone (taking teleport zones as example). If the attacker wins the engagement for the fleet engagement then a port battle is set the following day. If the defenders win, there is a cooloff as normal. This does several things. It allows for the creation of large scale fleet engagements in open sea that have a purpose beyond screening and ganking. Creates content without doing much as the system is already in place for patrol zones. Allows defenders the ability to stage their defence over two days. So surprise port battles won't happen and turn people off bother. This has happened numerous times since I've been on the server, team A wants to attack team B, randomly attacks port, B having no knowledge is completely unprepared and is steam rolled with no chance of getting back on their feet. I would also suggest that ports must be taken incrementally so we don't get ports held by say, Prussia or pirates, right next to a reinforcement zone, Spain, without having some other presence in the area. This could be tied towards free ports so that they become RvR hotpoints concentrating these large scale engagements further. The only disadvantage I can see is that it would slow down the pace of conquest, and no shows means a waste of time for the attacker. In which case, you could always automatically give the port to the attacker if the naval engagement is uncontested which would speed up and prevent people from not dropping ports and wasting the time of attackers with empty port battles. Empty port battles are awful, as are screening if the BR is massively one sided. This would at least make screeners more effective and give them a purpose in RvR.
  24. Gregory Rainsborough

    War of the lovers revisited

    Surely a better solution would be to extend the cooldown timer for the next attack?