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  1. Clan/Warehouse Management

    There is one thing in particular I've noticed in this game, or at least in GB and that is the propensity for players to opt to enter into small and medium sized clans. Now, their independence isn't the problem until you consider the long term and RvR implications of this trend and I believe it could be solved in a fairly simple way. So a bit of a history lesson from my experience and what it boils down to is a decision made early on in the game which is to either 'expand warehouse' or create a clan and get a clan warehouse. When I first started the game I joined a clan and clan taxes were paid and we carebeared merrily at Belize. The problem of course was that they were a bunch of commies and wanted everyone to jointly build ships etc, and because of the system in place for warehouse management it meant that they were forced to deny my request to be promoted to officer so that I could use the clan warehouse. This of course led to a choice, stay in the clan and not use the warehouse and pay a ridiculous sum to expand the warehouse or create a clan and get the clan warehouse for a fraction of the cost. In addition to that it has all the search function etc... Now the difference between myself and other new players to the game is this, I started playing from day one in a clan and they did not meaning that they just opt to create a one man clan and that's where many of them seem to stay. This small problem creates several problems as far as I see it. Firstly, a skill deficit. Players who play in isolation of others are rarely good players; they cannot PvP competently meaning they cannot compete with players who can tap into the pool of experience you can find in larger clans. I would like to think that I'm somewhat competent in my favourite ship, the snow, whereas there are others in my clan who excel in 5th rates. We teach other and learn from each other which allows people to gain experience more quickly thus allowing them to create content (that dreaded word) for the whole community. Secondly, a lack of co-ordination negatively impacting RvR. Players outside of large clans find it harder to get involved with RvR and particularly in GB where you can throw a stone and hey presto there's another different clan. This is due to the lack of communication methods built into the game. Clan chat, nation chat and global means that for port battles, the primary focus for discussion will be in clan chat as we're not idiots and know that alts and people with loose lips are on nation chat. If they're not able to talk to those who are organising it means that there is less chance of them attending port battles which obviously means less port battle players which means less content. Thirdly, the game incentivises disunity. The point of the game is to have fun, if someone wants to keep players long term in their clan, they expect to have access to the clan warehouse, on the other hand, those in charge don't want to micromanage their clan warehouse. Clan owners are here to have fun, not spend time micromanaging the contents of a clan warehouse. The problem is that everyone wants the benefit of a clan warehouse, but no-one can be arsed to take responsibility for managing it. It's easier to do that in a one man clan which then negatively Potential solutions. Compartmentalised warehouse (similar to Star Trek Online) - Allow clans to create an 'extension' so that individual players may effectively create their own area in the warehouse that they can use, similar to the main function, the main compartment is then used for all interclan stuff. Hell, you could always let members "rent" slots in the clan warehouse. A log - Create a log so you can see who takes what out and who puts what in. A minimum in the clan bank - Allow the clan leader to set a minimum for the clan so that members can't take out money below that limit. Let's say I put 20 mill is the limit. No-one but I and taxman can make it go below that level. Allow clan leaders to give partial access to members to the warehouse without promoting them to officer.
  2. which ship?

    Neither, use the snow.
  3. Reinforcement zones, too big, too many

    That's kind of the point that went over your head, pirates are a carebear nation and people should be "fear" (worry) them when they see them. They don't though. They should be a hardcore nation that you cannot choose to join at the beginning of the game but something you become once you say, attack one of your own nation. Outlaw mechanics should be universal and not restricted to just pirate but there should be severe consequences for anyone who uses it but pirates. The pirates aren't a big nation, they pretend to be though and that's my issue. They do just sit at Mortimer Town. Hell, even sitting outside in a snow is usually enough to send them scurrying. They've got as much spine as a slug half the time and that should change. The changes to the outlaw mechanics has created a nation of sissies (not all pirates are sissies fyi but there are as many in pirates as there are in every other nation now).
  4. Cheat suspected

    You laugh but I went out to the PvP zone in my lo/wo Santi the other day this whole fleet barely scratched me. I only lost a third of my armour but look how many I sank. It's the tankiest build I've ever used the only slight problem was barely moving. I imagine they had a similar build to mine.
  5. Reinforcement zones, too big, too many

    Pirates should be like Prussia, Russia and Poland.
  6. Cheat suspected

    It's more likely that they were in lo/wo floating battery ships and you didn't aim properly.
  7. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    So you're asking the Americans to stop attacking people?
  8. Durability

    Don't get emotionally attached to ships. 1 life only bitte.
  9. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah we went to bed, RIP Liam. Unsuccessful rescue 'cus pirates are silly buggers that don't use the wind
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    We came to the rescue of a poor pirate that was being ganked near Baracoa.
  11. Operation Octaflip

    They're even struggling to beat us when they multiflip now
  12. Soooooo all my 5/5 cramped snows are going to disappear? :'(
  13. Open world PvP Events

    As we know there aren't any events to trigger fleets scrambling out of harbour but I have a small suggestion that would perhaps create it. Have shipwrecks appear like they do with the chests but make it so that only 1st rates can pick them up. That way large ships would sail out to pick up the deadman's chest and would mostly likely have several escorts.