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  1. Mise en garde Russe

    Give the Russians a yard and they'll take a mile. From what I know they just wanted Turneffe "for the PvP" and it turned into a full scale invasion. Give them nothing! GB is as always willing to help our French friends. Vive le France!
  2. L'Hermione Needs Improvements

    Please change paint scheme.
  3. the mighty books

    I have over 2500 hours in this game and I have yet to find all the element books. I have the book of 5 but that's because I bought them off other people. Same goes for Art of Cargo and Notes on the Best Rudder Angles. It takes months, not hours.
  4. Exploiting teleport on OW

    It'd be nice that you have to "discover" the port first (so entering it at least once) prior to teleporting to it.
  5. Increase how far we can zoom out

  6. Should I join?

    I'd love to be able to use something like the Cutty Sark.
  7. Should I join?

    >Implying that a NEUTRAL port can be Polish.
  8. Should I join?

    As Davos said, he doesn't care about Polish control of the port. He just cares that we have it.
  9. Should I join?

    Serves them right for attacking us then don't it? Don't start fights you can't win in other words. They're welcome to try and remove us.
  10. Should I join?

    Neither do they.
  11. Should I join?

    It's not theirs to give
  12. Should I join?

    I don't really feel like giving it away.
  13. Should I join?

    Why do hate your homeland so?
  14. Should I join?

    All hail the mighty Snow! No SoLs allowed.
  15. Caribbean Invasion News

    I'd slap a child if he hit me; just to teach them a lesson.