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  1. Gregory Rainsborough

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    The Spanish will undoubtedly bore the poor buggers to death with wave upon wave of Spanish newbies. I was very happy to help lead the charge that smashed the chaps outside Little Cayman yesterday. I know I've not been as active recently but I thought the Spanish-Russian lovefest ended? Or was that a sham?
  2. Gregory Rainsborough

    [SNOW] - Let's make it snow together (PvP/PB GB Clan)

  3. Gregory Rainsborough

    Remove clone ships from game

    While you may not use them others do, I've sunk all the "clone" ships at one time or another.
  4. Gregory Rainsborough

    [AUCTION] Golden L'Ocean 5/5 Very Agile

    Someone isn't pestered by Grammarly adverts clearly
  5. Gregory Rainsborough

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Increasing the BR to reflect their capabilities would be a much easier and personally, more fun solution. They're too much of a good thing at the moment.
  6. Gregory Rainsborough

    [AUCTION] Golden L'Ocean 5/5 Very Agile

    Why does this offer hurt so much?
  7. Gregory Rainsborough

    Port Battle 1 hour early entry window for attackers

  8. Gregory Rainsborough

    Hugging, boarding, and determined defender.

    People really seem to have difficulty with reversing. I had a battle with a Spanish Santi not so long ago and he fought me off for an hour and twenty in my Herc I think it was. It's very easy to deal with them provided you lose the *line up alongside to shoot* mentality. There is a reason aircraft carriers have escort ships.
  9. I like being bum buddies with you guys
  10. Gregory Rainsborough

    GB political situation

    I do believe SNOW is neutral with the Poles
  11. Gregory Rainsborough

    GB political situation

    I'm only impotent until the end of the month New babes can be made then.
  12. Gregory Rainsborough

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    I think Subnautica was the only other game I played EA.
  13. Gregory Rainsborough

    US Political Situation

    I differentiate between US nation players and players in the US. Plenty of the latter, not the former.
  14. Gregory Rainsborough

    US Political Situation

    Ha! Oh you comedian.