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  1. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Actually at Everettsville, my brigades had 1700 men and the Yanks had, at the most 1900 man brigades. So I wouldn't say I'm up against oversized brigades. We'll see what happens at Stones River... I will cut the center.
  2. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    It's not the artillery per se, it is the type of artillery... 24 pound howitzers, which I can give to a unit with a proficiency of 70+. Defensively it will kick ass. Besides, I think if I bring more infantry (by buying the troops), the AI will simply scale up to meet them.
  3. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    I wipe out the Yankee Army at Everettsville, though once again I start off a bit disorganized... am not a pretty general but I do like being brutal. The blue coats lose 17,859 men 48 guns to my 6,374 casualties as I also manage to capture a cavalry and infantry brigade. Damn Yankees morale is so high they would rather die than surrender. Note also the disappearance of Union 3 star brigades from the battlefield. Everettsville:
  4. LAVA

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    Yep, the surrender mechanism could be improved IMO. Chasing around enemies who run through your ranks is not only a bit strange but from a gaming and video standpoint it only agonizingly prolongs the inevitable. I believe what happens is that the unit must come into contact with an opposition unit pretty much the moment it routs for them to surrender.
  5. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Actually, my Intelligence Service is now reporting 48-53K after a I wiped out the Union army at Everettsville. I'll post the video tomorrow.
  6. LAVA


    That is quite apparent. Which is good!
  7. LAVA


    Funny... my first try at the Legendary Union Campaign came to a screeching halt at Chancellorsville. I just didn't have enough men. Think the same applies here... you just don't have enough men for this battle. I don't know if the Draw conditions were properly meet, so I can't comment on that. But this is an important battle you need to win.
  8. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Well... sounds pretty good to me. Mine is 52-57K. Probably scales up about 25% to make sure that the Union Army is bigger than the Confederate one. We'll see how many I face.
  9. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    What did your intelligence report say the Yank army had before the battle? I'll be lucky to have 46,000 men at Stone's River.
  10. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    I bring 5 artillery brigades to Corinth and blast the yanks to a loss of 11,234 men and 50 guns to my casualties of 2,947 men and 1 gun lost. The guns were brought to keep down casualties and get experience for the coming Grand Battle of Fredericksburg. Corinth: Things get a little crazy in this battle, but I am able to bring it under control and hammer the Blue Bellies for 13,586 men and 41 guns lost to my 3,799 casualties. The 24 pound howitzer did great work... Prairie Grove: My poor little army of 45,000 faces off against 115,000 Yankees. The bloodiest day of my campaign sees me losing 12,469 men, 12 guns and my 2 small cavalry brigades. The Union takes it in the face though with 49,981 losses and 27 guns. Three of my batteries receive a third star, still, the Yankees keep cranking out men and units as I struggle to keep my army viable. Fredericksburg: Almost certainly will be buying men for Stone's River...
  11. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Agreed. At Fredericksburg you are going to fight 100,000 men no matter what you do. So yes indeed, the question is... how many at Stones River?
  12. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    Here are my battle results... I'll post the videos of Corinth, Prairie Grove and Fredericksburg tomorrow. CSA Campaign Losses Battle CSA Losses USA Losses USA Missing+ Potomac Fort 2,466/05 5,337/11 846 Newport News 1,652/02 4,925/00 0 1st Bull Run* 7,500/12 23,909/42 2,957 Ambush Convoy 283/00 1,870/00 308 Stay Alert 4,085/00 14,769/27 1,419 Shiloh* 9,471/05 28,449/62 0 1st Winchester 3,759/01 12,151/24 553 Cross Keys 3,690/01 15,149/00 0 Port Republic 2,769/00 11,451/50 1,069 Gaines Mill* 5,626/02 13,063/64 237 Malvern Hill* 12,467/10 32,040/104 1,190 Cedar Mountain 6,849/03 22,716/48 120 Manassas Depot 5,118/00 7,824/02 327 2nd Bull Run* 10,337/01 43,360/102 1,482 Chantilly 5,938/05 18,166/14 111 Weapons Factory 2,010/00 8,526/55 0 Antietam* 19,833/14 61,975/122 759 Corinth 2,947/01 11,234/50 0 Prairie Grove 3,799/00 13,586/41 0 Fredericksburg* 12,469/12 49,981/27 120 Totals 120,121/74 400,480/553 11,498 K/D Ratio: 3.33 # = men/guns + = included in loss numbers * = Grand Battle
  13. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    So... I've fought up to Fredericksburg and my poor army of 45,000 men were attacked by 105,000 Blue Bellies. We won the battle, but I'm having to buy men to keep it at that level. I'm winning at 3 or 4 to 1, but I just can't seem to get more than 45,000 men. Money is not a problem though and my folks are steadily increasing in proficiency. Dunno, could be approaching the end of my campaign... We'll see at Stones River.
  14. LAVA


    Given the strength of the 2 armies at Stone's River, I think you are still competitive. Keep at it and don't stop until you can't go any further. You learn very quickly that way.
  15. LAVA

    Mukremin's CSA Legendary Campaign

    Col Kelly's strategy of cutting the Union line at it's center is certainly superb. What you do afterwards is what is important.