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  1. Total War Arena

    Having fun with Barbarian Melee Cavalry lately. I'm a real cavalry fan and am trying to grind up the various generals to a level which allows me to use cavalry. The Barbarians, of course, start right from Tier 1 with cavalry and unlike Alexander their cavalry is melee as opposed to spear cavalry. Melee cavalry is far more forgiving as you can, at least up to this point (tier 3), run them around in a blob, while spear cavalry needs to operate in separate formations so they can get the most out of their charges. The video shows 3 games I played (one loss and 2 victories) and uses the replay feature of Total War Arena. This is a real nice feature which allows you to review the game and see where you can better your play.
  2. Total War Arena

    I take Alexander into Tier 3 and in this video I fight with my hoplites (a base cap) and then my Theban cavalry have a really good game. Alexander has 2 nice abilities... charge and anvil. The anvil holds enemy troops in place and prevents them from escaping. At tier 5 I get a wedge formation which will be quite useful for my cavalry. I plan to continue up both the hoplite and cavalry tech trees for Alexander and am now almost tier 4.
  3. Total War Arena

    Fought my first PvP battle this evening so I thought I would record it. It is only a Tier 2 game, but you see a lot more organization and team play going on here which is absent in the PvE games.
  4. Total War Arena

    Sorry for the mistake. Could you move it to the proper forum?
  5. Total War Arena

    Edit: Double post.
  6. Total War Arena

    I downloaded the game Total War Arena as it is in Open Beta and thought I would make a couple videos on how the game works. The first video covers the interface which is rather complicated not unlike other Wargaming.net games such as World of Tanks and a second video to show a PVE battle, end screens, rewards and stats. I call the videos "what the heck is going on" as they are meant to be informative and not judgemental. It is a free to play game so I'll leave that up to ya'll to decide if your first impression is positive or negative; although personally, I like it.
  7. Loose cannons

    When you target a unit make sure that you see a red line indicating that it is targeted. The red line is the visual cue because if you don't actually click on the unit you want to fire at the imprint of the battery's movement is normally so small (little circles) that you don't see it. Practice makes perfect.
  8. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    In this video I fight the Battle of Nansemond River. I bring 3 of my best batteries to beat on the Confederates and their fortifications only to find in the end that I was not only outnumbered, but the Confederates were armed with some of the best weapons in the game (Fayetteville rifles, 24pdr Howitzers and Lemat armed cavalry). Nevertheless I take the fortifications and 3550 prisoners (of which I only receive 1000 recruits in return ). Most of the game is played at double speed as I let my artillery hammer my fortified opponent and my artillery accounts for 13,000 casualties of the 28,500 rebs in opposition. It is a bloody and drawn out affair costing me 9,000 casualties...
  9. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    My campaign moves into 1863:
  10. Legendary CSA campaign

    I arrived at the same conclusion concerning costs of replenishment. I also keep in mind (for the Union on Legendary at least) that, in general, it costs me 20,000 for a 2,000 man brigade with a new major. Knowing how much a basic recruit unit costs helps me a great deal when I am trying to determine if I will expand my army and how much it will cost to do so. I also only give good rifles to 2 star units and muskets to one star or below; unless I receive better weapons after a battle and that is very seldom. With such rules of thumb you can look at your money, recruits and army and have a pretty good idea what is doable for reinforcement.
  11. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    And here is Stones River: Bragg eats 60,000 casualties and I think my campaign is back on track.
  12. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    I send my best into Parker's Crossroads and kick some Reb butt. But the casualties incurred and the upcoming battle of Stones River force me to spend my reputation on recruits for the first time in the Campaign.
  13. Agreed, customization weapons wise would be limited. The Napoleonic era does offer 3 types of infantry (light, line and guard), 3 types of cavalry (light, line and heavy) and 2 types of artillery (line and horse). Cavalry and artillery can also be given a further customization as guard. So while weapons customization is limited, unit customization is quite varied... which would be especially nice if you could see the difference on the battlefield.
  14. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    Parker's Crossroads and Stones River. But first I have to see what I am going to do with all that money for my army. I have been struggling to get my numbers up and am thinking about buying recruits and rifles with my reputation.