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  1. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    So I have initiated a number of reforms for my second campaign and at the moment I have reached Malvern Hill. Some of the reforms include using the XP perk for the Corps Commanders; pushing hard on both army organization and politics; starting brigades with large numbers of poor weapons and then when they get their 2nd star, maintaining them with good to very good weapons but at lower levels (15-1700 men), buying the Tredegar artillery piece and using snipers. As I approach Malvern Hill I will begin creating a small group of melee specific brigades. I have 18,000 recruits ATM and highly doubt I will be using them all for the upcoming battle. But what I will bring is at least 30 brigades to the battle where in my first campaign I had 24. We'll see how things go.
  2. LAVA


    You may be right. I have just recently played Shiloh on Legendary and I think the difference is that you clicked on "Finish" while I did not. Once "Finish" shows up on the screen, if you don't click it the game ends in victory a few seconds later.
  3. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    During my Shiloh game, most of the casualties were to my AI buddies. My army went in with 18,545 inf and 24 guns. After the battle I had 15,491 inf and 24 guns for a loss of 3,104 men. The key to preserving your army at Shiloh, just like at 1st Bull Run, is letting you AI troops carry the battle.
  4. Same goes for Gettysburg as I am trying for a 2nd day victory capturing Big Round Top... I believe it is.
  5. Dunno, but I ran a test and sure enough it has to do with the number of brigades you bring per Corps. If 1st Corps has 20 brigades, 14 will show up on the battlefield. If 2nd Corps has 15 brigades, 15 will show up on the battlefield. The amount of men per brigade does not matter.
  6. I've watched Col Kelly's Gettysburg video and on the first day he has 14 brigades from 1st Corps and 13 brigades from 2nd Corps in the battle. 27 brigades in total. I have watched Mulcremin's video and he has 14 brigades from 1st Corps and 14 brigades from 2nd Corps for 28 in total. When I have played Gettysburg, in my first Legendary campaign I had 11 brigades from 1st Corps and 11 from 2nd Corps for a total of 22 brigades. In my second campaign, I had 9 brigades from 1st Corps and 13 brigades from 2nd Corps for a total of 22. So my question, why do these other folks have 27 to 28 brigades show up to the beginning of Gettysburg and the most I ever have was 22?
  7. This was fixed and should be working fine now.
  8. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    In this video I bring my first Legendary Confederate Campaign to a close. I discuss why it failed and where I made some very fundamental mistakes. I also explain why it is important to "kill" and hopefully soon will be posting videos of my 2nd try at this campaign commencing after the battle of 2nd Bull Run.
  9. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    I made some fundamental mistakes in my first campaign (as I did with my first Union Legendary campaign). I have backtracked to just after 2nd Bull Run. I have corrected course in a couple directions and have seen some very good results. When I have gotten back to Gettysburg and given that things are going better, I will then start re-posting videos. It should be a little while, however, as it is August... summer... and all that.
  10. LAVA

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    That all depends, of course, on when the developers care to begin the game. If they also include the pre-dreadnought era you have a number of battles occurring in various wars, such as the First Sino-Japanese war, the Spanish-American war and the Russo-Japanese war. My feeling is since this is going to have a strategy overlay, it probably won't start on the date that HMS Dreadnought was commissioned.
  11. Give it another shot. Took me 2 shots at it to win as the Union. The difference between the two campaigns was how I spent my career points. When I won first I max'ed out medicine, then Economy, followed by Training and lastly I maxed out Politics. Like the real war, your problem isn't men and money. You problem is poor recruits that you need to turn into veterans (medicine) that you need to arm with the best weapons possible (economy). My first shot as the South on Legendary was lost as well. So, I've started another CSA campaign, and when I have confidence that I have things more under control, I will start posting the videos. Once again, I think the reason that I failed my first try was because I did not spend my career points wisely. We'll see.
  12. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    The best I could do at Gettysburg was to win with 14,000 casualties and my army just couldn't handle that. I believe I committed various fundamental mistakes during the campaign, which I am attempting to remedy in a new go. @Mukremin You should continue. I would like to see someone complete the Confederate Campaign on Legendary.
  13. LAVA

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    I have given up on this campaign. It was a shot in the dark anyway in how I wanted to use my strategic assets. I have started another Legendary campaign and we'll see how that one goes. If it seems to be panning out, I will begin posting the videos... but on another thread. Right now I am at 1st Winchester and moving quickly through the scenarios.
  14. LAVA

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Please, no aircraft. There are plenty of wars during this time frame and aircraft are just too much of a distraction and almost certainly in the end will be used as an exploit.
  15. Personally I was hoping for Ultimate General: Civil War Zombie Apocalypse. However, it appears that the developers were having a lot of problems with the Zombies, so that was ruled out. I think.