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  1. Veteran Recruits Cost

    From my experiance with RTS-games watching videos isnt a good substitute for learning a game. It can help if you are stuck at a certain point but where is the fun/challenge/learning experiance if you replay a strategy someone else posted? If you dont use your ingenuity, you just shorten your personal time playing the game. Watching videoguides can also "look" you in a certain path and you might overlook other - better - ways to play a battle. That is why most RTS-games are successfull on a "pro-level" for a short time and sink into meaninglessness, once they are figured out: they become dull.The good thing in UGCW is, that you can try different approaches. And at least for me its much more rewarding to see that your own idea of winning a hard battle works out or even to understand why it didnt work. If you still want to see legendary union, you could try Aetius. But he has his own very artilleryheavy playstlye plus he plays "ironman", resulting in draws or losses - and by that in a weaker army - where most would replay the battle. I wouldnt recommend History Guy (only if you are interested in the actual CW) or Benjamin, because - imho - they have too many flaws in their gameplay. For legendary CSA Col.Kelly is quite nice, or also Aetius. But of course - as LAVA said - its really fun watching how other guys approach the game.
  2. Veteran Recruits Cost

    The cost is based on the units actual experiance (displayed exp - leaderexp) afaik and not on its stars.
  3. Legendary CSA campaign

    What a slaughter :D. Are you planning to stay at 12 guns or will you raise them to 16? You mentioned bugged cav, is it a charging AI cav. that you cant target but all your units in the area try to do, getting flanked that way by other ai-units? That happened to me several times now, only "work-arround" i know is hold position if you hear cav charging.
  4. Legendary Union Campaign

    Since you are short on men, what do you think about a skirmisher-heavy build? For me results with 1 Skirmisher-brigade per Division (250 men, equipped with Sharps or Browns) are surprisingly good (im at Kettle Run now). The sniper-rifles may seem expensive but they have been extremely cost-efficient.They need at least the first star but you could ofcourse dissolve an infantry-brigade, that suffered heavy losses, if you get your pool to 0 before. They work expecially good on Gaines Mill
  5. CSA Washington @ BG-Level

    Wow 805 guns? How did you manage that? Impressive! Did you plan this right from the start of the campaign, stockpiling from battle 1? Ill give your approach a shot once i reach washington
  6. Confederate BG campaign

    You can also go 1. politics 2. medicine (20% less casualties is very strong) 3. AO (when suitable) 4. logistics (else you will run out of ammu in long battles) 5. economics 6. veterans 7. recon
  7. Help with Gettysberg (South)

    Just out of interest, how far along the campaign did you get with 1250er brigades? I didnt think they were viable, for me it hurt when i had to go down to 2200er ***-brigades cause no more Springfield63 were available. I use skirms the same way, imho most people vastly underestimate what they can do. The reason to keep Skirms at 300 like Andre suggested (i think the optimal size is 250) is that their efficiency suffers from diminishing returns above 250, (i think) it is comparable to artillery above 12 (16) guns.
  8. Help with Gettysberg (South)

    Huh, 1250 is quite low, didnt try that. Isnt 250 the most efficient skirm size?
  9. Training/Armory %

    Thats just not the case :). If you have reached the caps and prolong a battle, killing more will hurt you since you also lose men and it will have no effect on the AI since caps are already reached.
  10. Help with Gettysberg (South)

    Nah, the battlereport was so long that the upper part was cut off
  11. Training/Armory %

    There is no list or table for the caps in armysize, training and weapons, right? Would be very usefull and would spare me so much time. I have to find out the caps by replaying the last minutes of battles again and again :(.
  12. Help with Gettysberg (South)

    Hm, its difficult to give you advice when one doesnt know your army-composition and your difficulty. If you run an artillery-heavy lineup i guess its difficult to win on day 1 though i can only speak to MG and legendary. But if you bring mostly infantry to day 1 you can send brigades of 1st corps to bypass the Union on the southern flank and set them up in getty very early, killing of the reinforcements. if you reinforce them with detached skirmishers you can get ahead of your timescale. But... why rush to a day1-victory? Imho it is not only unnecessary but counterproductive. Going for a day2-victory has several benefits: you will lose way more men if you go for the last point instead of wiping the retreating forces only there are easy-to-execute strats (look up the getty-vid in the thread "Legendary CSA campaign") to rush to little round top on day2, it is even possible to get to the VP before any Union brigade gets there holding that VP is not difficult if you use elite-brigades and let them only shoot out of cover and set up a line up to the defensive position (house) east to the VP, maybe reinforced with 1 or 2 (max.) 24PD Howitzers or Napoleons since the Union often refuses to use the woods north of that house you can detach 2-3 skirmishers and move them along the eastern border of the map, first to the house east of the woods and then further, that way you can snipe the union artillery there and you will force several infantry-brigades to reinforce the artillery what results in almost no pressure on the VP defending against the Union-troops comming from devils den can be done with detached skirmishers (2, max 3) and you can even harass the entrenched brigade or the artillery positioned there with additional detached skirmishers from the house southwest from devils den anticipate, when exactly sedgwick appears to flank you from the east and set up a killingfield with the rest of your forces and 1-2 artys for cannister, sedgwick should be (depending on your difficuly) completely anihilated or will at least suffer losses of 60-70% and will rout to the north by that point Union will give up any serious plans of taking little round top and you will only suffer some casualties from artillery that isnt in cannister-range As you see i lost 8k men winning on day2 but i killed almost 36k, reducing the Union armysize significantly more for the battles to come compared to a day1 victory. If i finished on day1 i suffered at about 11-12k casualties, killing fewer Union men, 5,5k of my 8k casualties were from day1. If youre not on legendary you will easily be able to reduce casualties to 4-5k.
  13. Legendary CSA campaign

    For me it worked well, mb i was lucky. A thing you do - as it seems with ease - and i am simply unable to replicate is the linedrawing or rather unitmovement in general. I have to try several times before a line even appears and i am used to RTS-Games with a much higher gamespeed that require way more and much more precise micromanagement, yet i really struggle with simply drawing lines in UGCW and cant find out why. Mb i got old and my fingers became clumsy... got any advice besides booking art class?
  14. Legendary CSA campaign

    A slaughter indeed, 10k casualties is tough! Its a shame that the timer ends so early at Mansfield, wiping all brigades would be a nice consolation pavement. Looking forward to your Saunders Farm and Laurel Hill (didnt find a good approach to Laurel Hill yet). I didnt think you would assault the VP straight on. Why not rush to the southeastern woods and circumvent the VP with its massive artillery in the north to attack from cover? Would be have your casualties.
  15. Legendary Union Campaign

    The green line is the current strength of your brigade, not moral.