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  1. Legendary Union Campaign

    The green line is the current strength of your brigade, not moral.
  2. Major general tactics

    Well, you add veterans bit by bit, that way you see, how many vets you need for the number of rookies you want. In my screenshot i did this before and loaded from a save to show the steps in a compact screenshot. @dutmistrz I feel, on MG+Legendary i need to use ***-brigades as part of my regular army and not as a rapid response unit, because *-brigades cant hold vs massive ***-spam or if they manage to hold, they suffer heavy casualties. Since CSA seems to be hardcapped by manpower in the last part of the campaign, i personally am willing to lose some ***-vets instead of losing massive amounts of rookies. Having reserves seems to be a widely preferred strategy to deal with column-attacks. I never do it actually, i try to prevent my defensive lines from breaking by holdfire for both infantry and artillery and by falling back with the targeted brigade to create a flanking possibility. If i see a charge comming, that would definitly break my brigade, i send some detached skirmishers from a *-brigade acting as cannonfodder. This frees up the reserve and allows me to lengthen my batte line further, often giving my units the edge by allowing them to flank. It obviously is a very fragil strategy that can backfire heavily. I changed to this strategy after analysing the losses of my "reserve-brigades" at battles like Fredericksburg (MHeights) or Antietam. They took 100-200 losses vs heavy artilleryfire and werent really needed after all.
  3. Major general tactics

    @Bobby Fiasco If you are stuck somewhere it can have different reasons, even several of them at the same time. Where exactly at the campaign are you and how did you distribute your career-points? If you are still early in the campaign, investing in training is a mistake imho. Max politics, medicine and economy while keeping army organisation at the needed level. After that you can invest in logistics and training. Do you tend to end a battle, when you got the option or do you pursue the opponent to wipe out as many as possible? This has a massive snowball-effect either for your benefit or for your opponents. Flanking may have become more difficult, if the AI sees it comming. But if you flank with (detached) skirmishers and let them go into their positions so the AI doesnt have line of sight, it still works. To your question concerning veterans: Im at Saunders Fields and i dont have problems maintaining 9 ***-brigades and 20 **-brigades plus several ***artillery-brigades. There are several things that help with maintaining ***-brigades: I always try to use unexperianced brigades as vanguard and let my elite-brigades fire from cover or use them to flank so they are not the target, they rarely lose more than 300 men per brigade (for exeptions see below). I always pursue the opponent as far as possible, gifting my elite-brigades experiance by feasting on the remainder of my opponents forces. All my ***-infantry is led by major generals. This way i can reinforce them between battles almost entirely with rookies. @LAVAI have seen this by some guys now. Why do you start with rookies? Its just less efficient. Say, you are willing to invest into 242 veterans. If you do so before adding rookies, you are able to add way more than 269 rookies. Or if your goal is 1.500 men you can add way less veterans if you add them first. Look at my 7TH Infantry-brigade: It took a heavy beating and i want to bring it up to 2k men again. I got 2 options, option 1: Add some rookies first and then add veterans for the remaining 555 men, cost: 32,6k with training on 6. Option 2: Add Veterans first and then fill up with rookies, this way i can save almost 2k and as you can see even the stats benefit from this option.
  4. Legendary Union Campaign

    Verry nice thread, ill defnitly look it up again, after im finished with my rebs-campaign. You got a really early 24PD-brigade, im impressed. I think you could have avoided some casualties for your core-army in the last phase of Shiloh by using the reinforcements as vanguard on your right flank instead of your own troops.
  5. Gettysburg Let-Down

    would be very nice I wiped the Union completely on Salems Church and Brandy Station, 5k casualties on day1 getty would be nice. i would try not to take the last VP on day 1 cause day2 is a very easy one imho.
  6. Gettysburg Let-Down

    How did you take CHill with so few casualties? Can you describe your strat on day1 in detail?
  7. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    Im not sure, if this has been hotfixed already but when i played it some days ago and took more than the initial 2 VPs on the 2nd day, i got a loss and didnt proceed to day 3. If you dont capture any of them you proceed further to day 3.
  8. AI Reinforcements between battles

    Thanks very much for the reply, didnt know about Training and Armory values. Experiencegain is obvious, but really a doubleedged sword imho: you gain more by killing more but you have to replace your bigger losses aswell (rookies = lower exp, veterans = expensive). But how do i make up in weapons/loot for 3.000 more casualties when i inflict 10.000 more? I got maxed medicine so ill recover 600 men. That leaves me with 2.400 lost rifles, from those i recover 720 (30%), wich leaves me with 1.680 rifles lost. Captured Rifles are 1.250 (12,5% of 10k), still leaving me with 430 rifles short. I may have captured more parts of artillery (maybe 10 more, but all 10PD Parrots) but i also lost way more and bringing artillery-brigades up to strength is very expensive. If you factor in the immense loss on exp when you bring your infantrybrigades up to strength again or the amount of money you have to spent if you at least partially use veterans, i still feel like - cause i seem to have reached the minimum union-army-size - option 1 is the best.
  9. I was under the impression that inflicting as many casualties as possible while keeping my own casualties low would be a good strategy especially on legendary but i more and more get the feeling that the reinforcements for the AI seem to be at least in part random. I just finished Stones River on Legendary and wanted to minimize casualties so i did it 4 times. Union strength pre battle: 48 - 53k, casualties as follows: Union: 12.238 infantry / 52 (1293) cannons / 1.018 cav / 0 missing CSA: 6.529 infantry / 0 (34) cannons / 51 cav Union: 16.391 infantry / 63 (1548) cannons / 1.578 cav / 0 missing CSA: 7.887 infantry / 0 (53) cannons / 9 cav Union: 20.516 infantry / 61 (1501) cannons / 969 cav / 83 missing CSA: 10.839 infantry / 1 (83) cannons / 353 cav Union: 22.761 infantry / 62 (1500) cannons / 829 cav / 189 missing CSA: 8.545 infantry / 6 (205) cannons / 641 cav So ... i was under the impression, that outcame no. 4 would be the best since i inflicted casualties at a 1 vs 2,7 ratio (outcome no. 1: 1 vs 2,2 ratio, no. 2: 2,46, no. 3: 2,04). But post Stones River the union strength is 52 - 57k for all 4 outcomes cause the reinforcements just seem to add 7,5k recruits more than i killed. Under this circumstances outcome no. 1 is obviously preferable. Did i hit some kind of cap / minimal size of union forces or why do these different outcomes not affect the union army size? Wich factors influence the AIs reinforcements between battles?
  10. Blowout at Stone's River and Antietam

    You had twice their numbers at stones river and a 1vs3 killratio. Losing 10k vs 30k on MG or legendary would be a pyrrhic victory, you just cant replace those losses as easy as on Colonel. Just treat Colonel as a Turtorial, if its too easy for you
  11. CSA campaign, pre-Antietam minor battle

    Imho you should drop all your cav and dedicated skirmishers for this battle (and the skirmishers entirely). Bring 1 maybe 2 brigades of artillery, fill all remaining slots with infantry. Keep 2-3 brigades of infantry on open ground east of the woods (so they face the union infantry but a good bit from firing range. Move the majority of your forces along the western border of the map, detach skirmishers and move them into the forest, swing left and push out their skirmishers, follow up with infantry and drive their single infantrybrigade out of the woods. 2 skirmishers should be able to deal with the cavbrigade in the northwest. Try to occupy their artillery with some detached skirmishers to mitigate their dmg and now you should be able to position your infantry in a semicircle cutting of their retreat to the north. At the same time move your 2-3 brigades north and your forces will crush him like hammer and anvil. Just remember to push with detached skirmishers first to minimize your casualties.
  12. Antietam (Confederate Side)

    I managed to win Antietam (current patch, legendary) with 22k vs. 85k losses with a classic pincer movement, using skirmishers to flank the infantry-core and bind the union artillery, my cav took almost all their supply waggons. I used all available forces in Phase 1 to beat their first assault and drive them into the open, enveloping them and using canister manually to break charges. My skirmishers drove the union reinforcements to the same open ground by pressuring their flanks, so this open area (screenshot) became a killing field, the only retreat for union troops beeing one patch of forest. Since their artillery was isolated and couldn't participate in the main fight, i had no problems to hold my envelopement. In the last phase the union troops in the north were already so weakened that i could pull off one third of my infantry brigades to bolster my defenses at Sunken Road and Sharpsburg where I managed to break their final Iassault. I was really surprised, when I saw the scorescreen, cause my 24PD Howitzers only took 8th and 9th place in kills with 4,5k and 4k beeing in a very good position to canister almost the entire time while my infantrybrigades with Enfields and Harpers did 5k, one Enfieldsbrigade even an absurd 8,6k kills. Even my Richmondbrigade of 1,5k men got 5k kills. I watched some playthroughs where the confederate defenses held bravely but were routed ultimatively and my own playthrough on BG was a victory only because of my army size. Imho the biggest mistake you can make as confederate on Antietam is to play passive and defend the woods around dunker church. If you manage to beat the first assault coming from the north decisively and keep fighting them in advantageous terrain, you will have a superior kill ratio with less casualties. In conclusion this was the most entertaining, most challenging battle yet, constantly under pressure by a much larger force, one mistake equalling the loss of a cavbrigade or even the union breaking through the envelopement. Well done devs!