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  1. i Cant be more agree with this!!!!
  2. i must to ask... where we can have Color schemes for our ships??... every ship i mean. like a crafted module... u can craft certain colors from diferent materials... that would be a great plus for trading and crafters and also u can get beautyfull personalized ships
  3. Carlos_Condell

    British hypocrisy ?

    Jorge what do you think about Vltra Ganking?? 9vs1 ??? you think that is fair?? BTW Spain attack 2 ports at the same time we do... so What's the problem??
  4. Carlos_Condell

    Real Acuerdo de Indias

    Hola alonso, como Oficial de DSW hemos conversado lo del acuerdo internamente y nos hemos adherido a el desde un inicio, quisiera saber si estamos incluidos dentro de él y como adicional debiéramos tener un consejo de clanes, como Celtifrog lo plantea, de esa manera podemos estar mas organizados. saludos